Campaign Bootcamp Trustee Statement: Why we chose Civic Power Fund

When we chose to close Campaign Bootcamp as an organisation it was vital to us that any funds that remained would be used to continue to support our community. As an organisation with no infrastructure remaining and about to start the formal process to close Bootcamp as a charity, we could not take on the work of distributing the money ourselves.

Therefore, we searched extensively for an organisation or group who could make that happen. We spoke to other charities, organisations that do similar work, and funders. We looked to and spoke to people involved in other grassroots funding projects. It became apparent that the work of running an open, inclusive and accessible fund (all of which were priorities for us) was extensive, and therefore we needed to focus on organisations or funders who specialised in and had the capacity for this work. However many funders are constrained in who they can grant to by their charitable objectives or prohibited legally due to the type of activity that we hope will be funded.

We have identified the Civic Power Fund as an organisation who can make this happen. As an intermediary funder they are able to grant money to a much wider range of people and organisations than many traditional funders. Once we knew they could do it logistically, we considered deeply whether they were the right organisation from a values perspective to meet our vision for this fund. We are excited to see their mission and values very much aligned with the core of what Campaign Bootcamp stood for - they strive to work and fund similar communities and organisations as we did. They are committed to working in a way that challenges the status quo of how things are normally done.

We hope in choosing Civic Power Fund the legacy of Bootcamp will continue through distributing resources to those directly impacted by injustice who are at the forefront of change. To those people who are often not just excluded from decision making but also from accessing traditional modes of support for their work. We are excited to see what this money flowing into those communities can do and the change that can be created because of it. Through this we hope some more of the legacy of Campaign Bootcamp will be preserved and grow.

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