The organisation, which closed in March 2022, ran campaigning trainings for marginalised activists and communities.

This is a legacy website, intended to capture the impact and key points of the organisation’s journey, as well as training resources for organisers and campaigners. The website is no longer updated. Therefore, some of the content may be out of date.

What was Campaign Bootcamp?

Our graduates waged important, successful campaigns, organised in their communities and at scale, created safer spaces for marginalised groups, organised events and festivals, testified before Parliament, appeared in the national and international press, led demonstrations and direct action stunts, got elected to local and international governments, and changed laws.

We started this work because we found that today it’s far too hard for ordinary people, especially those in marginalised communities, to challenge those in power. Because of this, injustices persist and millions of people do not live happy, safe and fulfilled lives.

All of our work across the eight years we were operational was centered on achieving our mission and vision:

Our vision is a world in which people impacted by injustice have the tools and skills they need to end it.

Our mission is to support people to run effective campaigns that challenge injustice

Our programmes were designed to be accessible to anyone who wants to make change happen.

You can track the legacy and impact of the organisation through our blog and free resources.

Our trainings were diverse and powerful, in our last operational year, 66% of of our graduates were women; 51% came from Black, Asian and Minority ethnic backgrounds; 39% identified as working class; and 30% identified as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and/or Queer.

What is Campaign Bootcamp?