Aaron Parr

I'm a digital campaigner for Purpose where I create short films and run social media campaigns for projects around the world. I am also elected to the Young Greens Executive Committee as the Senate Co-chair, co-ordinating regional groups across England and Wales. Helping young people gain political experience is a priority for me, as well as dismantling systematic ageism.

Anna Basten

I'm a labour rights activist who wants to live in a world where everyone can live a life in dignity and respect, no matter where they are from or who they are. That is why I am passionate about fighting precarious work and exploitation. Over the past few years I have been involved in a number of projects supporting the rights of (undocumented) migrant workers and refugees. When I need to recharge my batteries I like to spend time near the sea, or go for walks on unpaved roads and dirt tracks.

Becky Batley

I have been campaigning for mental health since the age of 18 after having an awful experience of mental health services and discrimination. It filled me motivation to try my very best to make sure that no one else has the same experience as me, so I threw myself into campaigning and fighting for what matters to me. I am so so proud of everything I've achieved and I am grateful for my struggles because it got me to where I am now.

Bethel Tadesse

My name is Bethel and I am 20 years old. I am a student at the university of Northampton. I run my own organisation called Hidden Scars and I am a lead outreach worker at Integrate UK.

Cate Ryan

I'm an environmentalist, currently working on climate campaigns at Friends of the Earth with a focus on stopping fracking and coal - alongside inspiring grassroots communities. I care about transforming our power and energy systems to avoid dangerous climate change and to bring about climate justice. I love spending time in nature - hiking, camping, just being there.

Dalia Omer

I am a Health Volunteer working at Refugee and Migrant Centre (RMC) in Wolverhampton. I have over eight years of experience with International Non Governmental Organisations (INGOs) in my home country Sudan. I have a passion to support and work with vulnerable people from all over the world.

Daniela Beck

I've recently started my role as a regional coordinator for Time to Change's Children and Young People's team, but I've been volunteering as a Young Champion for the campaign over the last 3 years. I'm passionate about supporting this generation of young people to be more open about their mental health than any have before, and ensuring that other people with mental health problems do not have to face the same stigma that I did.

Daphne Giachero

I'm a European national and I came to the UK six years ago to study Social Anthropology and then Human Rights at university. I'm passionate about migrant, refugee and minority rights and have campaigned on these issues, particularly around refugee resettlement. I've recently joined 38 Degrees as an intern, where I get to campaign on anything from the NHS to the environment!

Darren Keenan

I am a keen campaigner on equality for all. I am currently campaigning on Community Land Trust housing in Lambeth and it is awesome! I also enjoy enjoy playing a range of sports and performing spoken word.

Dharrish Naido Rajendram

I am a No Borders campaigner and a collective member of The Unity Centre based in Glasgow. I am also a member of LGBT Unity and outreach officer of Free Pride. I currently campaign on issues related to immigration detention, deportation and charter flights. My passion is to take a step further into social integration and equal rights among LGBTQIA+ refugees, asylum seekers and ethnic minority groups, where we are continually reminded that society is not for us and that needs to change. My other interests are the outdoors, boxing and performing arts.

Hanna Stephens

Hi I'm Hanna. My time at university opened my eyes to how oppression operates in intersectional ways. I campaigned and led discussions within a group for women and non-binary people of colour and was the student coordinator for FoodCycle, a charity that uses surplus food to cook for homeless and vulnerable people. I am currently working on a zine called 'daikon' that gives a platform to South East/East Asian femmes living in a European context to explore and write about their identity. I am also working at Race on the Agenda where I help with policy research and write for their blog. Moving fo

Harpreet Kaur

I'm a freelance Cultural Producer/Consultant, writer and speaker. My passion is to research and promote how arts and creativity are practiced in different countries to create positive change in society and the environment. I have an intersectional feminist approach. I believe that sharing stories of change about diverse leaders can bridge the gap between people, the planet and different cultures in order to tackle issues such as climate change, xenophobia and sexism.

James Austin

I am a campaigning intern with 38 degrees and learning a whole lot of new stuff at the moment. Love to get involved in new projects and learn through experience. Looking forward to campaign boot camp and throwing my self into a challenge.

Jamillah Lalji

I am a non binary intersectional feminist activist from London and I work to oppose the policies of austerity on a national and regional scale. I campaign against the housing crisis and increasing gentrification in London and against cuts to domestic violence services, and I am determined to find new ways of organising outside of racist and sexist structures. I am passionate about raising understanding and improving care for mental health and I have also done work fighting against deportations, detention centres and cuts to the NHS.

Jasmin Yusuf

I am an English and Creative writing student and have been campaigning for the past four years. I campaign against the demolition of social housing and also campaign for minorities, specifically the Somali community. This campaigning involves several projects like ESOL and domestic violence, where community members might not be able to access mainstream services without grassroots organisations like the one I currently volunteer at.

Kehryse Vanessa Johnson

I'm passionate about the true restoration of African consciousness and wish to contribute to positive change for people of colour who have been oppressed socially, politically and economically. I strongly believe that this change will begin with the repositioning of the Black woman which is why I speak out against misogynoir; that murky place that racism and sexism meet. In creating safe Black spaces, campaigning for reparations and supporting platforms of education and discussion.

Kimberly Mcintosh

I'm Kimberly and I'm passionate about all things race, equality and migrants' rights. I work across two Race Equality organisations: The Runnymede Trust and Race on the Agenda (ROTA). I'm only three months in, but I campaign on BME inequality in employment and education. I'm also researching how we can communicate our messages more effectively so we can make the change we need.

Kimberly Omidiran

I'm a Let Us Learn Campaigner. I am proud to be amongst the many campaigners at Let Us Learn who encourage many universities to break down the barriers for young people to access university in the UK, such as access to scholarships and just raising awareness in general.

Lauren Steele

As a passionate intersectional feminist, I started campaigning in 2012 with Cambridge University Women's Campaign. After I wa elected as Women’s Officer, I led a campaign against sexual violence on campus which resulted in sexual consent workshops for freshers implemented in over 20 colleges and national media coverage on the Cambridge Speaks Out Survey and Report 2013. Since then I'v worked in community development for Mind in Cambridgeshire and have recently been appointed as Children and Young People Campaign Coordinator for the national mental health campaigning organisation Time to Change

Leah Cowan

I am an anti-detention and migrants rights activist, and also currently work in the violence against women and girls sector. I am a member of SOAS Detainee Support (SDS), a group that offers practical support to people incarcerated in the UK's immigration detention estate, and campaigns for the abolition of detention centres. I also write for online magazines, and am the Politics Editor for gal-dem. I am particularly interested in exploring how to share information and skills that support and resource migrant communities and women of colour.

Loraine Masiya Mponela

I stand up for students in need. I offer a helping hand to students who want to apply for scholarships in order to get education. I stand up for my own rights as a migrant and for those in the same situation as me.

Lorraine Inglis

I am a passionate campaigner for the Frack Free movement who cares deeply for her local and national environmental. I am involved with Frack Off London, Frack Free Sussex, Frack Free Surrey and Weald Action Group in spreading awareness about extreme energy extraction in the South East UK and across the UK.

Lucy Warin

I work on issues around feminism and 'Queer Space' within urban design and LGBTQIA+ rights. I am active in a number of groups thinking, campaigning and acting on issues around the creation and protection of LGBTQIA+ spaces and the queering of cities. My background is in sustainability communications, finding creative ways of talking about sustainability to encourage new ways of thinking and being. Most recently i have been involved in the creation of Sexual Avengers, a new activist network making 2017 a catalyst year for radical queer resistance and community building.

Mariam Ajibola

Hi I'm Mariam. Taking a gap year has given me the opportunity to develop and mature as a person and given me the time to campaign on issues that affects sections of society who have been deprived of equal rights to education. Not being able to go to university has been the most difficult and challenging thing I have ever had to handle and the Let Us Learn campaign has helped me through this rough time in more ways than one. I am not only helping my self through this campaign but I am also raising awareness of the issue and helping people who are blocked from going to university understand why

Marissa Robson

In response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from the media and politicians I became involved with the 'One Day Without Us' campaign - which created the first national celebration of migrants and refugees in the UK on the 20th Feb 2017. I was the campaign coordinator for Edinburgh. I'm not from a campaigning background (you'll normally find me working as a farm vet!) and neither was the majority of the Edinburgh team. ODWU Edinburgh are grassroots team that had a steep learning curb about hope to organise a campaign! We are keen to do more to fight for migrant issues.

Marta Anczewska

I fight for better world, where human rights are respected and environment is protected (all at the same time!). I want people to recognize that we depend on nature. Therefore I am involved in climate protection and climate campaigning. I love connecting people and mobilise them for action!

Marvellous Arabambi

I am part of a youth led campaign called 'Let Us Learn' which campaigns for equal access to university for all young people living in England. It is led by people who, like me, are all affected by this issue. I volunteer as part of the schools team contacting schools and colleges in London in order to raise awareness of the campaign.

Monika Sadkowska

I am very privileged person - living in Europe, healthy, well educated, having no children. The thought that having all these privileges I can stay passive up against all the injustice that takes place in the world is simply unimaginable for me in this moment. When I learn about great mechanisms which are destroying life on our planet and people I feel helpless. But I have also big disagreement to let my life going in the inert way filled with sadness, bitterness and disappointment with myself and humankind history.

Namrah Arfan

I am a newly appointed London Regional Co-ordinator (Children & Young People) for Rethink Mental Illness. I campaign on the Time to Change campaigns on mental health.

Rami Shah

I believe that all children should have free access to education and am passionate about reading and literacy. For the last 2 years I was involved in local community campaigning to Save Barnet Libraries from closing and have been involved in the national campaign against library closures across the UK. I campaign against cuts to state school funding, as this will lead to further barriers to learning for those most vulnerable and cause deeper divisions in society. Currently my concerns are against politics of division & hate against migrants, refugees & minority groups.

Tahmid Islam

Tahmid is young Muslim campaigner living in London who cares very much about young people, especially from BME and Migrant backgrounds. He believes in achieving social justice and change through the power of people and grassroots communities. Tahmid is chair of a campaign called Stand Up, Stand Out. Stand Up, Stand Out is a youth led campaign seeking to dispel negative stereotypes of migrants and BME peoples portrayed by the press.

Usman Mohammed

After leaving university, I became a teacher in Lewisham for three years and decided that I wanted a career in campaigning. So I built on wider work I was doing in school with outside organising, with a particular focus on environmentalism and safe neighbourhoods. I want to campaign on conflict of interest and climate refugees in the future.

Wisam Elhamoui

I am a Syrian activist, and a professional in the development and humanitarian sector. I work with Syrian civil society to attain and protect democracy, human rights, gender equality and equality between all people. I work with Shaml Coalition, a network of six Syrian CSOs that have got together to empower each other's voice and efforts in achieving their shared visions and values.

Yasmine Yau

Hello, My name is Yasmine and I am British Born Chinese and live in London. I am very passionate about campaigning for children's rights and global health. I volunteer for Save the Children and have done so for three years, I have also volunteered for Amnesty international, Care4Calais, Homeless charities such as Crisis, local refugee charities such as CARAs and Childline. I currently work in Cancer research at Guy's Hospital in London and I would like to start moving into a career in campaigning.