Campaign training is coming to your home!
Distance Learning will empower you to make change from wherever you are.

The Covid 19 pandemic magnified a lot of the inequality which our society is based on, but it also helped us realise just how powerful social action can be.

Campaign Bootcamp has been helping people effect positive change on issues they’re passionate about, but we can't always reach everyone who needs this training. Distance learning will help us reach more people and allow them to work through the program from the comfort of their home.

Our distance learning program consists of three different types of training which cater to different backgrounds and levels of experience:

Group trainings for those wishing to learn more about how they can create change in their surroundings. This training will bring together people with a common interest in weekly online sessions supported by offline resources to help them develop their understanding of how effective campaigning can help them advocate for their interests.

A weeklong intensive training will bring the Bootcamp experience to you through live online training and offline resources which will help budding campaigners and those with some experience into highly skilled and confident changemakers with a strong community base to support them.

One-off sessions for alumni or otherwise experienced campaigners hoping to adapt their work to face the challenges of the current world. These sessions cover topics such as effective use of online tools in campaigning, sourcing funding for campaigns, campaigning in a pandemic, and more!

These sessions and trainings will all be run in a holistic, accessible, and experiential way which will enable participants to build connections with each other and learn about themselves all while developing crucial skills to bring about change in their community.

What will you learn?

Getting to know each other

Introductions to Bootcamp, and each other; setting expectations for the week

Understanding strategy

Clarifying your campaign’s values; exploring what strategy is and why its important; identifying allies and exploring who holds power; identifying goals, objectives, aims and targets

Building your message

Constructing your campaign message; using storytelling in campaigning; interacting with the media; interview skills

Getting your message out there

Using online platforms to help you with your campaign.

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