Sheri Carr

Having coordinated Brick Lane Debates, Sheri has spent the past few years organising trainings and participatory education for activists and young people with a range of groups across London. She has been particularly focused on intersectionality and inequality. Also working as a freelance trainer and facilitator, Sheri believes in training for people that is accessible, inclusive and dynamic is integral to create a movement that builds strength and empowers.

Rakesh Prashara

I’m an organiser based in the North East of England. I’ve spent most of my time campaigning on environmental issues, increasingly becoming aware of the inequalities and harmful behaviours People of Colour are confronted by and I’m vocal about these whenever I get the opportunity. As a volunteer trainer with the Ella Baker School of Organising, I’m organising and facilitating trainings in Newcastle aimed at supporting communities to build power and achieve their aspirations.

Maia Thomas

Maia is a Leeds-based trainer-facilitator of Serbian and Irish heritage, organising within climate and racial justice movements. She works as the coordinator of Leeds Tidal, a political education and capacity building organisation supporting social, economic and environmental justice activism. And organises as part of the Racial Justice Network’s Unlearning Racism Collective, delivering ’Unlearning Racism Courses’ to white groups seeking to challenge racism and white supremacy within and outside of themselves. She also loves queer parties, climbing, cycling and eating.

Loraine Masiya Mponela

Loraine is an organiser at Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group (CARAG). From 2016 to present Loraine has taken a leading role in CARAG, written articles, participated in debates and lead on panel discussions around creating a welcoming and safe space for refugees and Migrants. She is an Advocate with Baobab Women Project and sits on the management committee for Asylum Support Appeals Project (ASAP). Loraine has a lovely son.

Kennedy Walker

Kennedy is a campaigner, researcher, and facilitator who first came into activism through grassroots organising in London. He has worked on a breadth of issues including trade justice, community land ownership, migration, and climate. In 2017, he co-founded activist and organiser network, KIN. Currently, he is Lead Campaigner and Researcher at the climate justice charity, Platform. Kennedy has a passion for exploring the different ways collective and community power can be unlocked through community wealth building and ownership models. Find him on socials @kennedysrwalker

Grace Jeremy

Grace is an activist, advocate, and educator with a background in mental health, disability, and youth rights. Grace’s activism focuses on the social determinants of poor mental health, addressing wellbeing as something that is cultural and political- not just medical. They also campaign around Disability Justice and challenging (dis)ableism. Graduating from Bootcamp 10, Grace wants activism to be actually accessible. When they aren't campaigning you can find them painting, playing DnD, and looking after plants.

Sue Balcomb

Sue was the England Director for Oxfam’s UK Poverty Programme for 8 years and comes to Bootcamp with over 30 years’ experience of running and delivering projects in both the statutory and voluntary sector in the UK and Latin America. A passionate campaigner, Sue uses community development principles and practice to challenge injustice and be part of creating change with marginalised communities. Sue works on the Everyday Activism programme.

Tamara-Jade Kaz

Tamara-Jade is a Trainer on camp and has also been Lead Facilitator, having worked on the residential programme since its early days. Outside of Bootcamp, Tamara-Jade is an in-house trainer at the Black feminist gendered violence-focused organisation Imkaan. She also freelances as a social action trainer and facilitator supporting a range of groups, from grassroots to larger NGOs, to have difficult conversations about strategy, putting intersectional politics into practise and about power. Tamara-Jade also is an illustrator and graphic recorder.

Karen Larbi

Karen is a trainer, facilitator and consultant, previously working at the NUS as a Campaigns Assistant and Rethink Mental Illness on the Time to Change campaign. She founded POC In Nature, a space for people of colour to explore the healing power of nature, and is Co-Founder of support group Black Woman Heal United Kingdom, for women of African descent. Karen is a lay member of Psychotherapists & Counsellors for Social Responsibility, and is interested in activist self-care, healing justice, alternative spiritualities, and intersectional, trauma-informed approaches to mental health.

Grace Jeremy

Grace is an activist, advocate, and educator with a background in mental health, disability, and youth rights. Grace’s activism focuses on the social determinants of poor mental health, addressing wellbeing as something that is cultural and political- not just medical. They also campaign around Disability Justice and challenging (dis)ableism. Graduating from Bootcamp 10, Grace wants activism to be actually accessible. When they aren't campaigning you can find them painting, playing DnD, and looking after plants.

Akli Afrkan

I am Akli. I arrived to the UK almost 4 years ago and had to go through the asylum system and experience the hostile environment first-hand. I have taken part in many initiatives aimed at getting more refugees and asylum seekers and other people with precarious immigration status to be the ones at the centre of the discussion about migrants. Currently I co-run a focus group for asxlum seekers and refugees to talk about our experiences and empower each other. I believe that the hostile environment won't end until we are at the centre of the conversation about migration.

Jax Blue

Neuro-diverse N.B/Q single parent with mix-dis+Ability. LGBTQIA inclusive feminist, activist, campaigner, peer advocate & Survivor ambassador across media & APPG's for the Domestic Abuse Bill. I have passionately campaigned for; Safe Escape, Housing & Refuge Funding for Survivors of abuse, Ending CPS hostile policy, Mental Health Care & Advocacy For Survivors, End 'tampon tax', Ending hostile state; NRPF & detention centres, Equal Pay, Affordable Childcare, LGBTQIA, Migrant, POC/BAME &R, mix-dis+Ability Human Rights, Respect for our Identities and Equality in our Differences.

Jodie Beck

I'm Jodie! I am passionate about ending imprisonment in all its forms and working towards a new system of justice that works for everyone. I currently work part time in the Campaigns team at Women in Prison and am due to begin an MSc alongside this in Criminal Justice Policy at LSE. Alongside this, I volunteer as a Young Adult Advisor on the Criminal Justice System with Leaders Unlocked, helping to run user voice workshops in prisons and community settings. I also volunteer as a Family Befriender at PACT.

Jwan Othman

I am Jwan from Kurdistan. Currently, I am a PhD research student in Sheffield Hallam University. My main interest is in environmental campaigning, specifically in wildlife conservation. My ambition is to develop and implement a framework for the protection of wildlife and natural habitats in my home country. My approach to wildlife conservation is from a social science perspective, through education and cultural change to bring a shift in behaviour. For my research to be of benefit, I must focus on campaigning, as I believe ecological change must come from the people.

Lolo Brookes-Jones

My name is Lois from Cheshire. As a Romani individual I work within GRT (Gypsy Roma Traveller) Rights. I work with Traveller Pride in providing support and representation of LGBT+ GRT people, a creation by the community for the community, representing a wide variety of the GRT community including: Irish Travellers, Bhajees, Showmen, Roma, and British Romanichals.

Maria Madejska

I am Maria, from Warsaw (Poland). I have been involved in activism for few years now, including urban, climate and social justice activism. Now I work in Akcja Demokracja, where I campaigning on various topics, like climate, anti-facism or go-out-the-vote campaign. I am a cheerful person, I learn fast and get very enthusiastic about things.

Marya Ali

Hi! I'm Marya and I'm from a small city called Peterborough. My background is primarily youth work, working with young people of diverse backgrounds, ages and levels of opportunities. I wish to create an overall shift in the opportunities for disadvantaged young people in my home-city. Peterborough is now one of five cities receiving national government support around integration, so this is a crucial time for voices to be heard about what services and opportunities should be available to young people. The end goal is to work towards creating meaningful and sustainable change.

Medina Mukhayer

I am a mature student in Design at Goldsmith's University, that believes in the power of community effort, creativity and cultural knowledge as means of subverting injustices and reinstating people with the agency to enrich their lives. With experience in campaigning on projects such as reclaiming a local playground from housing association's sales list, and working with children inflicted by the Grenfell fire to produce a play to express their concerns with a Brexit theme.

Muzna Alnaib

Muzna Al-Naib is a Syrian activist and artist. She lived in Damascus during the revolution and was involved in peaceful activism on the ground. Since coming to the UK in 2014, Muzna has been advocating for the protection of civilians in Syria and for the freedom of all those who have been forcibly disappeared. She has an MA in Media and International Development. Muzna is a partner at Superpower Partners, a non-profit that specializes in the art of activism.

Naomi Okonjo

I am Naè, a black LGBTQI+ asylum seeker from Nigeria,who is very passionate about campaigning/raising awareness on issues important to me: I believe in the power & potential of educating a woman.Campaigning for a better life &future for the girl child is my focus.As a survivor,creating safe platforms for other survivors of sexual violence to speak out,support each other &engage back to society.Ill-treatment of asylum seekers,notably the LGBTQI+ who constantly face discrimination,a hostile environment &the culture of disbelief.Fair treatment,improved living &reform of the UK immigration system.

Rebecca Churchill

I'm Rebecca, and I work with young people with lived experience to fight mental health discrimination as part of my role at Time to Change. I strongly believe that everyone should have access to timely, free, high quality mental health treatment, and am interested in strengthening support networks to challenge social isolation and loneliness. In a personal capacity I care about healthy relationships education, and elevating young people's voices.

Roseanne Steffen

I am a campaigner in the Youth Strike for Climate Brighton team, currently preparing for the global climate strike. I work as a youth worker with disabled young people and am particularly interested in youth empowerment in relation to the climate crisis.

Rui Jin

I am working to set up a community cinema which aims to promote cultural representation and tackle social isolation. I am also working on a campaign to promote organ donation awareness among the BAME community.

Ruvi Mutyambizi

So, I am a Human Rights and Legal Studies LLM student. I am interested in the issue of refugee adoption vs kinship rights. I am a voluntary Children's Champion for UNICEF. I am also building a campaign about refugee adoption. So far I have done campaign advocacy for refugee mother's and this is ongoing work. Finally I recently joined the trustee group for WASDEV, a relatively new organisation with women action for sustainable development in mind.

Samah Bushra Ahmed

I work in the social sector supporting / advocating for vulnerable groups in the community. I worked in the refugee field for several years in charities, local government, and I volunteer. I am originally from Sudan. I studied Social Science and later on I studied International Development. I am a founder and director for a small community interest organisation that works for refugees in UK and overseas. I am also a freelance writer and trainer. I am advocate by nature, this makes me glad that I have this skill to make positive change in the lives of people who need advocacy.

Shaira Begum

I campaign for social justice and climate justice issues and believe that the two go hand in hand. My campaigning looks at the intersectionality of the relationships between climate and gender equality and all the complexities. I currently work with the Women's Environmental Network as a Coordinator. I have also been campaigning with My Fair London and the Equality Trust, working on putting an equality manifesto together ahead of the upcoming elections. I am a member of the Ella Baker School of Community Organizing and am a graduate from the Training on Transformation UK programme.

Sharifa James

I'm an activist for marginalised voices in the community, that's where my passion lies. I'm one of the Co-founders of Kiki Bristol, a LGBTQ+ people of colour social group. I'm also work for Gloucestershire Football Association as their inclusion and diversity board. I'm a panel member for Bristol city council as the BAME LGBTQ+ representative. I support Queer sports and trying to set up a Queer, trans and non binary football session and gym in the city. For my full time job I work with LGBT+ over 50s, working around isolation loneliness and training staff in Bristol to work with older LGBT+.

Shauna Lacy

I am the Campaign and Youth Engagement Officer at an organisation called Savera UK. Savera UK supports those at risk of honour based abuse and harmful practices and also campaigns to eradicate harmful traditions such as forced marriage and female genital mutilation. I am passionate about empowering young people to speak out about these issues as well as giving them a platform to lead on issues that concern them. I believe that culture is beautiful and should be celebrated, but we have to campaign to put an end to cultural practices that violate basic human rights.

Sophia Alexandra Hall

Hey! My name’s Sophia and I’m a Care Leaver. A care leaver is anyone who has spent time in the UK’s care system as a child. Last year, I became the first person from a foster care background to graduate from my college at the University of Oxford. It was then I decided to set up a YouTube channel offering advice on how to navigate the foster care system; thus CareLeaverSophia was born! Since starting my channel, I’ve spoken at multiple conferences, been featured in the Guardian and the Big Issue, won awards from two fostering organisations, and attended the Queen’s Garden party.


I’m Tessa, a queer, feminist, anti-border abolitionist, campaigning to put an end to immigration detention and borders. As member of the visiting group SOAS Detainee Support (SDS) and a person of Chinese descent, I have worked closely with Chinese-speaking people affected by the UK’s racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, transphobic border regimes, and hope to encourage more people within Chinese-speaking communities to get involved in campaigning and show solidarity with our siblings, and all people, in immigration detention.

Toyin Jimoh

I am a freelance photographer/filmmaker. I am passionate about women; I am a feminist. I will like to use my campaign to fight for equality amongst women, people of colour and childhood sexual abuse. I am particularly drawn towards refugees and asylum seekers, finding ways to use my skills in filmmaking through the media to portray the harsh living conditions they are subjected to.

Viv Gordon

I am a theatre maker/arts & mental health campaigner/survivor activist. I make work that creatively articulates trauma narratives based on my lived experience as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, to forge survivor voice, visibility & community & agitate for change. I campaign for access & inclusion for artists/audiences with mental health needs in the arts sector, curating events & offering mentoring/consultancy . I am currently piloting a research project to develop trauma informed dentistry and making new work to draw attention to the statistic of 11 million adults survivors in the UK.

Zain Hafeez

I am Zain, currently completing a degree in Philosophy and Global Studies. I campaign for marginalised groups including asylum seekers and refugees. I aim to give the minorities in our society a platform where they have a voice for themselves. I have first hand experiences of the injustice and the inadequacies of our judicial system and the obstacles asylum seekers and refugees go through. I also campaign for access to higher education, right to employment and aim to raise awareness of the psychological implications the asylum process have which doesn't get enough attention it requires.


I am Drukthar born in Tibet, currently National Director of Students’ for Free Tibet UK. My fundamental interest and campaigning are human right and democracy for the Tibetans.

Yusra Diriye

I am a Black Muslim Poet, Student and Writer. I study Politics and Development Studies and identify as as a Feminist and social justice activist. I campaign for Memorial 2007; a charity organisation seeking to erect the first national memorial commemorating the victims of the Transatlantic slave trade in Britain. I am passionate about learning as I am a firm believer in knowledge is power.

Alex Williams

I'm a music creator & youth worker currently co-ordinating a youth arts & social action project. My experience in the music industry compliments my youth work as it allows me to share first hand experience with young people and offer my guidance & support in their personal development & career aspirations. I am very passionate about supporting the journey of young aspiring artists & change makers as I understand how difficult it can be to have your voice heard. I strongly feel there are a lack of accessible facilities, resources & arts based opportunities in my local area.

Sherrie Smith

I am a passionate campaigner, activist for Gypsy Roma and Traveller rights. I am project manager at a charity in Hertfordshire. I work mainly around hate crime and equality for Travellers. I have just finished my BA at Goldsmiths in community development, social science and youth work. I am proud mum to two strong, gentle, kind teenage girls. My greatest achievement.

Zobia Shahid

I am a young, visibly Muslim woman, primarily involved in organising and mobilising around Palestine. After having faced heavy repercussions for my work as a student activist due to my identity, I’ve begun developing campaigns to challenge anti-Muslim sentiment and the surveillance of Muslim students.

Chloe Batten

I’m Chloe! I've just completed my university degree, during which studying quickly became secondary to my increasing involvement in campaigning. I’m motivated by the racist and sexist violence of neoliberal, neocolonial capitalism that puts profit before people and normalises harm to those it marginalises. I fight for the right of Black and those of ethnic minority, women, disabled people, queer, trans and intersex people, to safety, care and joy. At the heart of my activism is the importance of intersectional and reflective approaches to fighting for liberation so that no one is left behind.

Georgia Wiggin

My name is Georgia Wiggin and I am an 18 year old student. My campaign is centred around making the world a better place for QTIPOC (Queer, Trans, Intersex People of Colour). Currently, I am running a Twitter and Instagram account which posts advice, news and other relevant things related to being LGBTQ+ and a person of colour. I have plans to extend into the campaign community!