A new local training programme designed to give people the skills and confidence to run their first campaign.

We started developing Everyday Activism when demand for the Campaign Bootcamp residential training programme grew dramatically in late 2015. We conducted lots of research, polling and testing and found huge appetite for resisting injustice, along with a variety of barriers that stop people accessing training. We realised that no matter how accessible we make the residential training, there will always be people who can't take a week out of their lives to learn how to campaign.

Everyday Activism trains groups of people most impacted by injustice in campaigning skills and strategies. Trainings take place in the communities where participants live, and the structure of the training sessions (length and number of sessions, dates, location) is tailored to the needs of the group. Participants received up to 28 hours of training, with additional sessions/support calls after the training period finishes. We have a team of three trainers who are based in Yorkshire, the West Midlands and London.

As part of this programme we’re eager to work with people who currently feel excluded from decisions made about their lives. At the moment we’re looking to support people who don’t or can’t access existing campaign with a particular focus on:
- Refugees/asylum seekers and migrants
- Working class and low income people
- BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) people/people of colour

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What you learn on Everyday Activism

Planning your campaign

How to plan a powerful campaign.

Researching your campaign

How to figure out who has the power to put things right, and how to persuade them.

Organising your campaign

How to work with other people to build a powerful campaign which makes real change happen.

Getting support for your campaign

How to get lots of people joining your campaign, and stay involved.

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