Nathan Thanki

I'm a human ecologist and systems thinker who works in support of the global movements for climate justice. I am a bit of a jack of all trades - I do a bit of campaigning, a bit of policy, a bit of communication and media, a bit of network building. My work is primarily in and around the UN negotiations but I also try to reshape narratives around climate change more broadly and do a fair amount of writing - some public and some not - to this end. Although I am currently based in London, I am from Belfast.

Kit Vaughan

I am a committed climate, environment, and social justice activist, born and brought up in Tanzania and spending over 20 years working in sub-Saharan Africa. I focus on tackling climate justice and inequality with a previous focus on the international UN climate negotiations. I also work locally on climate justice, energy transition and smallholder agriculture and woodland issues and the links with inequality. I am currently a full-time dad and spend a lot of time on local community issues. and supporting the next generation of eco activists.

Jessica Donohoe

I am involved with a lot of the Muscular Dystrophy UK Trailblazers campaigning. I have been contributing to this cause for a number of years as it is very close to home. We are a national network of 700, mostly consisting of young disabled people. We campaign for change, provide guidance, and are experts in what life is like for physically disabled people. We are passionately committed to challenging the barriers in society that stop us from living full and independent lives.

Robyn Tulloch

For years I have supported a variety of campaigns online but was moved to become more involved. I am starting to find my place as an environmental campaigner. I am particularly active in climate change and oceans, the social injustice climate change leads to and the global effect they have on communities. I support a variety of organisations such as Greenpeace and Divest Parliament and I am planning a campaign to support schools in minimising their environmental waste (which can be high) to get children seeing the difference they can make and to continue these positive actions in their future.

Luwa Adeniji-Fashola

I'm a first year undergraduate student studying population health and have experience in sexual health and young people's rights and wellbeing. I care deeply about how social inequalities are reflected in health outcomes, and empowering marginalised groups to bring about their liberation.

Samuel Moyo

I am very passionate about the welcome and integration of asylum seekers and refugees coming into the UK. I believe in fair treatment for all people in society.

Maria Battul

My name is Maria and I'm a Peace studies student at the University of Bradford, studying International Relations & Security Studies. My passion is tackling gender inequalities and supporting minority groups. My goal is to become a well rounded social activist. I started my campaigning journey through the student movement and now I am continuing it through my elected role as the Women's & Campaigns officer at the Students' Union.

Maximilian McLoughlin

I started campaigning in human rights, but have been busier with environmental campaigning since then. There are so many pressing issues that it's sometimes hard to focus on one thing, so I've also campaigned on school funding, preventing cuts that harm people with disabilities, treatment of carers, and also housing (making sure that those with the most pressing need are provided for and that they are built with sustainable transport in mind).

Connor Moylett

I'm a student living in Brighton and a climate activist. Since autumn last year I've been working with Plan B Earth on an exciting legal challenge to the government over their climate policy. They know their targets aren't enough to keep us safe, so we're taking them to court!

Jack Welch

For a number of years, I have actively championed the voices and rights of young, autistic and disabled people alike. My involvement stretches across a wide array of charitable organisations, including YoungMinds, Ambitious about Autism and the National Children's Bureau (amongst others!). I currently work as a Regional Coordinator for the South West at Time To Change, as part of their work with children and young people.

Cara English

I work on two discrete campaigning issues, one of which is about trans equality and the other is funeral poverty. Most of my campaigning work is about breaking down barriers for trans and non binary people so that they can have full and equitable access to public amenities and society in general.

Jasmine Tribe

I am a marine conservationist and educator trying to bring the underwater world - it's beauty and it's plight - into full view. I voluntarily run an event called SharkFest which aims to change public perceptions about sharks (which are absolutely vital to the health of our oceans and therefore the survival of human beings!), educate about marine plastics, inspire and motivate positive action, and facilitate collaboration between marine organisations. I also have a general interest in sustainable living and founded a food waste project and clothes swap project at University.

Larissa Atkins

I work for Rethink Mental Illness on the Time to Change campaign. I work to amplify the voices of young people with lived experience of mental health problems so together we can change the way everyone thinks and acts about mental health. Creating space for young people to share their voice, learn from each other and be supported is really important to me. As well as caring deeply about changing attitudes towards mental health and mental illness I challenge the attitudes towards gender, sexuality, race, class, and disability which intersect with attitudes about mental health.

Joanna Henry

I am a part-time fundraiser with Greenpeace and a graduate of the Future Leaders program in Oslo; a personal development program that helps young people to cultivate the mindset and behaviours for sustainable leadership. At the root of my interests is my passion for global justice, especially for those who are most marginalised by the system and whose voices often go unheard. Having recently finished my Masters in International Environmental Studies, I feel strongly about challenging the narratives on global issues, including how we think about and practice international development.

Ishah Jawaid

Ishah is an anti-violence practitioner who is particularly interested in intersecting issues that affect women and girls. Ishah has over 15 years’ experience of working in the voluntary sector, providing direct support to women and girls, with a particular focus on violence against BME women, migrant’s rights, the asylum and criminal justice system. She has been responsible for strategic development work and campaigning across the UK in the ending VAWG (Violence against Women and Girls) movement and has been involved in both grassroots activism and UK legal case law.

Faizan Fiaz

Making videos with your smartphone

Faizan is an award-winning video journalist and a communications consultant who has worked with international news organisations such as the Associated Press Television News, BBC World and the New York Times, as well as local charities such as Age UK and Imaan.

Richard Roaf

Making videos with your smartphone

Through Alter Eco and VideoRev, organisations that he founded, Richard produces and trains others to create viral campaign videos. He has built an expertise in why people share videos online, and has created videos for organisations including Greenpeace, Amnesty International,, Friends of the Earth, 38 Degrees and SumOfUs. Just one year after Alter Eco was created, their videos had already been shared over one million times and seen over 50 million times.

Kahra Wayland-Larty

Making videos with your smartphone

Kahra’s background was in youth work before she turned her attention to campaigning. She helped develop a network of young mental health activists at Youth Access, has worked for organisations including Global Justice Now, 38 Degrees, and We Can Win. She now works in communications for the Progressive Alliance and in campaigns and policy for Youth Access.

Kat Sladden


Kat is an activist, campaigns consultant and the founder of WeHuddle, a community to support and inspire women leading campaigns. She is currently supporting the survivors and bereaved families of the Grenfell Tower fire through campaign group, Grenfell United, which fights for justice and change. She also works with Grenfell Speaks which is an organisation that was set up to make sure the media is covering the tragedy responsibly, and also helps survivors engage with the media.

Zuher Jazmati

Zuher works as a Programme Coordinator for Campaign Boostcamp, the German sister organisation of Campaign Bootcamp. He is very much involved in decolonisation, anti-Islamophobia, and activism with the Syrian civil society. When Zuher's not politically active, you can definitely find him on a QTIBPOC party on the dancefloor or as DJ Xanax_Attax.

Monica Aidoo

I believe in justice and fairness. I am passionate about advocating for vulnerable women and children. I hope to become a constitution lawyer one day.

Lorna Campbell

As a young woman I always thought the world would evolve into a better place. Unfortunately the evolution that I expected has not materialised . As long as 'isms' continue to be the source of human oppression and robbed opportunities, I will continue to be involved in campaigns.

Leyla Larbi

I'm a campaigner based in Bordeaux, France. I launch campaigns in France but also at the international level. I recently joined SumOfUs but I've already had the opportunity to lead two main campaigns: one for the freedom of information in France and one global targeting a multinational company involved in colonization of Palestine. I'm a political activist from a working class background, and beside my work I also continue to resist intersectional discriminations in French or international struggle groups.

Rosanna Wiseman

I am part of 'The London Latinxs' which is an intersectional feminist group of Latin American community organisers. We campaign around migrant rights and housing issues. I also perform spoken word and play guitar in a band as a creative outlet for my activism.

Jake Woodier

I have been involved in a wide variety of campaigns over the best part of the last decade, ranging from free education to environmental protection. I am currently focused on community organising with ACORN Brighton, seeking to empower renters across the city and nationwide to tackle the housing crisis and change the rigged housing system for the benefit of all. Other passions of mine are sustainable living, climate and social justice.

James Hiwatari

I am a trans, bisexual and intersectional writer and activist. I work for the Equality Network, one of Scotland's LGBTI organisations, and through them I participated in the Equal Marriage and Equal Recognition campaigns. The first, already concluded, aimed to grant marriage rights to same-sex couples. The second, ongoing, aims to protect and improve the rights of trans people in Scottish law. I also want to start an awareness raising campaign about intersectionality and have it included in anti-discrimination law.

Anna Liberadzki

I recently joined SumOfUs as a campaigner, where my campaigning focuses on the impact that business has on workers’ rights, discrimination, human rights, animal rights, corruption, and the environment in the UK.

Jay Crutchley

I am a Theatre Director that is on a mission to make democracy work again. I work with various communities in Birmingham to find creative ways of people using their voices to action change.

Christopher Reale

I'm Chris, I currently campaign to end discrimination and attached stigma toward mental health. I care about the way people are treated, for example in a work place environment, I want individuals of all specific needs to be treated fairly.

Leigh Coghill

Community organiser having spent several years fighting fracking in the North of England and further afield. Especially interested in working on related issues such as land and climate justice and ocean pollution. Passionately committed to intersectionality and cross-campaign solidarity.

Sorena Francis

I am a disabled activist and artist. I am passionate about disability rights and the social model of disability and mental health. I am the founder of More Than 1 Forum, a peer support group for people with long-term comorbidities This forum seeks to improve the care services for disabled people of working age and shaping local services whilst supporting and building peer relationships. I hope to launch a campaign about social care for disabled people of working group after completing the Campaign Bootcamp training.

Marlowe MacDonald

I'm Marlowe, a 20 year old student (they/them pronouns). I have been involved in organising for a number of years, particularly relating to campaigning for better trans healthcare and treatment of trans people. I have also recently gotten involved with supporting asylum seekers prepare for the battle against the Home Office. When I'm not organising, you can usually find me petting the nearest cat or buried in a massive pile of blankets.

Magadaline Moyo

I am a young woman who has been broken in pieces a million times, but rise up not only to fight for myself but also for many other women and children out there who are dying in silence. My conscience does not allow me to ignore things that needs change. I vow to die trying and be a change influencer!!

Nicole Williams

I am a mental health campaigner, after experiencing mental ill health from a young age, developing Anorexia Nervosa, not only feeling but seeing the pain mental illness can cause a person, and with the added stigma, discrimination and inequalities that go along with it, I cannot help but do all I can do to create change. Nobody should ever be mistreated, and certainly not because of their mental health, yet so many are.

Judith Massia

I am passionate about Women's Rights, especially women who are not part of the national and international conversation on women's rights. I also like to be involved in the legal procedures used to ensure that these women have access to justice.

Hanna Lindley-Jones

I am passionate about women's rights and gender equality. Having worked for the Safe Abortion Action Fund at IPPF for 5 years, I have learned even more how intrinsic the ability to decide for yourself about your own body is to gender equality. Abortion is still not legally accessible in most of the world and unsafe abortion still causes a massive number of deaths and injury. I am passionate about working with people to advocate in their own countries to change these unjust laws that only harm women and the community at large.

Rhiannon Hughes

I am a political cartoonist and welfare rights legal advisor. I combine my knowledge of the law and political cartoons to highlight the failure of justice. I am passionate about getting people in London better access to health care, housing and welfare provision.

Shazida Khanum Akhtar

Hi, my name is Shazida. Campaign Bootcamp is the beginning of a lifelong desire of wanting to be part of making changes happen - making the world a kinder place to live in, building bridges (not walls), having & teaching compassion for all of humankind, and helping people achieve freedom from every kind of oppression. My campaign is called EVERY LIFE MATTERS and I truly believe every life does matter. Everyone should be given equal opportunities for growth and development, as everyone possess unlimited potential regardless of their background.

Paul Thompson

I work at Emmaus Liverpool community, that helps homeless people and people that used to be homeless.

Yoel Tecle

I'm currently working as a digital strategist at a campaign agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. In my spare time I work with a movement called ”Suburbs against violence” to raise the issue of increasing deadly shootings in low socioeconomic status areas in Swedish suburbs.