Mike Hopkins

I'm Mike and I'm 63 years old! from an early age I've been appalled by injustice and inequality and try to influence policy and actions across a wide spectrum. For me, economic inequality is the key driver of other inequalities, and it is class which drives that. As a young person I was active in the Anti-Nazi League and Anti- Apartheid movement and as I get older, I am focussing increasingly on the politics associated with ageing, as well as climate change.

Karen Hall

I'm Karen, a 1950s born, WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) activist. I campaign for all pension injustices in the UK and abroad and am a Facebook admin for Pension Reform Alliance. My campaigning informs, advises and empowers people. I also campaign around social care, pensioner poverty, entitlements, benefits, disability and more.

Maria Gingell

I'm Maria! I was born in Shanghai, grew up in Hong Kong, and came to the UK to further my nursing training 50 years ago. I worked in health and social care in many different roles. Over the years, I've always looked for ways to support improving the working conditions of care workers and their pay. I'm also a Chinese brush painter (as a hobby!). It helps me relax, especially when in a caring role for loved ones. It’s such a joy when people appreciate my paintings.


I'm Cal from Geordieland! My campaigning centres on loneliness and social isolation, especially among disabled and/or elderly people. I'm involved with lots of organisations, including Camerados, Men's Pie Club, the Heads & Tales Mental Health Heritage Group at Chilli Art Studios Newcastle and ACORN. I'm also part of the Green Party and IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) trade union.


Based on my lived experience as a migrant, I trained as an advocate striving to achieve justice, equality and inclusion. I'm an activist who campaigns on migrants rights to access services, justice and opportunities focusing in the workplace, immigration, housing and inclusion. As a social care practitioner, I fight for a justiciable working environment, fair terms and conditions including pay and inclusion, and changing the narrative around Africa.

Ms A

I've been involved in activism from a very early age, taking part in various marches and campaigns over the last 50-60 years. I continue to support different campaigns, with my main focus being around equality, diversity and inclusion policies. This is so all individuals and communities have equal opportunities, supporting them in making their lives as comfortable as possible and accessing the services as they need.


I'm Lynda and I lead my estate resident’s association, keeping the local authority aware of repairs. I'm also the acting chair of Kilburn Older Voices Exchange, a community action group for older people, where we continue to make our area age friendly.