Tips and Tricks for Participatory and Empowering Facilitation

Bootcamp Lead Trainer Nim Ralph has helped create a wonderful toolkit for facilitators as part of their work with Transgender Europe.

The following excerpt, from the Transgender Europe (TGEU) website, gives you some information on the resource, put together by Nim and colleagues this year.

What is facilitation?
The word “Facilitate” comes from the Latin Facilis, which means “easy.” Making conversations, decisions or workshops easier for the group you are facilitating.

We hope that TGEU’s Facilitation Toolkit makes facilitation easier for you.

This Facilitation Toolkit is written by Nim Ralph and Nadia Vogel, who also led our facilitation team at the 7th European Transgender Council. The Facilitation Toolkit takes a power-critical approach to facilitation and includes brief guides on understanding power, dealing with conflict, understanding different kinds of learning styles and how to make space for these in your sessions, as well as considering access needs while facilitating or preparing sessions. It also includes a practical guide to structure and run sessions, while including ideas and examples of useful icebreakers and energisers.

Read more and download the toolkit

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