Fatima Iftikhar

I believe individuals have the power and potential to shape a better world. I have supported 1000s of young people to do this through social action. In particular I work to ensure that young people from under-represented backgrounds have access to these opportunities, so we can transform who is tackling the most pressing issues in our society, and ensure it is those who are affected by them and understand them. I am passionate about building a diverse Social Impact sector and am currently setting up #POCIMPACT, a community that supports, connects and recognises People of Colour in the sector

Christie Miedema

I am campaigner for Clean Clothes Campaign, an international network that aims to improve labour rights in the garment industry world-wide. I care deeply about human rights, social justice, and the dangers of the climate crisis. Beyond my work I am therefore also in my spare time active in campaigns for human rights in Belarus and Ukraine, with mounting concerns about the situation in Poland as well. Furthermore, I try to live my life with attention for the environment and am happy if I can contribute to political change by taking part in actions on that subject as well.

Florence Goddard

I work for Time to Change; a campaign which challenges the stigma surround mental illness and aims to get people talking about mental health. I am passionate about health and inequality and believe that everyone should have access to good quality mental and physical health care in every area of the world.

Tope Mayomi

I am a social sciences student, passionate about working towards an abolitionist future. I am particularly interested in campaigning with a focus on how the experiences of women, queer people and those with mental ill health are compounded by the criminal punishment system. I am also the co-president of the King's College London Intersectional Feminist Society and volunteer as an Appropriate Adult.

Holly Moyse

My name is Holly and I am currently at university doing a Masters degree in Dramatherapy. I am passionate about changing attitudes and behaviours around mental health/illness by being involved in various projects to challenge stigmatising views. Through these projects and my work role as a Regional Coordinator for Rethink Mental Illness, I have been educating professionals (such as teachers, psychiatrists and the police) about mental health/illness and how misconceptions around mental health problems can affect people lives, especially with people who they support in their profession.

Basha Wells Dion

I am passionate about challenging the stigma surrounding mental illness. I work with children and young people with lived experience to support them to tell their stories and inspire others to change their attitudes and behaviour. My personal interests include eating disorders, and issues surrounding mental health in the education system.

Ibrahim Abdella

I am a scientist. On 2014, I decided to use my scientific experience in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in my home country, Egypt, and succeed over the years to produce valuable statistics and reports about that in Arabic and English. Right now I am trying to relaunch my activism from here, UK, in order to support my community back home.

Zakia Jabeen

I have seen first hand how mental health stigma can destroy a person and thier family. I want to make sure that through my work and campaigning people learn the importance and severity of mental health issues. We need to work together to heal, live and grow no matter what we go through.

Darran McLaughlin

I have been heavily involved in lots of different campaigning, but I see it all as part of the same fight. I organised a big festival of politics and culture called Bristol Transformed. I have been doing a lot of campaigning for the Labour Party, and am currently shortlisted as a councilor candidate. I am engaged in campaigning for Labour for a Green New Deal and have been meeting with environmental activists from Extinction Rebellion, Youth Strike 4 Climate and Friends of the Earth.

Bethan Sproat

I’m most involved in Extinction Rebellion North East but also a member of the Labour Party, Friends of the Earth and Stand Up To Racism. I campaign for social justice and climate justice and believe that the two go hand in hand. Extinction Rebellion has given me the confidence to tell the truth about the climate and ecological breakdown and take part in non-violent direct action. I grew up in the North East and have a degree in Geography from Royal Holloway University of London.

Kai Grygier

I'm a survivor activist and dramatherapist, passionate about creating spaces for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to speak out, support each other, and engage in activism. Finding a community of survivors has changed my life, and in my projects and with my PhD research I aim to make this possible for other survivors, especially at a younger age, so that they can know they are not alone. I believe as a society we have a responsibility to ensure that survivors of sexual violence have support and better access to education, healthcare, and full participation in society.

Shahd Mousalli

My name is Shahd. I did my master degree in Gender and International Development at University of Warwick. My deep commitment to justice in its various forms drives my campaigning work. At the moment، I am working on a digital-based initiative "Maps for Syria" which is governed by the principle: property and housing rights are human rights. The initiative seeks to document Syrian refugees' rights to their houses that at risk of confiscation by the Syrian government.The initiative heavily relies on different forms of campaigning to highlight the timely importance of this particular issue.

Omie Dale

I am an LGBTQ+, intersectionality and inclusivity activist, currently focusing on swimming and leisure pools as a centre for communities, and how to make swimming - and leisure centres - an inclusive space for all.

Lotte Marley

I am a keen environmentalist who works to reduce my own carbon footprint as much as possible. I am also campaigning for the government to take the climate crisis seriously and put in measures to avoid reaching the tipping point. A particular aspect of my campaigning is around climate justice and the disparities between the global north who are polluting the most and the global south who feel the biggest consequences. I also work with young refugees as to how myself and others can best help them to integrate into our city.

Vidya Maharaj

I campaigning for counselling and psychotherapy training courses to 'embody' race and racism issues it their training rather than include them as a one of weekend module on equality and diversity which often covers all inequalities. I'd argue that all inequalities need to be embodied in the structure of courses.

Natalia Kowalik

I’m an international relations student (doing my bachelor’s degree this summer #fingerscrossed) and I study law too. My passion for knowledge is as strong as my need for social commitment. That’s why despite many responsibilities I decided to join my organization, Akcja Demokraja – first as a volunteer and later as a worker. I’m mostly interested in politics, which I believe is possible to be fair. It is actually need for fairness and inter-human solidarity that keep me busy. If I am able to help other to struggle or hart less, and I have more possibilities to do so, why shouldn’t I?

Claire Jenkins

I am a 70 year old trans woman and a convert to the Catholic Church. I was married with 4 children until I transitioned from male to female at 50 years of age. In 2013 I was awarded a PhD from the University of Sheffield for my research into the effect of transitioning on the family members. I promoted trans equality in the trade union movement through the NUT. I also have 22 years secondary school teaching experience, 12 of which were as a deputy-headteacher. Currently I am working/campaigning to enable lgbt+ Catholics to engage more fully in the church, both locally and nationally.

Sam Gonçalves

I work in the creative sector in Dundee and do bits of freelance filmmaking and writing here and there. I'm originally from Brazil, now dual Scottish citizen, and care deeply about the treatment of immigrants and refugees. I've been volunteering with a Scottish organisation visiting Immigration Detention Centres and supporting the people in there. I've also been attempting to develop ways to campaign against immigration detention in a Scottish context.

George Briley

I am a member of the London Renters' Union (LRU) and one of the coordinators of our Member Solidarity working group. I am interested in organising in the varied intersections of the housing crisis, looking how to build the everyday experiences of exploitive renting into a wider politics of solidarity across London. I also keep busy organising within the Lewisham branch of the LRU, as a member of the Ivy House Union part of BAFWU, and with the IWGB at Goldsmiths University where I'm a research student looking into community wealth building, local planning and the cooperative workplace.

Zoe Howe

I am 20 years old and live in rural Dorset. I have grown up with someone who has a learning disability and have seen firsthand the difficulties people face. I work for a charity called People First Dorset which helps adults with learning disabilities to be part of the community and have their voices heard. I started as a volunteer in 2017, and in January 2019 I began working full time for them. We campaign through a number of ways, our most recent was by making a music video which showed the barriers people with learning disabilities face, called "I can't get to you".

Mags Szarota

I am a disability studies researcher and activist. Active member of the grass-root movement of disabled women in Poland and beyond. Co-founder of the first Polish NGO run by and for women with disabilities. I co-create Humanity in Action Poland - an award winning human rights educational organization. PhD dual candidate at the Polish Academy of Sciences and Lancaster University researching feminist disability movement.

Ana Clara Toledo

Hi! I'm Ana, nice to meet you :) I work in a brazilian activism lab called Nossas, dedicated to bringing people closer to politics and creating campaigns that have real impact on public policies. We have projects focused on cities, women's rights, solidarity and violence - and I work a bit in all of them! Now, I'm especially dedicated in spreading our campaigning capacity through the whole country with our capacity building programs.

Angie Jackson

I campaign around climate change and the looming ecological crisis. I am a founder member of a disabled activist group that campaigns for inclusion for all members within a national climate change organisation. We are developing support structures so that all activists can take part to the best of their abilities and we actively and radically support individuals with disabilities to become climate change activists through the formation of a disabled network that challenges the barriers that prevent disabled activists from participating.

Tara Arnold

I’m Tara, I am in the process of setting up a social enterprise, the Nova Foundation, to provide therapeutic support to babyloss parents. Nova is set up in memory of my son Buddy. I am campaigning for better anxiety and trauma support to babyloss parents, and parent who experience birth trauma.

Pam Saeng Athit

As an activist for political freedom in my native Thailand, I was a political dissident and a student critic of the junta regime. Because of this I was mistreated, jailed and persecuted. I am now an activist in exile and has been living in the UK with refugee status since 2016. I am now working as a campaign volunteer officer at Student Action for Refugees (STAR) to support and improve the welcome people from refugee backgrounds receive in the UK. At STAR, we have 4 mains campaigns, which are Lift The Ban, Family Reunion, These Walls must Fall and Equal Access.

Jess Madden

I'm Jess a 29 year old disabled student at Durham University, who campaigns for disability rights and student rights more generally. I'm Vice President of Durham's Students with Disabilities Association, and after experiencing first hand the discrimination and the lack of equality disabled students face, I have spent my time at University campaigning to improve the treatment of and facilities for disabled students, so that current and future students get the experience they are both legally entitled to and deserve.

Fran Rogers

Having been homeless and now work within the sector. I am trying to translate my experience into changing others perception of the person you see when walking past. My priority is to educate myself and those around me via my own experience to encourage social change but also looking at the bigger system change.

Rain Girard

My name is Rain, I'm 21 and I'm a non-binary intersectional activist. Growing up queer I have either lived or seen first hand the treament of queer and trans folks in regards to discriminations, homelessness and housing, work (including sex work), education, healthcare, law and criminalisation, sports, the media - to only name a few- and have actively tried for the past 6 years to do my best to improve these conditions and support my community both in France and England. I also work to dismantles the taboos surrounding safe sex, pleasure and non-heteronormative types of relationships.

Adam Pugh

I am a father, an ex police officer turned policing critic, an agitator, an abolitionist and a mental health advocate. My campaigning is primarily focused around issues of institutional racism within the police, police brutality, deaths in custody, stop and search, knife crime, and state violence, but also racism more broadly. I am a writer, speaker, and educator offering a critical analysis of whiteness in Britain. I have a passion for reimagining justice and using my privilege and platform to amplify and empower marginalised voices that are often silenced.

Ajuub Faraji

I'm a London based activist seeking to make change regarding youth mental health both systemically and culturally. I co-founded the campaign CrazyTalk, a youth led radical mental health campaign which seeks to address issues such as poor training, hostile environments and long waiting lists within the schools/universities as well as the healthcare system. I believe that the only solution to the mental health crisis is to change the entire system whilst encouraging more open discussion within different communities. I am also involved in several climate change and affordable housing campaigns.

Azariah Bhatti

Hey Aza or Chris here, a Grassroots activist, trying to provide better housing solutions for rough sleepers in Luton with a non-profit organisation called Keystage Housing. Keystage has been funded with the somewhere safe to stay initiative and we are really passionate to help individuals move on to permanent housing solutions. I have previously campaigned with Warwick Anti Racism Society, and would like to focus more on the politics of Asylum. My main motivation is true Liberation, by dismantling the systems which judge living beings' worth through the canon of economic value surplus.

Anna Powell-Smith

I'm Anna! I'm the founder of Missing Numbers, a project about the data the government does not collect. My background is as a web developer and data scientist. I've previously worked on multiple projects investigating land ownership, and I'm an advisor to Tax Justice UK. I'm also interested in building inclusive organisations, and how campaigns use technology.

Bonny Turner

I'm Eurasian-Australian, moved to London in 2004, and now a peer counselling skills trainer for an NHS-funded project. After countless experiences of sexual harassment and assault since childhood (often racialised), several rapes, and unsuccessful attempts to get justice in Australia, Norway and the UK, I commenced campaigning in May 2019 to raise awareness of how victims of rape are being failed by our social infrastructures, and not just by the so-called justice system. Destigmatising victimhood and normalising conversations about male sexual violence and trauma are central to my campaigning

Christine Acaye

I am a Law graduate and a very passionate human rights activist. Currently I am focusing most of my energy into highlighting the continuous exploitation and maltreatment of well educated and capable refugees by various organisations and employers.I believe there is a great number refugees that I would prefer to term as 'forced migrants', that have been 'conditioned' instead of being supported to progress and develop.I want to see in the near future many 'forced migrants' getting well deserved & equal opportunities,education and deserving jobs in which they will be treated with maximum respect.

Danielle Gregory

I’m an activist focused on housing as a fundamental human right. My campaigning work ranges from issues such as fire and structural safety in tower blocks, to fighting the stigma of council housing. Having experienced homelessness and displacement myself, I am deeply passionate about what I do. I write a blog, focused particularly on research and investigations I’ve carried out to hold authorities to account. I’m a mum of three little girls who I am raising to be strong, bold and fearless!

Eda Tigli

I am a 22 year old pedagogy student from germany. My activism is mostly about anti racism and empowerment. I am an artist who draws and writes poems.

Farina Salam

I'm Farina and I am a visible volunteer for Hidayah. I run social events in Bristol for people who identify as LGBTQI+ and are Muslim or come from a Muslim background. Using Hidayah as a platform, my aim is to provide a safe space where LGBTQI+ Muslims can feel validated and provide an opportunity for them to be their true selves. Being a visible member is extremely important for others to know we exist and we have a space to be in this world. It also means should they wish to take that step of being visible themselves, they can see that person reflected in society.

Florence Blondel

If you are a lover of the environment in this era, your heart must be breaking a little - mine is. There have been daunting scientific reports about biodiversity loss and the climate crisis. Chief among the (unaddressed) underlying causes of our planet’s unease is our unprecedented numbers. I work with Population Matters because it draws the crucial link between environmental conservation and women’s rights, for which I'm impassioned. I get to raise awareness about, and campaign for women’s agency - which is still deemed unimportant in many societies, while saving the planet at the same time.

Godwin Akinyele

I'm Godwin, a Nigerian living in the UK with my family (wife & kids). I'm a law (LLB) graduate, currently an asylum seeker, meaning I've no right to work, my skill regardless. Before fleeing my country I was gainfully employed and had my personal business that was doing well plus being a published author and poet. I would say the harshness of laws applying to asylum seekers in the UK is only next to hell and is more than enough to provoke giants in any man who dreams. My quest is to see that government changes this unjust law. No doubt, Campaign Bootcamp is a sure boost to my mission.

Ian Solomon-Kawall

I have over 20 years of leading positive social change and raising awareness of social issues through the culture of Hip Hop and passion for the environment and conservation. I use my love for music and nature to campaign around issues of global food security, local food growing systems, pollution, diversity (race, gender and class) to entertain and educate. Examples weave together to form the rich tapestry that is the community-led food growing space May Project Gardens ww.mayproject.org and my award winning program Hip-Hop Garden.