Yas Necati

I'm a human rights campaigner, focusing specifically on gender inequality and women's representation. I'm currently working on the No More Page 3 campaign, writing and editing for an activist blog and making a documentary about teen feminism.

Zephanie Repollo

I am Zeph Repollo, 350.org's Southeast Asia Coal Campaigner based in the Philippines. I work around climate justice and I care about frontline communities bearing the impacts of the climate crisis.

Wiebke Schroeder

I am about to start working as a campaigner for the online campaigning group SumOfUs.org. I am especially keen to work on issues surrounding workers' rights and the arms trade. My passion for progressive change has motivated a long-term involvement in youth education. I have enjoyed studying Philosophy and Political Science at University. Alongside this, I am very interested in the self-defense system Krav Maga both as a practitioner and a trainer.

Sarah Morrison

I am the senior communications advisor for Global Witness' Conflict and Fragile States team. Prior to that, I was Human Rights Correspondent at The Independent and sister titles. I have worked at national newspapers for a number of years and am passionate about bringing issues of social justice into the mainstream.

Waleed Abdallah

I am the founder of Give Back project and the project manger. Working with refugees and asylum seekers to change the wrong perception about us in the UK by helping elders and disabled people use it as a platform to educate the British public and raise awareness.

Simon Goff

Through his career Simon has built unique partnerships to harness the potential of powerful storytelling to mobilize people to action. During his time at Purpose, Simon has developed and led projects with clients including the World Health Organization, Unilever, Liverpool Football Club, The Fred Hollows Foundation, and BT on a variety of issues including women's empowerment, climate change, avoidable blindness and sports-for-development.

Liset Meddens

After graduating from environmental sciences and my years as a UN youth representative on Sustainable Development I am now working for 350.org. I am from the Netherlands and I coordinate the FossilFree campaign (Fossielvrij NL) here to speed up the transition to a fair and sustainable society.

Ruth Coustick-Deal

I'm Supporter Officer at Open Rights Group, the digital rights campaigning organisation, passionate about free speech and justice. I also write about feminism, photograph fashion and play with Lego.

Robyn Boosey

I have just finished the Charityworks Leadership and Management programme and joined Tearfund's Advocacy and Media team. I am particularly passionate about advocating for human rights, gender equality, and ending violence against women and girls.

Rebecca Bunce

I am currently finishing my Masters degree in Human Rights at the ICWS. As I have been writing my dissertation on Domestic Violence experienced by Disabled Women I have been compelled to campaign for greater understanding and response to the issue. I strongly believe in ensuring participation and engagement to make sure all voices are heard – which has been reinforced by previous employment and current volunteering with health, disability and women’s rights organisations.

Robbie Lockie

A digital designer of 14 years, working on a variety of campaigns. A passion for renewable energy, social change, activism and sustainable business.

Reema Patel

With helping others as my life long aim, I'm really pleased to be working in the Charity Sector and have the pleasure of volunteering for at least 5 organisations at any one point in time.

Raga Gibreel

I keep myself busy with taking online classes, promoting my website and organization. My websites support refugees and displaced people in Sudan and South Sudan. I also like to go hiking to keep fit, read an article on subjects of my concern, chat or send an email to friends on my networks.

Phil Ball

Concerned father of three, film-maker, environmental activist, climber and former political prisoner. My biggest motivation is the threat of climate catastrophe and it's effect on future generations. I've spent 70 days imprisoned for Greenpeace, the most notorious being as one of the 'Arctic 30' 2 months in a Russian prison for protesting against the world's first Arctic oil rig.

Natasha Gilbert

As a new employee of the British Red Cross, Natasha is most passionate about raising awareness on the behalf of people in crisis, but has especially focused on those suffering from the lack of affordable housing nationwide in her recent campaigns (see www.tellmystory.org.uk). In her spare time, she likes to volunteer at winter night shelters for the homeless and put on/ play gigs to raise money for this cause.

Monowara Gani

I care about truth, justice and equality, and working at MADE in Europe keeps me busy! [as well as life coaching :-)]

Mikayla Jones

Educational disadvantages is where I want to have the most impact. Focusing specifically on minority or marginalised groups of society. Since graduating, I have enjoyed supporting diverse groups of young people implement some sort of social action campaign in their community while developing important leadership skills. As Programme Coordinator for UpRising I hope to take the valuable skills I learn at Campaign Bootcamp and inspire the next generation of leaders to make positive changes in society.

Kirsty Styles

Until 2016, Kirsty worked as a technology journalist, editor, economics podcaster and campaigner in East London, she recently headed back home to head up the talent and skills programme for DCMS-backed Tech North. It's her job to help us establish what our 'digital skills crisis' looks like in the North and work with others to do something about it, and she's already been recognised in the Northern Power Women Future List for 2017. Her work has included creating the Northern Voices speaker training programme to make women in the northern tech industry more visible.

Kirndeep Kaur

Recently graduated with a law degree, I like to keep busy campaigning about human rights issues and in my local gurdwara. I am passionate about issues involving human rights and injustices, especially those affecting women.

Joshua Lawson

Having recently completed my Masters degree and moving back to Leeds I am exploring a wealth of new volunteering opportunities available to me, whilst living and working in cooperative organisations. I am the current treasurer and an organiser of Rethinking Economics, a group seeking to alter the way economics is taught, and have volunteered extensively within groups working in asylum and immigration detention.

Jason Grant

I believe in the power of storytelling, giving voice to the voiceless and empowering others to take responsibility for their actions. I currently work as a facilitator for The Forgiveness Project delivering restorative justice programmes. Alongside that, I serve on the board as a non-executive director for Theatre Peckham and Media for Development. I have a background in journalism, media production and training. Educated at Goldsmiths, University of London and City University London.

Jamie Wright

I work for a not-for-profit social enterprise called Movement for Change. This mainly involves telling the stories of people stepping up to build movements around issues they're directly affected by. I'm a big fan of local pubs, and am interested in how together we can build a sense of community - both of which are the reason I got involved in politics in the first place.

Ingela Eng

I'm probably the only Swedish participant at bootcamp - interesting! What keeps me busy? In short: I keep an eye on what politicians do - and write about it.

Georgina Laming

I'm a Campaigns Officer at the National Union of Students. I got engaged with campaigning through working with a group in my local area to combat legal loan sharks and strengthen local credit unions. I care about everyone having equal access and opportunities regardless of their background.

Francesca Carnibella

I’m an organiser and former Co-Director of the UK Youth Climate Coalition. I campaign with a merry band of under 30s to make sure decision makers protect the climate for young people today generations to come. I also work with MPs in developing countries, supporting them to promote renewable energy in their parliaments.

Emily Holdsworth

I work for Envision, a small charity that empowers young people to design and implement their own social action projects. Having travelled and volunteered extensively in Latin America, I am also passionate about international development.

Eileen Tara O’Reilly

I'm really passionate about mental health and I am the London Hub Ambassador for the Young Minds VS campaign working towards 'fighting the pressure' of the things that stress young people out. I'm also super interested in international development, I was fortunate enough to spend 3 months volunteering in Nicaragua with Progressio ICS where I developed a major interest in Latin America and the politics of the region.

Conrad Tokarczyk

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, swimming and watching a range of sports. Issues I care about include equality for people with disabilities and environmental issues.

Colette St-Onge

Currently working as a Digital Campaigner at ShareAction, seeking to enable individuals to use their investments and savings to influence positive change for human rights and the environment. Previously worked on business & human rights projects in Cambodia, Canada and the UK.

Camille Simonet

I am currently working as Oxfam France's digital campaigner, making all our campaigns digital-friendly. Before that, I worked as a campaigner against HIV-AIDS, and before that for 350.org around the COP21, for SumOfUs and started initially with Greenpeace in different countries. I care about climate change, gender equality, social justice and GMOs. I love traveling, arts and food.

Anouck Bronee

An advocate at heart for humanitarian issues, what makes me tick is campaigning for the rights of those caught in conflict - now at capital level (though missing field work!). In life I feel like a nomad, and my travel guide and wanderlust keep me going.

Adeline Guerra

I am the Humanitarian Campaign Coordinator at Oxfam. Our teams work on acute humanitarian crises across the world, in conflict and disasters, to support those most vulnerable and in need.