About Rooted in Resistance

Welcome to Rooted in Resistance, our new free 12-week training programme for environmental campaigners of colour! Rooted in Resistance is for people from racialised communities that are passionate about environmental justice. 

This is inclusive of Black, Asian, Roma, Traveller, South American, North African and Middle Eastern people and those who have experienced racism.

What we see

Systemic racism is directly linked to climate change and environmental exploitation. Environmental racism means communities of colour are more likely to live in areas with less access to nature, and more pollution. Climate change was created by colonialism and will impact those who least caused it the most – the Global South and racialised communities in the West.

We will soon publish research, gathered in 2020, showing how People of Colour and racialised communities are less likely to feel heard and included in environmental movements in the UK.

We hope this training will allow you to meet other people of colour passionate about organising for environmental justice and give you the skills, knowledge and community to build effective campaigns.

Who is this space for?

Our communities hold a wealth of knowledge, insight and expertise. This is space where we can dive into the resources within our communities to transform the mainstream climate change conversation. We welcome your knowledge in topics such as:

  •  Emergent strategy
  • Ancestral connection
  • Pleasure activism
  • Non-human kinship
  • Decolonialisation
  • Radical grief and mourning
  • …Yourself!

Over 12 weeks, you’ll build the skills, confidence and community you need to campaign for Environmental Justice in an impactful way.

What will you learn on this course?

Rooted in the resources within our communities, we’ll be exploring:

  • How to use your life experience to campaign on issues that affect you
  • Setting campaign goals, creating a campaign strategy and identifying who to target, and how to get heard
  • Developing your skills with technology and grow confident in using digital tools for online campaigns
  • Meeting other racialised people who also care about Environmental Justice
  • Learning in accessible, supportive and friendly environment

A black person with a black hiijab is planting a plant with a brown person. They are in a woodland area. White text is on the image that reads

How is the course run?

The course is run over at least 12 sessions, each 2 hours long.

The sessions are run weekly on Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm (BST).

The first weekly session starts on Thursday 12th August and will run through until Thursday 28th October 2021.

The group will consist of a maximum of 10 participants.

This course is designed to be adaptable to the needs of the participants. You’ll learn how to become more comfortable with the software we use, how to develop and run campaigns using your life experience.

And you’ll meet some fabulous and passionate Black and People of Colour who care about Environmental Justice too!

Applications have now closed

Rooted in Resistance trainers

These lovely trainers and environmental activists will be guiding you on an deep learning journey

Karen Larbi


Karen is a trainer, facilitator and consultant, previously working at the NUS as a Campaigns Assistant and Rethink Mental Illness on the Time to Change campaign. She founded POC In Nature, a space for people of colour to explore the healing power of nature, and is Co-Founder of support group Black Woman Heal United Kingdom, for women of African descent. Karen is a lay member of Psychotherapists & Counsellors for Social Responsibility, and is interested in activist self-care, healing justice, alternative spiritualities, and intersectional, trauma-informed approaches to mental health.

Nish Doshi

Outreach Coordinator

Nish has been a grassroots activist for well over a decade, focussing on the intersections of climate change and colonisation. They've worked in a variety of sectors - from digital civil liberties to radical bookshops - and believe that change happens when we empower the most marginalised to advocate for themselves and listen. They started engaging with environmental struggles when they met the whistling thorn tree - a type of East African acacia which has a symbiotic relationship with the ants that live within it. Nish believes we can have the same relationship with the planet.

Rooted In Resistance 2021

Here are our amazing climate justice campaigners, who joined us on Rooted in Resistance 2021.

Juan Donoso

I am a Climate Justice organizer, campaigner and writer based in Berlin. I seek dialogues between anti-capitalist movements and community building, operating ‘from below’, and facilitating the communication services and interactions between communities and solidarity networks. In recent years, I have been shaking things up with Shaping Pathways, an educational project about lithium extractivism, the danger of electromobility, and solutions beyond individual electric cars.

Cina Aissa

I'm a creative values-driven individual who enjoys empowering people through their lived experiences. As an older disabled migrant woman, I am passionate about many causes but mainly active in bringing about racial equity, disability rights and access to education. The pandemic has exposed some stark truths in regards to the vulnerability of People of Colour in so many ways and the many ways they are disenfranchised, with no power over their environments and a blatant lack of access to green spaces. This is not okay with me and I would like to make a positive change to redress the balance.

Sulaiman Khan

he/him/his/Disabled. Disabled Entrepreneur – Founder & Chief Purpose Officer, ThisAbility Limited | Areas of work: Sustainability, technology, design, creativity, and Disability | Anti-Ableism and Disability Justice | Adventurer and Continual Work-In-Progress. Read Sulaiman's biography where you can learn more about Sulaiman here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18rkezI2oQvxXOH-qGvDwjH6pPULnPxED_CdyzYi0aZk/edit?usp=sharing

Fernando Gil

For more than a decade I have been involved in social movements in the Caribbean and Latin America; in the last 5 years, I have had the opportunity to live in several countries. My interest in public life began with my desire to democratise access to the beaches of my country for the general public. In the Caribbean, the enjoyment is reserved for the hotel industry, where we only participate as workers, and many times we cannot enter the private beaches designated solely for the hotel industry.

Ify Ekemezie

I am a 22-year-old Biomedical science graduate and musician from London. I was on the Young Friends of the Earth the steering group that planed their 2019 youth gathering. This is where I first attended a workshop titled ‘The Environment and Race’. I then went on to co-host an environment and race workshop of my own at the LCOY in 2019. I was recently a panellist at Groundswell 2021, discussing the intersectionality between the climate crisis and Racism. I would like to highlight different perspectives and experiences when it to comes to environmental and racial issues.

Anuradha Kowtha

I'm originally from the beautiful Sonoran desert in Arizona and now I live in London. In the past, I worked in biochemical research and as a teacher, but now I run my own business, The Kowtha Constellation. The main thread of my work is liberating individuals from the indoctrination that comes from capitalism and colonialism, so they can provide bold and innovative solutions rooted in justice to their communities. My hope with this training is to bring more awareness of environmental justice to my work as a consultant and educator.

Shenna Sanchez

Artivism, organising, transformative popular education, regenerative activism and movement building sparks the fire in me. These are some of the powerful means to inspire people to rise up against multi-layered injustices. Through our collective knowledge and lived experiences, we can tap our agency of change. As someone who grew up in the Global South, I'm rooted for and with the disproportionately impacted towards emancipation, agroecology & solidarity. I'm grateful & humbled to be part of weaving connections in social & environmental justice from the grassroots to the transnational level.

Jeana Malhi

I have been involved in campaigning since I was 16 and have taken action on many different social injustice issues including gender inequality, disablism, housing rights and LGBTQ+. But I would mostly describe myself as an environmental rights campaigner as it is the most pressing issue for me, which further exacerbates inequality globally. I am part of an intersectional feminist spoken word collective, putting on events that prioritise stories of the typically silenced. I'm passionate about supporting women, cycling, watching plants grow and eating chocolate!

Jay No

I'm an ethnic minority, gay and neurodivergent woman with a background in the non-profit sector and the music industry - I have worked on projects for women and LGBTQIA+ people in both industries. I'm a multidisciplinary creative, communications and digital specialist currently training in horticulture and counselling, as I'm interested in the relationship between access to nature and mental health. All of my work is directly influenced by my intersectional, decolonial, anti-capitalist, feminist values and my lived experience.

Samirah Siddiqui

I am an environmental and social justice worker. I see community-building as a form of world-building, resilience, and resistance and it has been a central tool in my decolonial practice. I have worked with human rights, environmental, and social impact organisations, trained in life sciences, and have experience in the arts and activism. This has positioned my focus at the intersection of ecology, social sciences, and art. I live in Berlin.