Anna Collins Nham


Anna believes that training spaces are places where real magic and transformation can happen. Experiencing it herself while on Training for Change’s 'SuperT', a 19 day training for trainers in Philadelphia, USA. Her job is to make sure all our trainings contain that magic! She came to Campaign Bootcamp after 6 years in the international climate movement training and supporting activist groups around the world. When not working with a group she is happiest walking in the hills around Sheffield where she lives, out on her bike, or with her head in a book. Anna is Head of Training.

Karen Larbi


Karen works in the Policy & Campaigns team at the National Union of Students. She is the founder of POC In Nature, an online space for people of colour to explore the healing power of nature. A mental health advocate, she is the co-founder of Black Woman Heal United Kingdom, an online support group for women of African descent who have experienced sexual violence. Karen is a lay member of Psychotherapists & Counsellors for Social Responsibility, and is interested in activist self-care, healing justice, alternative spiritualities, and intersectional, trauma-informed approaches to mental health.



KUCHENGA is a writer, an agitator and an avid consumer of all culture high and low. She is a Black trans feminist whose work sparkles with vivacity and originality. A member of Black Lives Matter UK, the Bent Bars Collective, she lives by the River Thames in London and can be found frolicking in Battersea Park with her dog Nene.

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith


Ayeisha is Training Organiser at the New Economy Organisers Network, and has lead on designing and developing Movement Builders over 2017. She has previously worked on political strategy and campaigns, on peace and dialogue in Israel/Palestine and coordinated campaigns and project around migration. Ayeisha is a black feminist and centres anti-oppression, decoloniality and intersectionality in her approach to training. She has an MA in Postcolonial Cultural Studies and Global Policy, lives for June Jordan and Octavia Butler, and teaches a Basic Beyonce dance class - all levels welcome!

Alexandra Wanjiku Kelbert


Alexandra Wanjiku Kelbert is a researcher, lecturer and London-based activist with Black Lives Matter UK. She also works with asylum seekers and refugee women. Alexandra is interested in the politics of food, gender, social change and race.

Sheila Coleman


Originating from a large Liverpool-Irish family, Sheila calls herself “Scouse, not English”. A former chair of the Liverpool Irish Centre Cooperative and a well-known activist and campaigner, Sheila is the spokesperson for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. For 28 years, she’s campaigned for truth and justice to be brought to the people who died and survivors of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster. She currently works as the North West region community coordinator for Unite, the Union.

Guppi Bola


Guppi Bola is a social justice organiser working with activists across Europe who are engaged in systems change campaigning. Her work centres around leadership as a strategy for building movements for long-lasting social change. She also critiques and supports organisations wanting to transform their leadership in order to be led by those who are affected by oppression and social injustice. Guppi has ten years experience straddling the NGO - grassroots activism world, as well as working in movement support and training. She currently works for Quakers in Britain.

Pete Bryant


Pete has worked in community development and as a facilitator for the last 30 years. Supporting community groups to influence decision-makers he has worked across the UK, Europe and in South Africa. He has been very active with Global Justice Now and is currently running Citizens Juries on health in Blackpool and Hate Crime in Blackburn. Pete is helping design the Everyday Activism programme for Campaign Bootcamp.

Rachel Oliver


Rachel is a Lead Organiser at Positive Money. She helps their supporters to take action together online and in local groups, and works to build relationships and leadership within their community. Previously, Rachel has worked at Stop Aids and Crisis Action, and campaigned for a few years at 38 Degrees. Rachel is passionate about getting ordinary people involved in politics and economics, to build a society that puts people and planet first. She's also a tech whizz!

Carys Afoko


Carys Afoko is a co-founder of Level Up, a feminist digital campaigning organisation launching this year. She works as Communications Director at SumOfUs, a consumer group that campaigns to curb the growing power of big corporations. Carys has worked in communications for eight years across the private and non-profit sectors. She was Head of Communications at the New Economics Foundation and an adviser to Labour MP Lisa Nandy.

Bex Hay


Bex is Tech Director at 38 Degrees. There she splits her day between leading the tech team, designing and managing campaigns. Bex has a background in corporate campaigning and previously worked at ShareAction, mobilising people power to make our financial system fairer. Outside of work Bex is usually watching, playing or talking about cricket.

Tara Mack


Tara Mack is the former Director of the Education for Liberation Network, a national education justice network in the US. She helped start the organisation, developing it from an informal listserv of a few hundred people to a national network that connected more than 2,000 through convenings, publications, social media and resource exchanges. Before becoming director, she organised arts and media projects for low-income teens in New York and London. Tara is now UK Programmes Manager at Campaign Bootcamp.

Tara O’Reilly


I work in politics for a group of MPs by day, and by night I spend my free time coding, campaigning, and learning languages. I'm a loud and proud girl from West London and I'm fired up about all things feminism, inner city poverty and working class issues, binge watching Scandal, binge buying lipstick, and making my mates listen to reggaeton. You also won't find me without a book, and I'm always planning another solo travelling adventure.

Adebola Lamuye

I campaign for immigration, focused on undocumented migrants living in the UK who are finding it difficult to get into higher education even after they get their residence. The issues I care about are immigration, education, feminism, the class divide, mental health and social action. What keeps me busy would be just going through everyday life - balancing family, friends, job, campaigning and my mental health.

Aisha Ali Khan

I'm a human rights campaigner and activist specialising in women's issues. I'm also a mother to a 13 year old boy, a teacher and part time law student. I recently organised an event at the House of Commons to highlight the way victims of domestic violence, abuse and harassment are treated by the UK legal system. I've been a part of #bringlouishome a campaign to reunite a mother with her son, who was removed from her custody by a sharia court ruling that deemed the mother too western. I'm passionate about ensuring the most vulnerable members of our society have access to justice.

Aiyan Maharsingam

I'm Aiyan and I've just graduated from university, so really excited about starting life in the real world. I've been involved in campaigns to help some of the lowest paid staff in at university gain the living wage and join trade unions. I've been involved in a charity working with disadvantaged young people, helping organise and run residential holidays for children. Recently, I've been part of the campaign to take Battersea off the Tories in the general election and I was glad to see everyone's efforts pay off!

Zita Holbourne

I campaign for equality, freedom, justice & human rights through community & trade union activism and as a writer, poet, artist & curator. I am the Co-founder of BARAC UK & founded the Roots Culture Identity art collective. I am a committed trade union activist & am the Vice President of the PCS Union & elected to the TUC Race Relations Committee.

Yasmin Kayali

My name is Yasmin Kayali Sabra, I come from Aleppo- Syria. I am a co- founder and chief PR officer for my organization Basmeh & Zeitooneh we work in relief and development for refugee communities in Lebanon and Turkey.

Sophie Yates

I'm a campaigner, activist, and intersectional feminist, based in London. I'm passionate about challenging gender based oppression and inequality, with a focus on austerity and domestic violence. I co-run Fourth Wave: London Feminist Activists, and organise festivals such as Feminist Solidarity Fest and Clear Lines in my spare time. I also manage operations for Positive Money, which campaigns for a fairer monetary system.

Rachael Gibbons

My biggest activism pursuit focuses on issues around class, particularly the representation of working class people in Politics. I currently lead two programmes focusing on the importance of working class activism and working class heritage within Manchester.

Nonhlanhla Makuyana

I am in my last year of my International Relations degree and I am writing my dissertation on sexual politics in South Africa in relation to the strict immigration laws in the UK. Campaigning against the marginalisation of queer POC is my main passion. I am very interested in music, particularly African disco and funk of the 70's and I am learning how to play blues guitar.

Nona Hurkmans

One of those people who got catapulted into activism by the changing tides in the world. I cut my (baby) teeth at Bridges Not Walls a short while back and am now looking for new tools to sharpen that bite. Issues that get me out of bed in the morning are women's rights, anti-racism and environmentalism.

Nina Bak

Hi, I am food sovereignty activist, on daily basis working in "Dobrze" food cooperative - social enterprise that runs two community organic shops based in Warsaw. On top of that I work together with farmers to advocate for small-scale farming and sustainable agriculture. I am member of Nyeleni Poland - fair food network.

Nic Bullen

My name is Nic and I am the Grants Officer at Stonewall, who campaign for acceptance without exception for LGBT people at home and abroad. I am particularly interested in LGBT rights, social justice and equality issues.

Maria Munir

I'm an activist who has worked on gender identity issues in the media including standing up to President Obama on the HB2 North Carolina Bathroom Bill. I fight to ensure no one has to do this in the face of discrimination and have consequently been shortlisted for Liberty's 2016 Christine Jackson award been made one of BBC 100 women's youth champions and have reformed the Civil Service graduate scheme's attitude to trans and non-binary gender issues. I also promote BAME and LGBTQ representation for Mind as an Equality Improvement Team Leader.

Maia Kelly

I live in Leeds and work part time as the Coordinator for Leeds TIDAL, and the Diversity and Outreach Worker at Leeds for Change. I am kept busy coordinating a new coalition campaign called Healthy Air Leeds, supporting local anti-fracking groups resist Knosdrop, and helping to develop the new Global Justice Now Youth Network. Prior to this, I’ve spent two years campaigning against dodgy Trade Deals - TTIP and CETA. When I’m not campaigning I spend time drawing, bouldering, cycling and living at Cornerstone, a Radical Routes Housing Co-op.

Louise Brookes

I am passionate about reducing mental health stigma and believe the key to this is to get in touch with young people to get them involved. I study Psychotherapy, love catching up with friends, and my hobbies include blogging and going to gigs.

Lily Piachaud

I currently work at the Jo Cox Foundation where I have been helping to set it up and campaigning on a raft of issues including the Syrian conflict, women's participation in public life and tackling loneliness. My current focus at the Foundation is on The Great Get Together - a campaign to bring communities across the country together and celebrate all we hold in common. I do all this is because I'm passionate about working towards creating a fairer and more tolerant world.

Aliyah Rawat

I'm a 22 year old student organiser, activist and artist from London studying Film and American Studies at University of East Anglia. I'm passionate about empowerment for people of colour and LGBT+ people and for the past few years have focused on raising awareness for issues at the intersections of race, sexuality, religion and disability. I have experience creating and facilitating inclusive and supportive spaces for BME and queer students. I'm in the process of setting up a Norwich-based queer collective focusing on community organising and campaigning through the arts and education.

Larissa Kennedy

The main element of my campaigning is at Youth For Change, where I am the Global Representative for the UK and liaise with our teams in Bangladesh and Tanzania on our efforts to combat gender-based violence, looking specifically at FGM and child marriage. I am the President of Warwick Anti-Racism Society and the Co-President of Warwick Anti-Sexism society so my campaigning also includes running events and conferences to help end racism and misogyny in all their forms, with an intersectional approach.

Armineh Soorenian

I am a disabled activist. I always try my very best to work towards creating an inclusive community. My dream is to have a society where all disabled people can have a barrier and discrimination free life.

Ayo Olatunji

I have had a turbulent and trialling life to say the least, but it is because of this that I feel strongly about a number of different humanitarian causes, from Palestinian and Black rights to intersectional feminism. I have big visions, and spend a lot of time researching and planning in order to make them materialise. The battle is never over!

Becky Cutts

I'm currently studying Human Rights Law, learning about making change at an international level, whilst trying to make change in local campaigns. I have a passion for social justice, working on environmental and housing issues. When I'm not campaigning or studying, I love to get my nose stuck in a book.

Barbara Lambert

I care about so many different issues and any social justice issue that I connect with - be it environment, young vulnerable people, cancer, child abuse, homelessness - I have actively sought to take action in some way. The issue I care about the most is sustainability and the environment, I strongly believe it's the most pressing issue we're facing globally and it's affecting the global south the most. Work with a positive impact truly motivates and inspires me, and I wish to dedicate my life to this line of work.

Ben White

Hello! I've been a campaigner for better awareness of young people's mental health for the past four years with a variety of organisations, most notably YoungMinds. I'm now the East Midlands Regional Coordinator for Time To Change's work with Children & Young People to reduce mental health stigma. Alongside this I work in a care home for adults with mental health problems and I still fill my free time volunteering with a number of mental health charities & organisations.

Bryony Ball

I'm working on a survivor-led campaign that tackles rape culture, victim blaming and our sexist criminal justice system. As a survivor I'm frustrated with the current systems in place to tackle rape and sexual violence, the lack of support services and the dangerous misrepresentations of rape and sexual violence. Survivors are so often silenced - they should be listened to, believed and at the forefront of the discussion. I also founded the project 'See It From Her' last year. We support women to have a voice through photography and image.

Callum Hamilton

I've recently started working as a Campaigner for SumOfUs and am particularly passionate about workers' rights. I've also been running some rapid-response campaigns around issues in the UK, and am looking forward to learning more techniques at Bootcamp.

Charlie Tunmore

I am involved in campaigning for human rights, focusing on privacy and free expression, with Open Rights Group. My main role is to support the ORG local groups by enabling them to actively participate in digital rights campaigning at a grassroots level. I am also interested in the link between activism and health.

Daniela Pilcher

I am the International Head of Campaigns for Companion Animals at FOUR PAWS and am an experienced campaigns and mobilisation leader. I have worked with international NGOs around the world for over 15 years, including Amnesty international, Greenpeace and local NGOs in the Global South focusing on human and womens rights, LGBTI campaigns, animal welfare and the environment. I have lived in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Canada and am currently based in London.

Daryl Tayar

I'm interested in campaigning to improve the environment and our local communities. I've stood as a candidate in four local elections for the Green Party and the Scottish Green Party, chaired various residents associations and run local environmental campaigns. Currently I'm the Greenpeace Local Media Coordinator in Glasgow. I'm keen to step up the campaign in Glasgow to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport.