Angie Jackson

I campaign around climate change and the looming ecological crisis. I am a founder member of a disabled activist group that campaigns for inclusion for all members within a national climate change organisation. We are developing support structures so that all activists can take part to the best of their abilities and we actively and radically support individuals with disabilities to become climate change activists through the formation of a disabled network that challenges the barriers that prevent disabled activists from participating.

Tara Arnold

I’m Tara, I am in the process of setting up a social enterprise, the Nova Foundation, to provide therapeutic support to babyloss parents. Nova is set up in memory of my son Buddy. I am campaigning for better anxiety and trauma support to babyloss parents, and parent who experience birth trauma.

Pam Saeng Athit

As an activist for political freedom in my native Thailand, I was a political dissident and a student critic of the junta regime. Because of this I was mistreated, jailed and persecuted. I am now an activist in exile and has been living in the UK with refugee status since 2016. I am now working as a campaign volunteer officer at Student Action for Refugees (STAR) to support and improve the welcome people from refugee backgrounds receive in the UK. At STAR, we have 4 mains campaigns, which are Lift The Ban, Family Reunion, These Walls must Fall and Equal Access.

Jess Madden

I'm Jess a 29 year old disabled student at Durham University, who campaigns for disability rights and student rights more generally. I'm Vice President of Durham's Students with Disabilities Association, and after experiencing first hand the discrimination and the lack of equality disabled students face, I have spent my time at University campaigning to improve the treatment of and facilities for disabled students, so that current and future students get the experience they are both legally entitled to and deserve.

Fran Rogers

Having been homeless and now work within the sector. I am trying to translate my experience into changing others perception of the person you see when walking past. My priority is to educate myself and those around me via my own experience to encourage social change but also looking at the bigger system change.

Rain Girard

My name is Rain, I'm 21 and I'm a non-binary intersectional activist. Growing up queer I have either lived or seen first hand the treament of queer and trans folks in regards to discriminations, homelessness and housing, work (including sex work), education, healthcare, law and criminalisation, sports, the media - to only name a few- and have actively tried for the past 6 years to do my best to improve these conditions and support my community both in France and England. I also work to dismantles the taboos surrounding safe sex, pleasure and non-heteronormative types of relationships.

Adam Pugh

I am a father, an ex police officer turned policing critic, an agitator, an abolitionist and a mental health advocate. My campaigning is primarily focused around issues of institutional racism within the police, police brutality, deaths in custody, stop and search, knife crime, and state violence, but also racism more broadly. I am a writer, speaker, and educator offering a critical analysis of whiteness in Britain. I have a passion for reimagining justice and using my privilege and platform to amplify and empower marginalised voices that are often silenced.

Ajuub Faraji

I'm a London based activist seeking to make change regarding youth mental health both systemically and culturally. I co-founded the campaign CrazyTalk, a youth led radical mental health campaign which seeks to address issues such as poor training, hostile environments and long waiting lists within the schools/universities as well as the healthcare system. I believe that the only solution to the mental health crisis is to change the entire system whilst encouraging more open discussion within different communities. I am also involved in several climate change and affordable housing campaigns.

Azariah Bhatti

Hey Aza or Chris here, a Grassroots activist, trying to provide better housing solutions for rough sleepers in Luton with a non-profit organisation called Keystage Housing. Keystage has been funded with the somewhere safe to stay initiative and we are really passionate to help individuals move on to permanent housing solutions. I have previously campaigned with Warwick Anti Racism Society, and would like to focus more on the politics of Asylum. My main motivation is true Liberation, by dismantling the systems which judge living beings' worth through the canon of economic value surplus.

Anna Powell-Smith

I'm Anna! I'm the founder of Missing Numbers, a project about the data the government does not collect. My background is as a web developer and data scientist. I've previously worked on multiple projects investigating land ownership, and I'm an advisor to Tax Justice UK. I'm also interested in building inclusive organisations, and how campaigns use technology.

Bonny Turner

I'm Eurasian-Australian, moved to London in 2004, and now a peer counselling skills trainer for an NHS-funded project. After countless experiences of sexual harassment and assault since childhood (often racialised), several rapes, and unsuccessful attempts to get justice in Australia, Norway and the UK, I commenced campaigning in May 2019 to raise awareness of how victims of rape are being failed by our social infrastructures, and not just by the so-called justice system. Destigmatising victimhood and normalising conversations about male sexual violence and trauma are central to my campaigning

Christine Acaye

I am a Law graduate and a very passionate human rights activist. Currently I am focusing most of my energy into highlighting the continuous exploitation and maltreatment of well educated and capable refugees by various organisations and employers.I believe there is a great number refugees that I would prefer to term as 'forced migrants', that have been 'conditioned' instead of being supported to progress and develop.I want to see in the near future many 'forced migrants' getting well deserved & equal opportunities,education and deserving jobs in which they will be treated with maximum respect.

Danielle Gregory

I’m an activist focused on housing as a fundamental human right. My campaigning work ranges from issues such as fire and structural safety in tower blocks, to fighting the stigma of council housing. Having experienced homelessness and displacement myself, I am deeply passionate about what I do. I write a blog, focused particularly on research and investigations I’ve carried out to hold authorities to account. I’m a mum of three little girls who I am raising to be strong, bold and fearless!

Eda Tigli

I am a 22 year old pedagogy student from germany. My activism is mostly about anti racism and empowerment. I am an artist who draws and writes poems.

Farina Salam

I'm Farina and I am a visible volunteer for Hidayah. I run social events in Bristol for people who identify as LGBTQI+ and are Muslim or come from a Muslim background. Using Hidayah as a platform, my aim is to provide a safe space where LGBTQI+ Muslims can feel validated and provide an opportunity for them to be their true selves. Being a visible member is extremely important for others to know we exist and we have a space to be in this world. It also means should they wish to take that step of being visible themselves, they can see that person reflected in society.

Florence Blondel

If you are a lover of the environment in this era, your heart must be breaking a little - mine is. There have been daunting scientific reports about biodiversity loss and the climate crisis. Chief among the (unaddressed) underlying causes of our planet’s unease is our unprecedented numbers. I work with Population Matters because it draws the crucial link between environmental conservation and women’s rights, for which I'm impassioned. I get to raise awareness about, and campaign for women’s agency - which is still deemed unimportant in many societies, while saving the planet at the same time.

Godwin Akinyele

I'm Godwin, a Nigerian living in the UK with my family (wife & kids). I'm a law (LLB) graduate, currently an asylum seeker, meaning I've no right to work, my skill regardless. Before fleeing my country I was gainfully employed and had my personal business that was doing well plus being a published author and poet. I would say the harshness of laws applying to asylum seekers in the UK is only next to hell and is more than enough to provoke giants in any man who dreams. My quest is to see that government changes this unjust law. No doubt, Campaign Bootcamp is a sure boost to my mission.

Ian Solomon-Kawall

I have over 20 years of leading positive social change and raising awareness of social issues through the culture of Hip Hop and passion for the environment and conservation. I use my love for music and nature to campaign around issues of global food security, local food growing systems, pollution, diversity (race, gender and class) to entertain and educate. Examples weave together to form the rich tapestry that is the community-led food growing space May Project Gardens and my award winning program Hip-Hop Garden.

Kiki Bustos

I am a recent psychology graduate passionate about changing attitudes in our culture around mental health. I believe if we all felt comfortable to talk about our emotional health, mental health overall would improve and people would feel less alone and more empowered to seek help. I'm also a fitness instructor and football coach. I love helping people feel good about themselves, through exercise.

Katrina Ffrench

As CEO of StopWatch, I spend everyday campaigning for fair, effective and accountable policing! I absolutely love my job and take great pride in championing the voices of those most impacted by the policing power of stop and search. Whilst it can be challenging to engage with the police, I relish the opportunity to highlight how their conduct impacts on community relations and enjoy providing practicable solutions to address issues. I am excited about partaking in Bootcamp and look forward to meeting new people and developing a range of campaigning skills.

Kate Hodkinson

I am passionate about building connections between grassroots movements, grounded in shared solidarity. I founded The People's Film Club, a film collective that encourages conversations about under-discussed issues and raises funds for charities and campaigns. I am an organising member of Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, and a campaign speaker for Campaign Against the Arms Trade.

Jay Buttigieg

I’m Jay and I’m looking to build accessible spaces for marginalised people, with a focus on creativity and mental wellbeing.

Mich Bradshaw

I am a feminist that is passionate about equality, peer support and helping others through adversity. I campaign for a better life for the future that I leave for my daughter and dedicate my time to sharing mine and others experiences of engaging in mental health support or services.

Baz Alden

Enhancing the standards of living of asylum seekers by their hands and experiences via bettering the services which provided to them, I, Baz Alden, 24 year-old activist from Palestine, working with other youth to evaluate organisations services and trying to give feedbacks and recommendations to them. One of main reasons of doing so is that the organisations here are not provide well-service and they do not ask if there is a need to the provided services or not. We, asylum seekers, know how and what we need and will decide it by ourselves.

Sirumpa Waranon

I am an art therapist working with children and teenagers. I care about nature and love plants, trees and flowers. I like walking in the park and and spending time in the kitchen when I am free. Recently, I am interested about "minimalist".

Barbara Bargiel

I have always worked with vulnerable people in my community in various different capacities. Currently I am involved in projects with The Advocacy Project ensuring that service users are treated fairly and access the best support in Hackney and City of London. I am passionate about holding individuals or institutions to account. My campaign aspires to shift the focus away from survivors of abuse onto the perpetrators who go on to occupy positions of power and authority. I would like to break down the barriers survivors face when attempting to get the justice.

Jacqui Haynes

My comrades and I are involved in campaigning for North Kensington and beyond. against the policy allowances that resulted in the Grenfell Fire and all of the issues which exploded as part of this recovery. Environmental, housing, fire safety, community involvement in policy making, legal justice & Human rights advancement.....the list goes on!!

Darcey Williamson

I am a youth worker who employs a ‘rights-based’ practice through critical informal education. My practice is a catalyst for change, where my role is to support marginalised young people to reflect and act upon the power dynamics and social structures that govern their lives. Young people are often ignored by society or stigmatised as ‘the problem’. Through my practice, I support young people to build grassroots campaigns to challenge these injustices. I also seek to combat the risk of youth work programmes being a form of institutionalisation and discipline, upholding the status quo.

Zunaira Malik

I've been a campaigner since I was a teenager. I'm keen to explore ways environmental messaging can be made more relatable for all people, linking to social issues like race and poverty and building intersectional movements. I love exploring the different values people hold, identifying alternative narratives and celebrating diversity as this is what makes us so interesting...obviously! During my 9-5, I work for a youth environmental organisation called Action for Conservation, where I can be found delivering our WildED workshops in school or having fun at our nature camps!

Michelle Ezeuko

My name is Michelle Ezeuko and I campaign for migration issues and specifically against the hostile environment in the UK. I have been campaigning about this for 5 years now. I have since been a youth rights trainer (training professionals about the immigration system from a young migrants perspective, spoken on the BBC about the hostile environment and spoken in parliament about the immigration high fees. I am also campaigning for the first national memorial commemorating the souls lost to the transatlantic slave trade we currently have a space in Hyde park but need to raise 4 million pounds.

Sagar Sumaria

I am a raw vegan, yoga loving advocate. I am very passionate about maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. I am born of the Jain faith, which at its core its belief is Ahimsa (peace, non-violence) to all beings. I make efforts to live in this way throughout my life. I am advocate and campaign for industrial hemp and medical Cannabis, due to the potential of its huge positive impact for the planet and society. I have taken positions of influence within several networks so as to broaden my network and understand other narratives. I enjoy watching the Two Ronnies and all Carry On movies.

Pauline Ankunda

I'm a student, intersectional feminist and activist. I campaign for Memorial 2007 to erect the first national memorial commemorating the victims of the Translantic slave trade in Britain.

Aggie Sibanda

I’m an extrovert, I love meeting people, sharing ideas and learning. I campaign for These Walls Must Fall (Liverpool). I campaign against immigration detention. I believe that no-one is illegal and if you’ve not committed any crime, then why are you being put in prison like conditions??? I also campaign with LARA (Liverpool asylum and refugee association). I fight for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees; things such as proper housing, speaking to local Mp’s and councils to stand with us and sharing our stories to the public to educate and inform.

Jack Swan

Three things inspire my activism. The first is frustration when people moan without solutions. The second is watching other people grow. Finally, the conversations I have during campaigns remind me of my own privilege and the need to put it to good use.

Tobi Adebajo

I am a community focused artist/activist and my campaigning looks like creating safe, accessible spaces - specifically for QTIBPOC and Dis/abled black and brown folx. As a disabled, queer single parent, my first hand experiences of disenfranchisement and lack of access to resources needed for survival in an inaccessible world motivates my passion for uplifting voices and bodies that would be otherwise overlooked / unseen / unheard. I work within the communities I exist in and perform for, holding events and workshops that I hope are empowering for all who attend. "

Robin Wells

I campaign on climate change. I organise with groups such as Reclaim the Power and use my YouTube channel 'This is Not a Drill with Poppy and Robin', to encourage people to take action. Why? Earth is the basis of any and every project of value we have, and it is necessary if we want to survive. But our collective home is in desperate need of care and repair. So, we must act.

Samar Khan

I am a second generation British Pakistani that recently graduated in physics and philosophy. I am motivated by alleviating the segregation along racial and gender lines in and between communities in the same city. I am surveying the extent to which integration is valuable, required and possible.

Jola Olafimihan

I campaign for the rights of BME and migrant women and girls at the Angelou Centre, which is a feminist BME women lead charity in the North East. I also advocate for those who are vulnerable are targeted because of their race, gender, and sexuality within our community. I challenge the injustices we face from our social structures, policies, laws, and procedures, demanding change and justice. These are continuously perpetrated against us, abusing and violating our rights and destroying hopes and lives. These policies such as “no recourse to public funds”, “hostile environment.”

Ella Daish

I am an environmentalist who started campaigning in February 2018 to make all menstrual products plastic-free. My online petition calls on manufacturers and supermarkets to make change happen by eliminating plastic from their period products and packaging. I have learnt so much about plastic pollution during this short time and I’m determined to learn everything about where it comes from, how it negatively impacts the environment and how it can be eradicated. I’m dedicated to raising awareness on this issue and passionate about making the planet a better place for all.

Nadia Hafedh

I'm Nadia and much of my activism focuses on the Decolonising Academia movement, I am passionate about reimagining academia and empowering students to challenge staff members on a variety of topics from eurocentric curriculums to racism in the classroom. I'm also part of a couple of research collectives where we look at injustices both domestically and globally. I campaign on a variety of issues, from gentrification to racism, and am passionate about working collectively with others to dismantle systems of oppression in all the spaces I engage in.