Aamirah Patel

I'm an avid health and international development enthusiast. Campaigns Coordinator for RESULTS UK by day and Young Trustee at Restless Development. Spent one too many Saturdays dressed up as Robin Hood or a taco as an Oxfam Campaigner! Always working to engage my local community about national and global issues. Passionate about human rights for all and refugee rights. Looking forward to being inspired and learning from other activists making a change!

Ahmad Al-Rashid

I'm from Syria, I arrived in the UK recently. I am campaigning for refugee and asylum seekers rights in the UK and beyond.

Amani Eke

I run a small social enterprise called Project Yogi that creates self-development an empowerment programmes using Yoga, Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning Activities for young people. I am very concerned about the physical and mental wellbeing of the younger generation and how they cope with these issues. This is a passion of mine and I would like to help make a difference in this area.

Brian Murray

I am a partially sighted person involved voluntary with the RNIB. I feel able to speak for people who are partially sighted/blind and people with pan disabilities that aren't as confident themselves.

Cerian Jenkins

I am a campaigner, activist, and coffee drinker from Bath. Passionate about intersectional feminism, I recently led the successful #ISeeTara campaign to see a trans woman relocated from a male-only prison. I also founded the Bath Gender Equality Network, and run intersectionality, ally and language workshops!

Chloé Stevenson

Everyone should have access to healthy food, regardless of the money they can spend on it. This only works if the food industry becomes transparent and accountable, and I'll keep fighting until that happens.

Emma Birks

I have worked with asylum seekers and refugees for over 12 years now. Ive worked as an adviser, volunteer coordinator and project coordinator in charities such as the British Red Cross and Refugee Council. Its an area of work I deeply care about. I'm now working on the Regional Asylum Activism project, campaigning for asylum seeker and refugee rights, which I thoroughly enjoy, it keeps me busy.

Georgi York

As a global Campaign Coordinator with Oxfam International, I campaign to fix the broken food system. This includes working on issues including climate change, land rights and investment in agriculture. When I’m not working, I enjoy adventures in my van, attempting to speak French, and getting involved in community cooking projects.

Helena Clarke

I am Helena. I feel inspired and empowered to help children and young people, those that have not the access to education, safety and security which we are privileged to have. In my spare time I like running, travelling, exploring, playing music and talking - especially in Spanish and French but most importantly learning about new languages and cultures.

Jess Walker

I'm a teacher and organiser at English for Action, a charity that runs free English classes for adult migrants in the community. I work with English learners to take action on things they care about: ranging from access to education and decent housing, to workers rights or hyper-local issues.

Johan Tyszler

I am a campaigner against transatlantic free trade agreements (TTIP & CETA). I help coordinate the main French platform against those commercial accords.

Kim Long

Kim is a community worker and activist. She works with young women at Glasgow Women's Library to nurture their feminist and political awareness, and facilitates song workshops in prisons across Scotland as a founding team member of Vox Liminis. Kim also co-leads the Glasgow branch of the Scottish Green Party and is a local government election candidate for 2017. She is married with a one-eyed rescue cat called Minerva.

Lauren West

I am a campaigns officer for Trailblazers. Trailblazers is a group of young disabled campaigners. We fight to remove the barriers that stop disabled people live inclusively in society.

Lisa Nathan

I lead ShareAction's campaigns which harness the power of investors to encourage companies to treat their workers better. I'm passionate about shifting how companies take responsibility for their treatment of the people that work for them, whether directly or further down the chain. To get there, I'm campaigning for greater corporate accountability, along with related issues like migrants' rights and inequality.

Lorna Gledhill

I live in Leeds, and work for the Regional Asylum Activism Project across the whole of Yorkshire of Humberside, campaigning to protect the rights of refugees in the UK. I'm particularly interested in asylum-related destitution, housing rights and access to healthcare.

Louise Somerville Williams

I'm a passionate environmental campaigner, working mainly on issues related to extreme energy. I'm a founding member of Frack Free Somerset & No Geo Nuke Dumping. I work with Biofuelwatch as their UK based bioenergy campaigner & I volunteer with End Ecocide England.

Maria Henriksson

I'm a graphic designer and campaigner. My thoughts are always on how to visually make people engaged in a fun and creative way. Feminism, equality and human rights are issues close to my heart.

Mevan Babakar

I campaign on democratic issues, from registering people to vote to improving accuracy in public debate. I currently work at Full Fact, the UK's leading fact-checking charity. I also run Citizen Beta the civic tech meetup.

Nick Klein

My campaign experienced is focused around mental health support for university student communities, and I'm currently working as Campaigns Manager for Student Minds. I'm interested in creating interactive visual campaigns to inspire volunteers to campaign effectively, so really like working with design and digital.

Nuala Crilly

I care about making sure that the voices of marginalised groups are heard in decision making that impacts on their lives. I care about building people's confidence, skills and knowledge so they can get their voices heard. I support other groups in developing campaigns. My kids also keep me busy! :)

Parisa Baramakeh

I'm student. I work as a volunteer at Scottish Refugee Council and at the same time I work as researcher at Govan and Craigton Integration Network.

Raga Makawi

I'm a human rights enthusiast and activist from Sudan with extensive experience in the third sector working with civil society and grass root organisations.

Paul Richards

I'm the Director of Stay Up Late and one of the co-founders of the charity (having been the bass player in the punk band ‘Heavy Load’). I'm passionate about social justice and inclusion. I'm married with 4 children, love walking, playing and listening to music. My pub conversation is music, politics and football, in that order.

Rebecca Baron

I spend my days campaigning across Europe on everything from transparency to tax. Big into climate change, development, tax and gender equality.

Rosaleen Lyons

I love to write, sing and act and I like to apply these skills to my passions. I am kept busy with studying and doing performances. Justice speaks in our everyday life’s and I believe everyone has a voice to make a change. I have volunteered and campaigned for transformation, Journey to Justice, and HWNS. My focus being on child abuse, empowering young people and homelessness, however I hope to focus more on my community and look at knife and gun violence among youth in London.

Ryvka Barnard

Ryvka is the Militarism and Security Campaigner at War on Want.

Samia Dumbuya

I'm a BSc Geography student at the University of Greenwich. I am an environmentalist and fighting for the rights of our natural environment. I hope for others to see the intrinsic value of our land.

Shada Zoabi Idilbi

I'm a Palestinian Arab, living in Israel. I work for ZAZIM-community action as a campaigner, running campaigns that focus on human rights, combatting the Israeli occupation, discrimination and racism in Israel. Up until recently I worked as the Arabic spokesperson for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. I am, chiefly, a mother to Adi and Mina.

Shaun Mitchell

Hi my name is Shaun, I am so pleased to have been offered a place on Bootcamp 7. I currently volunteer for Ehlers-Danlos Support UK in Glasgow I have also worked in support services which provides a wide range of services for people who have learning disabilities. Looking forward to learn and gain valuable skills and knowledge that will give me the confidence in becoming an effective campaigner and advocate.

Supriya Roychoudhary

I'm currently Emerging Powers Coordinator at Crisis Action, and I'm based in New Delhi. I'm also passionate about international development policy and practice. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, writing and dabbling in organic gardening.

Tom Maisey

I care about campaigning for a fairer society that provides opportunities for anyone to succeed, regardless of their background or circumstance. When not campaigning I can often be found binge watching Netflix.

Uxia Beiros Fernandez

I'm a radical intersectional feminist. Sisters Uncut activist and London Latinxs ally.