Abi Aguilar

I am a Detox Campaigner from Greenpeace Southeast Asia based in the Philippines. I work from issues like industrial pollution, plastics and electronic waste. Aside from my current work, I am also interested in forest and peace issues and working with children, the youth and communities. My other interests include music, trivia, doing TV series marathon, and sleeping.

Adam Tulloch

I'm committed to bringing about social change through the arts. I'm passionate about theatre as it has the power to change lives. I know this because it has changed mine. I believe that everyone should be able to access and participate in the arts, irrespective of their background.

Ally Rooms

I spent the first 7 years of my life in Tanzania. Since then I have lived everywhere from small villages to the inner city. This has given me a deep understanding of social inequality across the country and the world. Both my parents are priests and instilled Christian principles of justice in me. When I began to match this against the reality I saw, I became motivated to work to change the reality people face for the better.

Angelica Udueni

My name is Angelica and I campaign and organise around a range of issues related to anti-racism and women's rights. More specifically, I care about how migrant women and/or women of colour face a disproportionate risk of violence both in public and in private. I study full time and also currently work for the campaign "Post Ref Racism" which was set up in response to increase in overt hate crimes after the Brexit referendum.

Anna Dadi

I'm Anna, 31 y.old, french and living in Paris. I founded QueerParis, an association that promotes queer culture and events in Paris (www.queerparis.com). Through this association, I'm developing a label for "Safe and queer-friendly spaces" in France.

Etzali Hernandez Chavez

I'm a no borders campaigner living in Glasgow, volunteering at the Unity Centre and part of the core collective of We Will Rise. Currently undergoing through the immigration system. I'm also studying photography and will like to specialise on photojournalism.

Ashley Stephen

I'm a campaigner from Yorkshire that's passionate about fighting abuse and sexual violence against disabled people. As a disabled survivor myself, I have recently co-founded Disabled Survivors Unite with three other young disability rights campaigners.

Kimani Cooper

I am a higher education campaigner from London. I am passionate about encouraging universities and the government to removing the barriers to education faced by young people, particularly those of migrant backgrounds.

Nilufer Guler

I'm a trade union activist in London working in hospitality trying to improve conditions at work. The issues I give the most attention to revolve around housing, policing, gendered and racial oppression, as well as workplace activism. I try to include all of these kinds of activism in my workplace, as I feel the most effective approach to building working class and migrant based power is one that recognises how each issue affects the other.

Emma Simpson

I'm an environmental and trans rights activist based in the North of England. I'm passionate about highlighting and understanding the intersections between climate and queerness. During the day, I study horticulture and run a business training organisations in transgender awareness and inclusion. In my spare hours, I facilitate the trans body positivity art project 'You Look Nice', volunteer with Leeds Tidal and work on campaigns resisting fracking in West and North Yorkshire.

Rasmik Parmar

I have been involved in raising awareness about the similarities that exist between the different faith groups within the city of Bradford for over 20 years. Through the vehicle of the Bradford Concord Interfaith Society, regular meetings, talks and discussions are held. There is opportunity for the various faith communities (including those of no religion) to provide an open dialogue / debate in order to promote understanding and co-operation.

Asma Elbadawi

I am a sports campaigner who campaigns to change the perception of muslim women in sport and create an even playing field for women of all faiths and backgrounds.

Audrey Arjoune

I work in campaigns mobilisation with ActionAid France - Peuples Solidaires, getting people to join the fight for social and climate justice. I'm also active in Diffraction, a collective that gives direct action trainings. In my spare time I love biking, hitch-hiking and eating cheese.

Cheyenne Robinson

I currently work at ActionAid UK on the Tax Justice campaign and campaign to end violence against women and girls. I care about racial equality and the creation of more safe, intersectional spaces.

Holly Maltby

I'm a food ethics and human rights campaigner from Hampshire, but have spent the past five years of my life trying to tackle these issues in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am about to start work as an intern for 38 Degrees and can't wait!

Luqman Onikosi

I founded the Hear Afrika Society in 2008 while studying for a Major Joint undergraduate degree in Economics and International Relations, now called The Hear Alkebulan*Institute when I realised that discourses of African and Africa political and economic development are filled with myths, nuance and subtle biases.

Jinan Younis

I'm Jinan and I'm passionate about campaigning for women's rights, especially in the field of sexual consent. My time at university showed me how important it is that sexual consent is taught at a younger age. I want all the campaigning that I do to be sensitive and aware of people's backgrounds and identities because I believe that campaigning should be intersectional.

Manon Glaser

I am a French national who has been advocating for the protection of civilians and their human rights in armed conflict, and in societies in transition for the past 2 years. Working in Lebanon with Syrian refugees for 15 months was a truly transformative experience which deepened my commitment to campaigning for conflict resolution and civilians' protection.

Neelam Rai

I'm an anti-racist campaigner from Stoke-on-Trent, however I developed my skills and passion in campaign whilst at university in Sussex. I have developed a passion to connect people into a common understanding through nurturing a conversation across difference. I believe that listening is the most important skill in activism. To be able to listen to the different experiences of social suffering around us, and for people directly affected to be at the forefront of their strive for liberation.

Raza Griffiths

I'm writing a mental health manifesto flagging up the demands of mental health service users from Black and Minority Ethnic communities in Southwark and neighbouring London boroughs on a range of policies and practices that impact on their mental health and wellbeing. The idea is to bring groups together so they are galvanised to take the recommendations forward with power brokers in local NHS services, local government and local communities.

Rehab Jameel

I am a human rights activist and anti Female Genital Mutilation campaigner from Hertfordshire. Campaigning is my passion. I have been involved in campaigning for many years, motivated by my personal experiences and beliefs. I work on FGM prevention, my campaign is aimed at raising awareness amongst health workers, teachers, students, public officials and the wider community, identifying girls at risk so appropriate action can be taken.

Sabie Snape

I am a youth and human rights advocate from the midlands. I help to influence law and policy on young people through campaigning and participation in political conferences to make the experiences of youth in the UK better. I am currently campaigning for schools to teach young people basic laws, politics and rights as a part of national curriculum as our youth are not fully aware of their entitlements as British citizens e.g. how to vote, police powers etc and this is becoming an issue.

Sanisha Wynter

I work for Stonewall campaigning for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. I am passionate about taking my work further and deeper into BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) LGBT communities to amplify voice, acknowledge and support role models and encourage social cohesion.

Sekai Makoni

I am a campaigner interested in Black feminism, I explore how race and gender interact as oppressive forces and how they can be countered through creative approaches to campaigning. I am also interested in self care within activism, how can we look after ourselves whilst doing this important work?

Sophie Hatzfeldt

I'm a democracy activist from Berlin. I campaign and advocate for more democracy, transparency and accountability in the European Union, to ensure more just decision-making, inclusive policies and empowered citizens!

Sophie Shaw

I'm a trade unionist campaigning on Equality issues especially with regards to women's and migrant rights.

Suriya Roberts Grey

Hi! I'm Suriya, I'm passionate about raising the voices of underrepresented communities. Currently I am campaigning for rights and needs of LGBTQI people of colour through my project UNMUTED. I think everyone has the right to have spaces where they feel safe and can be themselves. When I'm not campaigning, I'm making pieces of theatre and writing poetry that provokes and challenges current societal paradigms and spark conversations that will hopefully change how we look at things.

Tom Ross Williams

I am incredibly passionate about the arts, their ability to affect change and the role they can play in campaigning. I am the artistic director of Populace, a theatre company of politics and optimism, a Changemaker with the Advocacy Academy and an ambassador of Great Men. I spend a lot of time working with young people around social justice, in particular issues to do with LGBTQI and gender.

Zahra Dalilah

I'm a London-based campaigner on inequality and social justice working to fight the range of issues that people where I'm from are faced with daily. This includes everything from air pollution to racist policing. I want to see systemic change in the political system so that policies are made by people who know what it's like to be on the receiving end of them.