Chelsea Thompson

At the moment most of my time is taken up by studying and volunteering as Progressio's Regional Mobiliser for the Midlands. I am passionate about equality (gender equality in particular) and the environment. I also have a keen interest in international development and love to travel!

Abdi Mohamed

I work for the National Union of Students (NUS) on the Liberation campaigns (Black, Disabled, LGBT and Women students). Really keen on working towards equality and diversity and opening participation.

Sophie Durant

I work at Save the Children, specialising in both grassroots campaigning and mass mobilisation. I love the fact that my job allows me to spend my time campaigning for children's rights both in the UK and internationally - something I have always been passionate about.

Louis Chambers

Growing up on a farm in New Zealand gave me a strong sense of stewardship and a desire to look after the world for future generations. After graduating and working on low-carbon campaigning with Generation Zero, I am now based in Oxford, studying a Master of Public Policy. I love travel, the outdoors, good people, and new adventures.

Ledys Sanjuan

Ledys self-identifies as a Third World feminist. She studied International Relations at the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Critical Global Politics at the University of Exeter. She is a long time activist against racism, sexism and global inequality. She currently lives in Bogota, Colombia where she is a campaigner for

Jon Date

I'm a Campaigns Officer at Which? and currently manage Which?'s Clean Up Credit and Play Fair on Ticket Fees campaigns. Before joining Which?, I spent a year working at a PR agency and did internships in the Civil Service at at Oxfam.

Jenny Rosenberg

Jenny attended Bootcamp when she first started working for the activism team at Friends of the Earth. It was a great space to meet people with similar values in a variety of roles across the sector and to have time to learn from each other as well as experts from the sector. Prior to Bootcamp she’d worked for a variety of human rights groups and NGOs and had working knowledge of many of the subject areas but it was great to consolidate and expand on this knowledge. In her current role as Activism Manager at Friends of the Earth she continues to benefit from the learnings from Bootcamp.

Jannat Hossain

I’m a recent Geography graduate, currently dividing my time between working in sustainable development and working on a sustainable diets campaign with an environmental NGO. I'm immensely passionate about sustainability within educational institutions, inclusivity within campaigning environments, and of course sustainable diets! Outside of campaigning I’m a keen runner and avid scrapbook-er.

Hannah Cribb

I am currently undertaking an internship in Tearfund’s campaigns team, learning as much as I can everyday. I believe that we can fix broken systems that trap people in poverty and I’m passionate about playing a part in that, I’m excited to use the skills I learn at Campaign Bootcamp to effectively advocate for this change. I enjoy spending time with friends and being actively involved in my community.

Laurie Laybourn

I currently work as a Strategist for Purpose and am a recent economics MPhil graduate. I am focused on the requirement for structural change, to institutions and culture, in combatting the big issues of the time, these arguably being the greatest we've ever faced. At the moment, I'm trying to build a digital platform to maximise democratic engagement and have set up a youth education scheme.

Rosie Tressler

Rosie is the Campaigns Manager at Student Minds, the UK's student mental health charity. She graduated from Nottingham University in 2011, was the SU's Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer, and has spent most of her time campaigning to improve the state of student mental health since. You'll also find her tweeting about women's rights, appreciating films that pass the Bechdel test and drinking copious amounts of Yorkshire Tea.

Rebecca Daniels

Rebecca is the youth and student outreach worker at Yachad, an NGO based in London which aims to galvanise the British Jewish community in support of a two-state solution to the Israel Palestine conflict. She has a background in working with young people in alternative educational settings and an MA in Museum and Gallery Education.

Conan Doyle

After graduating from Bootcamp I worked with a number of Disabled People's Organisations including Bromley Experts by Experience and Disabled People Against Cuts as well as actively participating in left-wing political organisations such as the Peoples' Assembly and Stop the War Coalition.

Emily Hickson

Emily currently works at The B Team, a not-for-profit initiative formed by a global group of business leaders to catalyse a better way of doing business, for the wellbeing of people and the planet. Currently she works with a group multinational businesses who are leading by example, and advocating for the whole business community to make a socially just transition to net-zero emissions.  Emily spent three years working at Climate Action Network (CAN), a network of over 1000 NGOs working on climate change.

Joe Coney

Joe is a co-founder and director at the progressive digital agency, Forward Action, where he works with incredible clients such as Greenpeace, SumOfUs, Wateraid and Amnesty International. He worked on digital tech development and ran the testing and data analysis programme at the Labour Party in the run up to the 2015 general election.

Helle Abelvik-Lawson

I am a researcher into the impacts of corporate power upon human rights, currently focusing on mining and communities in South America for my PhD in human rights at the University of Essex, but with a huge range of interests in this area ranging from climate change to the Global Financial Crisis, and neoliberalism and austerity in European and UK politics. I've worked and interned/volunteered for a number of NGOs and small projects such as the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, Amnesty UK, Taxpayers Against Poverty and Greenpeace, and I hope to return to the sector once I've finished.

Megan Bentall

Currently undertaking a years internship at 38 Degrees which is definitely keeping me busy. The issues I’m most concerned with are lgbt, and women’s rights issues.

Katie Cox

I'm working in the public fundraising team at UNICEF UK, whilst also encouraging students from across the UK to become children's champions and lobby their MPs. Having recently moved to London I spend a disproportionate time on trains going the wrong way, so I've recently become very interested in craftivism, a form of activism you can take part in on the go. I'm also using the skills I learnt at bootcamp to use for the charity Schools for Gambia.

Max Sampson

I am 19 years old and currently studying a degree in maths. My key passions are Europe and discrimination held up by society as a whole.

Martin Caldwell

I have recently started as the UK campaigner for the online campaigns group Previously, I was working at 38 Degrees on their community petitions platform, Campaigns by You. I also have a background working for a development NGO and for a number years for a Member of the European Parliament. I am passionate about online campaigning and working to keep the UK in and playing a positive role in the European Union.

Louise D’arcy

I work for Social Services and I’m also a Training Facilitator for Voluntary Services Overseas. I care a lot about the importance of getting young people involved in volunteering for worthwhile causes and helping those less fortunate then themselves. In my spare time I like to volunteer myself as well play the guitar, daydream and read good books.

Genevieve Dawson

I'm a gender equality activist with specialisation in Education and the MENA region. I studied Music at Oxford and came to community organising via the student education movement. Music research took me to Egypt where I worked on a community education project, returning to London for a year to work as Campaigns Manager at The Gender Rights Equality Action Trust.

Laurie Walmsley

Laurie is a strategic story marketer and creative facilitator. He empowers education social entrepreneurs to scale their reach, resonance and revenue with effective strategy, digital marketing and systems. Laurie’s recent projects include social media strategy for We the Uncivilised documentary and the design and development of a new website, email platform and social media profiles for Art of Mentoring UK. Since training in campaign story strategy and tactics on the first Campaign Bootcamp, Laurie’s committed to supporting social entrepreneurs working to transform education.

Al Kinley

Digital campaigner at Oxfam GB. English literature student at Open University. Vegan. Wannabe filmmaker. Wordsmith. Amateur photographer. Obsessive new year’s resolutioner.

Bex Hay

I first got into campaigning with the movement against public sector cuts to welfare and education – which sparked my interest in how we can use the internet to mobilise and build social movements. I currently work as a freelancer, having previously campaigned with 38 Degrees, Climate Week and Love Music Hate Racism. Outside this my interests revolve around cricket, cycling and trying to play guitar.

Aaron D’souza

Aaron worked as a Deputy Field Organizer for President Obama’s successful re-election campaign. He sits on the UpRising London Emerging Leaders Advisory Board and is passionate about youth empowerment and engagement. He also mentors young people seeking to make social change in their community.

Anne Isakowitsch

I work as a campaigner on Syria at the international NGO Crisis Action. I care deeply about human rights and the protection of civilians in conflicts and I’m passionate about the role of civil society in influencing and changing government policy.

Ali Torabi

Ali is a graduate of B.Sc. International Management (China) at SOAS. He has previously worked at CRCC Asia, a consultancy specialising on China, development agency Progressio, Office for Civil Society at Cabinet Office, the Young Foundation and most recently at Youth Justice Board at Ministry of Justice.

Lara Smallman

Lara was recently appointed as the new Director of the Jewish Vegetarian Society, an international charity dedicated to promoting a kinder society, without killing animals for food. In her spare time she volunteers as the Sustainability Chair of Limmud UK.

Esana Ilori

I work as a Communication Coordinator for a charity that works with children and families living with HIV. I am passionate about marketing and campaigning as they are an effective tool when used correctly to advocate for change. The men in my live, my husband and two boys keep me extremely busy.

Emily Barran

I'm a graduate, working to use tech to help young people with an organisation that sees the big challenges facing us as a global community as our greatest opportunities. Since Bootcamp I've been to Brazil (twice) and recruited 33 of the UKs most innovative cleantech SMEs to our 'Clean and Cool Missions' to Brazil and Colorado.

Charlee Bennett

Charlee keeps busy motivating the youth activists of Progressio. She has spent the last 3 years campaigning for vInspired in the UK and volunteering overseas. Charlee is passionate about empowerment and has an unhealthy obsession with fish.

Bryher Bloor

After dipping my toes into various campaigning sectors, I found my calling working in the world of sustainable community food growing and permaculture. I have recently moved from working as a facilitator at a food growing and conservation project, to working for Shift Bristol, an organisation running practical permaculture courses. I like to spend as much of my time as possible outside, hiking, climbing, camping and getting as muddy as socially acceptable. In my work, I hope to help people reconnect with the natural environment to build resilient, caring communities with plenty of laughter.

Zoe Lederman

I am a recent graduate in the initial stages of establishing an online platform which seeks to revolutionise public health campaigning. I work part-time for a leading legal aid law firm, am interested in politics and philosophy and have a passionate involvement with international development lobbying and activism.

Susannah (Suzy) Compton

Suzy works for 38 Degrees and spends her spare time cycling around (read: getting lost in) London and flying kites. She got into campaigning via youth work and feminist organising, and stayed because reading the news is just infuriating if you can’t do anything about it.

Susan Cook

I helped create the scholarship to allow disabled people to attend campaign bootcamp, am currently studying for a BSc (hons) in Community Development and Leadership at London Metropolitan University and training as a wheelchair racer with the Weir Archer Academy where I am also chairwoman of the club committee. I competed for Great Britain at the inaugural Invictus Games and won two silver medals in the 100m and 400m wheelchair races. Alongside her fellow British Forces team members she has also been awarded the Special Recognition at Pride of Britain 2014 and the Helen Rollason Sports Perso

Sarah Sutherland

I'm lucky enough to have worked on human rights campaigns and overjoyed to have helped mobilise activists to secure the release of a political prisoner. Since Campaign Bootcamp I've created and run a campaign on freedom of expression that got support from amazing people like Ai Weiwei and overwhelmingly positive coverage by branding and advertising agencies for innovation.

Rhiannon Redpath

Women’s rights activist in both work and play, and I seek building a world where both men and women are equally represented in creating change. I care about building peace and positive social change using creative and open-minded collaboration to reach the end goal. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling and building my bike, seeing friends and travelling.

Rebecca Falcon

I’m a paid intern at 38 Degrees – campaigning, writing and learning as much as I can every day. For over a year now I’ve also worked on Hackney CAB Crowdmap – an online social policy campaign documenting the effects of housing benefit changes in Hackney. I can’t wait for Campaign Bootcamp and to become the best activist I can be.

Rachel Oliver

I’m a north east girl with firm roots, but also a wealth of experience from around the world. I like to dance, perform in theatre, play the fiddle, play tennis, run, swim, watch sport and travel. I throw myself 100% into everything I do and am passionate about causes l believe in.