Campaign training is coming to your home!
Distance Learning will empower you to make change from wherever you are.

The Covid 19 pandemic magnified a lot of the inequality which our society is based on, but it also helped us realise just how powerful social action can be.

Campaign Bootcamp has been helping people effect positive change on issues they’re passionate about, but we can't always reach everyone who needs this training. Distance learning will help us reach more people and allow them to work through the program from the comfort of their home.

Our distance learning program consists of three different types of training which cater to different backgrounds and levels of experience:

Group trainings for those wishing to learn more about how they can create change in their surroundings. This training will bring together people with a common interest in weekly online sessions supported by offline resources to help them develop their understanding of how effective campaigning can help them advocate for their interests.

A weeklong intensive training will bring the Bootcamp experience to you through live online training and offline resources which will help budding campaigners and those with some experience into highly skilled and confident changemakers with a strong community base to support them.

One-off sessions for alumni or otherwise experienced campaigners hoping to adapt their work to face the challenges of the current world. These sessions cover topics such as effective use of online tools in campaigning, sourcing funding for campaigns, campaigning in a pandemic, and more!

These sessions and trainings will all be run in a holistic, accessible, and experiential way which will enable participants to build connections with each other and learn about themselves all while developing crucial skills to bring about change in their community.

What will you learn?

Getting to know each other

Introductions to Bootcamp, and each other; setting expectations for the week

Understanding strategy

Clarifying your campaign’s values; exploring what strategy is and why its important; identifying allies and exploring who holds power; identifying goals, objectives, aims and targets

Building your message

Constructing your campaign message; using storytelling in campaigning; interacting with the media; interview skills

Getting your message out there

Using online platforms to help you with your campaign.

Coming Up in Distance Learning...

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Don't take our word for it! Hear what our groups have to say about their Distance Learning experience

The Team

Nazmeen Bi

Logistics and Operations Manager,

Nazmeen has spent 13 years working in the charity sector, including for Save the Children, The Children’s Society and a local Children’s hospice in the Midlands. With a background in Social Policy and Youth and Community work, Nazmeen spent her youth rebelling against everything her mum taught her about sewing, cooking and being the best she could be and now spends her adulthood trying her best to do all three! “Everything that motivates me now is because of my childhood experiences and my upbringing and I am incredibly grateful for that.”

Sue Balcomb


Sue was the England Director for Oxfam’s UK Poverty Programme for 8 years and comes to Bootcamp with over 30 years’ experience of running  and delivering projects in both the statutory and voluntary sector in the UK and Latin America. A passionate campaigner, Sue uses community development principles and practice to challenge injustice and be part of creating change with marginalised communities. Sue works on the Everyday Activism programme.

Grace Jeremy

Senior Trainer

Grace is an activist, advocate, and educator with a background in disability, LGBTQ+ issues, and youth rights. Grace’s activism focuses on the social determinants of poor mental health, addressing wellbeing as something that is cultural and political, as well as medical. They campaign around Disability Justice and challenging (dis)ableism. Graduating from Bootcamp 10, Grace wants activism to be actually accessible. When they aren't campaigning you can find them painting, playing D&D, and looking after plants.

Karen Larbi


Karen is a trainer, facilitator and consultant, previously working at the NUS as a Campaigns Assistant and Rethink Mental Illness on the Time to Change campaign. She founded POC In Nature, a space for people of colour to explore the healing power of nature, and is Co-Founder of support group Black Woman Heal United Kingdom, for women of African descent. Karen is a lay member of Psychotherapists & Counsellors for Social Responsibility, and is interested in activist self-care, healing justice, alternative spiritualities, and intersectional, trauma-informed approaches to mental health.

Teresa Baños

Distance Learning Trainer

T is an experienced trainer and outdoor leader. They believe in the power of fun as a radical force against oppression and strive to create joyful training spaces that can also hold space for the complexities of being human. Before coming to Campaign Bootcamp, T worked in a variety of fields from social media and graphic design to academic support work and student representation. Outside of training, T enjoys making kombucha at home, cooking, baking bread, as well as reading and writing poetry (feel free to send them your favourite poem!)

Nish Doshi

Research and Development Manager

Nish has been a grassroots activist for well over a decade, focussing on the intersections of climate change and colonisation. They've worked in a variety of sectors - from digital civil liberties to radical bookshops - and believe that change happens when we empower the most marginalised to advocate for themselves and listen. They started engaging with environmental struggles when they met the whistling thorn tree - a type of East African acacia which has a symbiotic relationship with the ants that live within it. Nish believes we can have the same relationship with the planet.

Charlotte Mugarra D’Cruze

Distance Learning Logistics Coordinator

Charlotte has over ten years experience working in the sustainability and education sector. She has been a passionate environmental activist from a young age and she is an advocate for hidden disabilities. She has built a varied career working within sustainability departments at universities, primary schools, in the charity sector as well as city farms. She loves all animals but has a particular connection with her fur baby, Max the cat. She loves anything creative, especially illustrating, gardening and interior design.