Zahra Latif

I deeply care about community cohesion, social justice and human rights and have been privileged to work on these issues across sectors and countries. I currently work at the National Union of Students improving campus cohesion and students' union engagement with different faith and belief communities. I also volunteer at the Patchwork Foundation where I deliver programmes to open up political spaces and engage under-represented groups with political processes.

Aderonke Apata

Aderonke is a human rights activist. She is passionate about issues affecting LGBTIs globally, equality and feminism and a leading campaigner for better treatment of LGBT Asylum Seekers in the UK. Aderonke has been awarded the Care2 scholarship for Care2 petition starters.

Alex Quang

I'm a youth worker in training. I don't think an activist can just care about one issue so there are loads I campaign for! Mental health, youth employment and skills development and affordable housing and community land trusts are the things that drive me. Alex has been awarded the Shami Chakrabarti scholarship for BAME campaigners

Antonia Zafeiri

I work for the communications department of the Open Society Foundations, helping give a voice to the voiceless. I am originally from Greece but have worked in different places in Europe and the Middle East. I have a keen interest in minority rights, social cohesion in Europe and promotion of education. I'm a restless traveler.

Atika Dawood

As a final year undergrad who has recently shimmied back to London after 9 months spent hiking up hills, boarding very yellow 7-seaters and attempting to speak Arabic; I am now trying to remember the English equivalent to more meaning-rich Arabic words and to figure out my post-university life before I reach it. In the meantime, I am hoping to use my community-oriented spirit and language skills to help resettle Syrian refugees in Hackney.

Davis Makori

I am a campaign and research officer at Crisis Action in Nairobi. In the course of my work, I have been inspired in my interactions with incredible human rights campaigners in Kenya, Sudan and South Sudan scaling the imposing mountain of justice for some of the world's most vulnerable civilians. I am passionate about amplifying the voices of the most vulnerable in society, and rugby.

Dora Meade

I am the lead organiser at Positive Money where I spend time thinking about how to build a vibrant and diverse network. I am interested in how systems exacerbate inequality, how you communicate complex things simply and facilitation. I recently started playing football (badly).

Ellese Ellioe

I'm an activist with experience campaigning for council housing, free education, mental health and free whistleblowers. I specialise in Philosophy and Politics of Mental Health. Ellese has been awarded the Trust for London scholarship for campaigners tackling poverty and inequality in London.


I'm currently studying and doing voluntary work on issues I care about. Representing the Unity Centre in Glasgow, I worked with the Right to Remain campaign to argue for fair treatment of people seeking asylum in the UK and for justice in the immigration system. I have also been involved with the campaign to close down the Dungavel immigration detention centre in Scotland, along with Unity Centre, Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees and other organisations and individuals.

Fiona Whyte

I'm an organiser and trustee of the UK Youth Climate Coalition. I campaign to influence decision makers to tackle climate change. I also work with young people, training them to run campaigns and become social leaders in their communities. I'm passionate about social change, challenging injustice and learning from different global change movements.

Gabriel Davalos

Born in the United States but currently calling East London home, I work as the Special Adviser to the Managing Director of Purpose Europe, an organisation that builds and accelerates movements to tackle the world’s biggest problems. Outside of the office, I am part of the London, Hackney and LSE fossil fuel divestment campaigns. I drink lots of coffee and believe in the power of collective and democratic action to change the world.

Georgina Court

An intersectional feminist and human rights activist. I spend my time fighting gender based oppression and inequality. Also volunteering for MyBodyBack, an organisation that helps women to love and look after their bodies physically, after sexual violence.

Grace Hetherington

I work as Digital Campaigns Officer at ShareAction. I am passionate about improving social mobility and fighting inequality in the UK.

Johnlyn Tromp

I am passionate about seeing change in our societies, particularly in our unequal society, South Africa. I am currently coordinating a national campaign for tax transparency and have coordinated the Alternative Mining Indaba for 2 consecutive years. Johnlyn currently works at Oxfam in South Africa.

Karen Larbi

Karen works in the Policy and Campaigns team at the National Union of Students. She is the founder of POC In Nature, an online space for people of colour to explore the healing power of nature. She is a mental health advocate and the co-founder of Black Woman Heal United Kingdom, an online support group for women of African descent in Britain who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual violence. Karen is also a lay member of Psychotherapists & Counsellors for Social Responsibility and has a keen interest in activist self-care, healing justice, alternative spiritualities and intersectionality.

Kumara Moorthy

I am active campaigner in disability rights and access fields. Equally I am passionate about health and social care provisions in UK, in particular that services are delivered compassionately preserving the dignity of patients.

Leon Clowes

Raised by grandparents in a working class family, music and access to free university education changed my life for the better. I've worked in arts, social welfare and human rights charities for twenty years, and I'm passionate that everyone should get the best chances whatever their background. Education should be for all, and the voluntary sector needs to be led by the people who need the support of charities.

Liangyi Chang

Liangyi Chang’s passion is sustainability for future generations. Since 2009, he has joined various NGO’s such as 2041, IYCM and He believes that future generations can change the world and has gone to different countries to explore different perspectives, including Samoa and Antarctica. He thinks everyone will create infinite possibility at the co-created learning space so continuously engages in new adventures and is fully engaged as movement builder and trainer.

Lizzy Norman

I am a campaigns associate at Tearfund who is currently scoping out a global campaign. I have an MA in ethnic conflict and human rights and am really passionate about issues that relate to these particular areas, most notably the underreported problem of child piracy. I dream of one day being a human rights journalist and helping to changing the world through my words.

Melanie Scagliarini

Melanie currently works at ActionAid

Marchu Girma

I campaign on issues of equality, education, women and refugees rights. I currently work for Women for Refugee Women. Marchu has been awarded the Campaign Bootcamp Scholarship for Refugees and Migrants

Lynn Pilkington

I am a dreamer, dancer and occasionally dysfunctional poet/artist/activist with a chronic urgency for living and a dog-eared determination to challenge all the injustices in the world. My heart sings when I take my bowler hat on adventures and I adore channelling my creativity into changing the world. Most likely to: whip out an inspirational quote and start a discussion about the meaning of life. Least likely to: accept the status quo and leave an awkward silence lingering.

Rachel Diamond

As a Campaigns Manager at 38 Degrees, I spend my days helping millions of people campaign on things they care about, and help my team dream up winning strategies. I constantly discover new issues that I care about at work, but have cared about social justice issues (especially around gender and race) for a while now. Outside of work, I do little bits of Jewish organising on Israel-Palestine and anti-racism. I am also fully addicted to cheese and sushi, and will binge-watch any TV series that combines comedy with race, gender or queer social commentary.

Oriana Lauria

I'm an women's rights campaigner for ActionAid UK during the day, and a blogger at night. I'm passionate about human rights and environmental issues and I love all things digital.

Olivia Field

I currently work at the British Red Cross primarily campaigning for a more humane asylum system and improved health and social care. I'm passionate about advocating for real change and would like to see more people in positions of power take notice of the most vulnerable.

Sam Matthews

I'm a recent Politics and Philosophy graduate from the University of Sheffield. I'm interested in social enterprise, development and inequality.

Sam Dodd

Sam is a Queer Green Londoner who campaigns on and cares passionately about; gender equality, environmental issues, women's rights, LGBT rights, human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of movement and freedom of information issues.

Rakesh Prashara

I am an Environmentalist concerned about the future impact of Climate Change, especially for those that live in the global south, the majority of whom are still subject to some form of colonialism. I support campaigns locally and nationally that are helping to create positive environments for us and for future generations.

Sheila Menon

I'm a freelance filmmaker and an ardent activist who is passionately trying to make a stand for social, economic and environmental justice. I've been working on environmental & climate-related issues such as anti-fracking and oil sponsorship of the arts. But I'm now looking for ways to join the dots between different campaigns on different issues, to strengthen our movements and bring about the kind of systemic change we really need. I am ever grateful for the miracles of the Universe.

Shabraz Ahmed

Hi! I'm Shabraz Ahmed, a passionate Community Activist & Campaigner, I keep busy mainly by involving myself in local causes such, which have include but aren't limited to, Autism West Midlands, BRAP Birmingham. Faith Watch, Community Organising, Migrant Voice, PAPYRUS, Writers Without Borders.

Tamara-Jade Kaz

Lead Trainer

When she's not training at Bootcamp, Tamara-Jade coordinates outreach for the organisation - that means making sure that our trainings are available to those who might not have access to trainings elsewhere. The bulk of her activism has been centred around gendered violence. She is also interested in black feminism, illustration, group dynamics, celebrity gossip, power and privilege, nail painting, home remedies and binge-watching The L Word.