CEO Transition Announcement

From today, 20 July 2021, Johnny Chatterton will be stepping down as the CEO of Campaign Bootcamp

To the Bootcamp Community –

We want to let you know that from today, 20 July 2021, Johnny Chatterton will be stepping down as the CEO of Campaign Bootcamp. Johnny is one of the original co-founders of our incredible organisation, and he led the team and grew our work for the past 9 years. As a board, we appreciate Johnny for his vision and commitment to supporting people from marginalised communities to develop the skills, confidence and community they need to challenge oppression.

Johnny asked us to start a succession plan 18 months ago, and we feel that now is the time to enact that plan, so the organisation can grow in new ways, under new leadership. For now, the leadership team will share the responsibility of leading the organisation. We have full confidence in the team, and thank them for their leadership. We will soon be beginning a process to bring in an interim CEO or co-CEOs, and intend to do some internal reflection on the right size and shape of our organisation before launching any permanent hiring processes.

While the departure of our co-founding CEO is significant, our organisation has always been more than any one staff person. Our staff has over two dozen people representing diverse life experiences and perspectives. Together, we are committed to bringing Campaign Bootcamp into a new era in alignment with our values and vision of the world we want to help create.

Kaytee Ray-Riek and Manish Joshi
Co-chairs, Campaign Bootcamp Board

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