Alphonso Apicella

My work at Caritas Internationalis is primarily concerned with social justice issues and pro-poor development, especially involving the youth. Since Bootcamp 5, I’ve continued to coordinate international campaigns on different thematic areas such as food poverty and the Syria crisis. I have since gone on to work as Global Campaigns Manager and only just recently launched a global public education campaign on migration. I find it extremely exciting to forge collaborative partnerships, reach new audiences, build public support and develop strategies at the grassroots and community level.

Anna Westberg

I'm campaign manager at the Swedish organisation Skiftet, I also do a bit of lecturing for other organisations in Sweden about how to engage people via digital tools. I care about gender equality and about the class cap that are growing more than ever. On my free time I like to do active stuff like biking, sailing, skiing and traveling.

Annisa Rahmawati

I'm a Forest Campaigner at Greenpeace Southeast Asia based in Indonesia. My work is focused mainly on the palm oil sector and in corporate outreach to protect the remaining forests in Indonesia. I started my career working in various NGOs and joined Greenpeace in 2013 to campaign for forests protection and what is left of these extraordinary ecosystems because I believe that without healthy, thriving forests, planet Earth cannot survive

Cait Crosse

I help run grassroots education charity EFA London where we provide free participatory English language classes for migrants in South London and take action with our students. I'm also involved with anti-austerity activism outside work and am developing a feminist SRE (sex and relationship education) project with a paediatrician from UCL. I'm drawn to quite a few different causes, so still trying to work out where I can best make a difference in the world!

Carlton Rose

I'm extremely concerned about the gross inequality that exists in society. I currently working with 38 Degrees as a Campaigns Intern. Outside of work I enjoy watching football, reading and writing poetry, cooking and listening to music.

Christine Hyde

I care about the NHS, one of the most civilised and civilising institutions of the age. I am currently busy defending it as best I can. I also enjoy being on my allotment, surrounded by nature, organically gardening.

Edwin Sesange

I care about the basic human rights of LGBTI people and other minorities. I'm dedicated to campaigning a fair and just world for everybody and I'm interested in building alliances with other stakeholders in the struggle for justice and equality.

Emily Scurrah

I have just joined the 38 Degrees team and look forward to campaigning against social injustice and countering damaging media narratives. I have previously been involved in the anti-austerity movement and have learnt a lot from working with refugees and detainees in various parts of the UK. Having grown up in Bradford, I am a dyed-in-the-wool northerner and in my spare time I love travelling, reading and developing a passion for bizarre musical sub-genres.

Fatima Awil

I am activist from Bristol who is passionate about human rights, in particular tackling inequality, poverty and ending all forms of GBV. I am a co-founder of Youth For Change, a project that enables young people to campaign on issues that affect them. In addition, I am an ambassador for the European End FGM Network that is working to ensure sustainable EU action against FGM. Lastly, I have been a youth advocate for FORWARD UK since 2012.

Foyez Syed

I am a civil engineering graduate, PhD student, dedicated to changing the world one campaign at a time. I love volunteering and I am passionate about mental health. In my spare time I enjoy writing poetry.

Fran Whitlock

Since Bootcamp 5, I've continued to work on climate change and sustainability, and am excited to now be linking these issues with my belief in the transformative power of community living. I'm now based in Spain and working as Communications Manager at the European Ecovillage Network, helping spread the word about more human, connected and sustainable ways of living and working together.

Hannah-Rebecca Joy Guscoth

Since Bootcamp 5, I’ve continued to be passionate about disability studies and getting people to think about disability in a faith context. I am a disability consultant; I still am involved with Considering Disability CIC, and we work globally to share entry level research with disabled people and professionals. I’ve worked in the community sector for twelve years and work collaboratively for good causes. I help people realise that disabled people have a right to faith too.

Ilesh Persand

Having only recently gotten involved in campaigning, activism is something that’s really new to me. My background has mainly centered around data analysis and creating systems within the technology world. Now at the Save the Children, I’m campaigning on the refugee crisis and for better quality nurseries across the UK.

Inga Reichelt

I was born and grew up in Germany, but am currently studying Disability Studies and Social Research at the University of Leeds. I have previously also lived in Ethiopia and Vietnam, and want to contribute to a global network of passionate disability justice activists - access, participation and dignity for all is my dream.

Jess Mullen

I work as policy manager at Clinks. I have worked in the voluntary sector for over ten years and previously completed an MA in Human Rights. My previous work includes developing policy at the Community Development Foundation; service development for the British Red Cross international tracing and message services; and working to support refugee and migrant community organisations. In my spare time I volunteer for Prison Reading Groups and have previously mentored refugees.

Joe Potter

I work for the British Red Cross, advocating on issues of refugee and asylum seekers in the UK, health and social care and first aid. My advocacy background is in immigration detention and I remain passionate about the subject.

Kahra Wayland-Larty

I've travelled a lot, a veteran volunteer, fundraiser & activist just about to start a paid internship with 38 degrees. I've most recently been working to engage young people in social action; engaging, educating and empowering the next generation of leaders. I am passionate about so many different social issues and am currently trying to expand my knowledge and campaign nous on the links between environmentalism and social justice.

Karen Whitelaw

I currently work for Youth Access, where among other things I campaign for young people's rights, particularly those who are ignored by the system. There are a lot of issues I care about, but in particular I am interested in mental health, human rights and fighting social injustice.

Kayleigh Millar

My name is Kayleigh, I'm 18 years old and have just began my Musical theatre and charity development degree!! I am a manual wheelchair user who spends their spare time playing basketball and piano. I want to change the accessibility of public transport in order to develop a true sense of disability equality in society.

Marjorie Buchser

I am an anthropologist, network builder and innovation expert. I am all about public-private partnerships to establish new business models and scale innovations.

Melissa Llewellyn

I work as a neighbourhood community worker for a faith partnership in Luton and volunteer as an archery coach and project manager for a careers advice group. I am passionate about global issues relating to war and injustice.

Meredith Leston

I'm an undergraduate studying Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. As a campaigner for mental health awareness, I founded the organisation 'Meeting of Minds' to bring an academic spotlight to this issue. I also act as the co-chair of the charity 'Mind your Head, Oxford'.

Nandini Uppluri

I'm a 20 year old student of life with a deep-seated love for the environment and burning passion for egalitarian causes. I create podcasts on activism in London for Inform My Opinion and I support many different environmental and social justice organisations and groups in London.

Natalie Siniora

I'm an Operations Manager for the Food Campaign at Greenpeace International. I focus my work and a lot of my free time on environmental issues, though I am particularly keen on food and agricultural topics. I love learning and challenging myself, growing food, experimental cooking and rediscovering the world around me with my 2.5 year old son.

Neelam Rose

I am a human rights activist passionate about local & international issues. I would say I'm a angry feminist and I'm kept busy by working & supporting people who have been affected by honour based violence , forced marriages and Domestic violence. A large amount of my work as a campaigner is in the LGBTQ community and entails exploring the issues around Race & Religion in the context of gender & sexuality.

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah

Phyll is the co-founder and director of UK Black Pride, an out black queer woman (QWoC), she is a Diva Magazine Columnist, a Stonewall Trustee, a trade unionist, and an equalities campaigner who focuses on intersectionality. It is safe to say that Phyll is one of the leading lights behind the amazing celebration of Black LGBTQ communities. She has been named in the Independent Rainbow List as one of the top 100 most influential LGBT people and also in the World Pride Power List. 2015 saw Phyll become one of the judges for the Independent Rainbow List.

Raluca Vestemeanu

I work as a campaigner for, Romania. For the past 7 years I've been living in Cluj-Napoca but I grew up in a small mountain village, from where I get my love for nature and ecology. In university I have studied Japanese and I love to learn new languages. I am a very active person, I like hiking and practicing Krav-Maga.

Rod Wells

I am a retired local government officer and now devote my time to campaigning in Haringey mainly in health matters .I am a leading member of the local 38 Degrees group and have campaigned recently to stop the sell off of a local hospital St Anns ,on social care provision, against TTIP , and against Council services cuts.

Sukbir Kaur

I am a socialist, feminist, activist and student. Since Campaign Bootcamp, I have been involved in political campaigning and community cohesion projects. I continue to better my understanding of social systems and help to take action on issues that I feel strongly about. Campaign Bootcamp taught me a lot and I have been utilising the tools and techniques I have learned; I believe the world can be a better place and my mission is to help achieve that.

Sukhi Kainth

I currently work for the National Union of Students' as a Project Manager for Campus Cohesion Faith and Belief. I'm passionate about working with marginalised groups to help develop their leadership skills to inspire positive change in the world. As a Punjabi I love food and enjoy cooking dishes from across India. I also love music festivals and enjoy spending time in a muddy field.

Sundera Kumara-Moorthy

I am passionate that the changes to Health and Social Care Space don't disadvantage the Disabled and Vulnerable members of our Society. I am also active campaigner in all matters of Equality, in particular in the area of accessibility to public transport, buildings and services to persons with (pan-)disabilities and in particular those are Wheelchair bound.

Sylvie Djacbou Deugoue

I care about environmental justice and human rights issues. Joining Greenpeace was an opportunity for me to bring my contribution to the fight for preserving our forests, community rights in Congo basin and communities in Cameroon affected by land grabbing and illegal logging.

Tracey Ford

I care about the disparities in levels of education amongst young people, the trauma faced by young women and girls who witness murder and the affects of relationship abuse, sexual and gang associated violence.

Wai Hnin Pwint Thon

I am a Campaigns Officer at Burma Campaign UK. I work on political prisoner issues, repressive laws, and I care about human rights, equality and women's rights. I am interested in education and one day I would love to build schools, and provide free education in Burma's rural areas.

Zeyn Mohammed

I'm passionate about campaigning for social justice. Specifically, against poverty, inequality and for the fair and ethical treatment of refugees and migrants. I also really care about working to give everybody access to politics, especially those from marginalized backgrounds. I'm also active within Trade Union organising and convener of the Glasgow Young Greens.