Eilidh Robb

I didn't wake up one day and decide I was going to start campaigning to mitigate climate change. I woke up one day and realised I should have been doing it years ago - and that sense of urgency has carried me through these last 3 years of campaigning. Having engaged in several campaigns in my role with the UK Youth Climate Coalition, moving to tackle the not-so-sexy issue of fracking definitely wasn't my first choice. But the unforgiving realities of fracking, the careless way government is ignoring our democracy, and the need for youth voices to be heard in this movement keeps me fighting!

Espoir Njei

I am a leading member of Kiaros, African Rainbow, Emmaus, all groups that speak out for the under privileged. I campaign for the rights of asylum seekers, refugees and in particular LGBTIQ asylum seekers who are the most vulnerable and highly discriminated in our society as well as fight the hostile environment we find ourselves in. I dream of a world if not a society void of all forms of discrimination. What keeps me busy is seeking ways and means to educate the society of the double standard ideas towards the vulnerable minorities and to navigate through the challenges we face everyday.


I am currently passionate about highlighting the human rights abuses happening to refugees at the UK border in Northern France. I have been writing to my MP about it, talking to people I know, and have given a couple of talks about it. I have also been fundraising to help grassroots organisations in Northern France to continue supplying basic provisions for displaced people. I live in the north west of England and like to be involved with community work, fundraising, and awareness building. I enjoy drinking tea, eating cake, music, reading books, and writing.

Harry Jefferson-Perry

I am a criminology graduate and youth worker living in London. My academic work focuses on the criminalisation of migrants and people seeking asylum by the Home Office. Since 2015 I have been involved in queer direct-action group Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants. We focus our actions and campaigning on European immigration policy, the UK asylum process, immigration detention centres and deportations. I am also a crew member of The Outside Project which is the UK's first LGBTIQ+ crisis shelter & community centre.

Husain Mukadam

A bright-eyed Pollyana child at heart, adapting to the adult world as efficiently as possible - look that word up! I try to make the world a better place where I can.. At the moment I campaign for my Muslim communities' minority rights, engagement & development (particularly via Media & Politics), though I do wonder (now & then) about campaigning in politics in these interesting times(!) I care a lot about societies' inequality of opportunity in all forms, juxtaposed with my professional aspirations of pulling myself up through entrepreneurship. I also love sport & spiritualism =)

Irina Tomak

I believe that any change starts at home. People are often defined by their habits, if you can change them, you win, if not you keep trying. This continuous trying is what defines my campaigning. I strive to make people more aware of the impact of their everyday life activities on the environment, of food waste in particular. Food waste is one of the main triggers of climate change and mitigation of climate change is impossible without tackling the issue of food throw-away mentality. I am trying to change the way people think about food, an their role in the problem of food waste as a consumer

Jackie Tait

I have a vision for a fair, inclusive society committed to protecting our natural world. As a former campaigns co-ordinator for the Green Party, and in my current regional role, I have been involved in a range of campaigns. Currently, regional fracking, wellbeing and carcinogenic weedkiller campaigns are keeping me busy, alongside local projects to protect our green spaces and promote low-carbon food choices.

Jalloh Ibrahima

I live in the North East in Newcastle and I'm a campaigner! I like campaigning as I enjoy helping and giving a voice to asylum seekers and refugees, including myself. My campaigning is involved with getting a better housing for asylum seekers so that we don't need share bedrooms permanently - as some of us have been in this condition for a very long time. I hope that one day this unjust situation will stop. It's looking very good so far as the Newcastle council is on our side!

Kate Young

I work as Brexit and Chemicals Campaigner for CHEM Trust, an environmental NGO that works at a UK, EU and global level to campaigns to protect human health and wildlife from hazardous chemicals. The aim of my campaign is to ensure that the UK remains as close as possible to the EU’s main chemicals regulatory system (known as REACH) post-Brexit, the best possible option to protect public health and the environment. Previously I have experience advocating on rare disease policy, conducting issue-led campaigning on behalf of a range of patient organisations and charities.

Moe Garret Gotch

I'm a campaign manager/homeless outreach support worker of Opsafe Brighton a community lead project. I'm really passionate about creating social change, building community spirit, and being a voice of the most vulnerable members of society. I believe that it is our moral duty to help others in need.

Mohaned Elnour

I am a human rights lawyer, I used to help the vulnerable groups in my home. Now I am an asylum seeker in the UK. In my experience over last few months, I believe asylum seekers are one of the most vulnerable groups in the UK. I want to speak out of behalf of many asylum seekers and migrants and defend their rights and dignity.

Nancy Esiovwa

I'm Nancy. I love doing and learning new things thats what keeps me busy. The aim and goal of my campaign is to see a total reform on immigration system in the UK. * Where by those who are going through the system as an Aslyum seekers and others are treated fairly and as human not as paper work. * People should not be kept in limbo for years not knowing what is going on with their applications. * They should have right to work and pay tax while they are waiting for a reply from the Home Office. * Right to study to degree level not just Maths, English and any level 2 coures.

Rosamund Liebeskind

As an activist I mainly work with in education, running a variety workshops for young people such as queer history workshops, sex education, and wellbeing/self care. I do this because I want young people from marginalised backgrounds see them selves represented in curriculums and are taught in a way that is accessible and enjoyable. This is why I've also campaigned for mental health awareness and decolonisation in school environments. Outside of education I've campaigned around gendered violence and austerity. In my free time I can be found writing, reading or cooking.

Sara Chitseko

I'm a volunteer with The 4Front Project - a youth-led social enterprise on a mission to empower young people and communities to live free from violence. A key focus of my work has been the launch of a new campaign called 4MATION. The campaign aims to create solutions and demand urgent action to address violence in the UK. Too often, the voices of young people are silenced and the violence impacting young people is getting worse. We believe that as young people, we need to make demands for the support, resources and services we need to improve our lives and our communities.

Sarah Davies

I am Sarah and I am passionate about raising awareness of autism and issues in the autistic community. I run an autistic adult group, where I try and support people to get their voices heard.

Sharna Crawford

I am a bubbly and energetic person who loves to socialise and meet new people. I have a passion for young peoples well being and mental health. My campaign aspires to bring communities including schools together in tackling not only stigma in mental health but preventing it.

Sonja Potenze

I am an environmental and women's rights activist and change-maker currently involved in Ni Una Menos UK, London Radical Mindfulness and the UK degrowth movement. Passionate about sustainability and the environment, human rights and equality, society and politics, I am especially interested in ecofeminism, environmental justice, economic thinking that challenges the growth paradigm, and voluntary simplicity. I want to do all I can to create a society based on cooperation and caring instead of dominance and competition.

Veecca Smith Uka

I am a single mother of three, an award-winning community volunteer, and the Winner of the Woman of the Year Award 2018 at the Migrants Organise and UNHCR Women on the Move Awards. currently studying for an MSc in Marketing at Edinburgh Business School Herriot Watt University. A lesbian woman and LGBTIQ+ campaigner from Nigeria who is seeking safety in the UK based on her sexual orientation, Co-founder of Sisters United Halifax; a self led group.Also a Secretary of African Rainbow Family, a charitable organisation that supports the LGBTIQ community in Manchester including those seeking asylum.

Zad El Bacha

I campaign for migration rights, mainly focusing on creating structures of protection for migrant women and children. This often crosses over into working around sexual assault and sex trafficking, as well as housing and homelessness. I'm based between Italy (where I work with progetto20k with refugees on the border between Italy and France) and Oxford, where I attend university and campaign around housing rights. I also do theatre and poetry, and have a debut show on at the Camden People's Theatre this november!

Kush Kanodia

I am a Social Entrepeneur and have developed a portfolio career helping a number of organisations from charities and social enterprises to non-profit organisations globally. Elected as Governor in 2015 for the Chelsea Westminster Foundation Trust Hospital, one of the leading foundation trust hospitals in England, consisting of 5500 staff members and serving a population of 1 million people London. I persuaded the Trust against charging for Disabled Blue Badge holders at their Chelsea Westminster site in 2018 and am now campaigning for free disabled parking at all NHS hospitals in England.

Alex Moore

My name is Alex Moore and I'm a trans community and political activist from the North of Ireland. I've been involved in community building work within the trans community since 2016, including running youth groups and advocacy work. More recently, I've been involved in elections, referendum campaigning (namely the TogetherForYes campaign in the South of Ireland), and more generally working to ensure Ireland is inclusive and treats all people fairly.

Joanna Gower

Hello! I'm a campaigner with Time to Change tackling mental health stigma and discrimination, going into schools to run training, working with youth groups, and supporting our Young Champions to share their mental health experiences. I have also campaigned on LGBT+ issues, sexual violence, and disability rights. In my free time you'll find me looking after my pet rats, reading, or spending far too much time debating people online.

Kirstie Morrow

I'm Kirstie, I'm 21 years old and I'm currently studying Philosophy and Theology at the University of Glasgow. I have been involved in campaigning for a shared future in Northern Ireland, and have taken a keen interest in the Repeal the 8th Campaign in the Republic. I now want to see the basic human rights of those seeking abortion in the North respected and protected.

Halimo Hussain

I am an activist and organiser. I have been primarily involved with decolonising movements within universities, namely SOAS, and I am an active member of Decolonising Our Minds. I hope to campaign more widely on promoting forms of alternative education which are unique from what we currently see and value within schooling. As a black working class woman I am also committed to working on campaigns that seek to challenge systematic inequality embedded in our institutions.

Nitya Teagarajan

I am the Co-Founder and Co-Curator of SheFest, a Sheffield-based not for profit organisation promoting gender equality and diversity through an annual festival and city-wide events. I am passionate about social justice and empowering girls and women to have better opportunities. I am a keen learner and love collaborating with others to make ideas happen.

Farheen Ahmed

Predominantly, my time as a student campaigner centred around anti-racist and anti-colonial work, and tied into work on broader liberation struggles. I've also worked with legal aid firms to support this element of work. Last year, I entered a more facilitative role, as a sabbatical officer: I have worked to support campaigners, delivered training to officers and campaigned with local activists, on issues such as the NHS and immigration detention. Additionally, I worked alongside others to co-host events/conferences that introduced various topics and shared how to get involved in campaigns.

Kirsche Walker

Hello, my names Kirsche and I'm attending Campaign Bootcamp in 2018. I'm extremely excited to be able to learn how to campaign with other motivated people. And, I will be using the skills I learn from the Bootcamp to help and inspire other young people to campaign on issues they feel passionate about. I volunteer and work with Child Sexual Exploitation charities to spread awareness of CSE and bring back autonomy for young people.

Elisha Thomas

I'm currently a student who is dedicated to the empowerment of youth, women, and vulnerable people. I'm also the Co-Founder of a social initiative that raises awareness and facilitates the transition of children with SEN from primary to secondary school. My conviction for justice and equality of opportunity makes me strive to be a campaigner on the right side of history.

Katy Styles

I'm currently running a campaign to value carers. As a carer myself I recognise that carers voices go unheard and their contribution to society is largely unnoticed. Through campaigning I have learnt the power of the personal story and realise change doesn't happen by accident, you have to make it happen. I love a bit of craftivism & cake always helps.

Kauser Mukhtar

I am a single mum of 2. Many of my campaigns are about the rights of young people: as a teacher this is a real passion for me. Campaigning about girls getting access to wide ranging information about sanitary wear including washable, so they can make an informed choice is very important to me and my 13 year old daughter, who is an advocate for reusable sanitary products.

Sana Kikhia

Syrian woman, highly passionate about being a part of the Syrian dream of freedom, dignity and equality, and advocating people's right in living a decent life. I co-founded my voluntary initiative back in Syria, Sanad Group for Aid and Development, and I am so proud of the impact we create. I can't leave anyone behind and always say that we can do more together.

Heather Peacock

I'm particularly passionate about healthcare, specifically about the NHS. Having survived a traumatic brain injury I am interested in campaigns centred on protecting services for those similarly affected. I am also committed to maintaining and improving provision for anyone with a disability.

Aaliyah Hussain

I am a British Muslim woman and the Founder of WeRise - Women Empowered against Racism, Injustice, Sexism and Extremism. I am also a political scientist, informed by theories of intersectional and postcolonial feminism. I am passionate about raising awareness of the multiple ways that Muslim women can be silenced or marginalised in important debates that shape our reality, and creating a platform for our voices to be heard, in order to contribute to a fairer and more peaceful society.

Kenneth Green

I'm Kenneth and I'm from Glasgow originally but currently living in south-west London. I lead on air pollution campaigning within my local Green Party and also coordinate election activity. I've just finished coordinating our local elections campaign which has been a really interesting learning curve. I also help coordinate a youth climate campaign through the United Nations and work with young people around the world to campaign for youth voices to reach decision makers. I'm really looking forward to joining Campaign Bootcamp and meeting lots of incredible activists!

Anika Protiva

I believe Education is a human right. Therefore, I have worked to create educational opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, some of which involved helping them gain access into further and higher education. My other involvements have been with LLDC and Legacy Youth Voice, ever since the regeneration of Stratford, to create more youth opportunities and actively keep a heavy involvement of young people’s input into the changes and opportunities, around the park and predominantly around East London.

Dan Kidby

I am spending most of my time right now learning how to build an inclusive and strategic movement for animal liberation. I am the co-founder of Radical Think Tank, a network which seeks to develop and share knowledge about how to build effective social movements. I was a deckhand during Operation Nemesis, Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling mission in Antarctica and I have been active in various social justice movements ranging from free education, democracy, the rights of indigenous people and more. I have decided to dedicate my life to the animal liberation movement.

Maryam H’madoun

I'm from Belgium but currently based in London. I have been an activist for social justice for about 15 years working on racism and various discrimination issues. The problems that I focus on now are ethnic profiling and police abuse, and religious dress restrictions in Europe that lead to the exclusion of Muslim women. I try to use the entire spectrum of advocacy and campaigning tools at my disposal to bring about change from creative actions to strategic litigation, policy advocacy, community mobilizing and other, together with fellow activists and human rights defenders across the EU.

Nikhwat Marawat

I'm Nikhwat, I'm 25 and my passions are mental health, human rights, animal rights and playing pinball.

Khem Rogaly

I am a History student but spend most of my time campaigning for my University to remove its £377 million of fossil fuel investments, as part of an ongoing 3-year campaign. This has taken the form of creative and disruptive direct action, alongside lobbying and democratic engagement. I am also part of a youth campaign to challenge growing militarism in British society. I care deeply about Labour party politics and defending education as a public good. In my spare time, I cook with friends, read, inevitably talk about politics and love certain forms of dance music ...

Nancy Mirales

The one thing we share is the air that we breathe. I am passionate about clear air and clean water. I am proud to have been a part of a group of incredible grassroots campaigners who ran a successful campaign against a proposed incinerator in Northampton Town Centre. Our message was simple, 'Your Voice Matters' and brought our community together. Together we can make a difference!!