Camille Simonet

I am currently working as Oxfam France's digital campaigner, making all our campaigns digital-friendly. Before that, I worked as a campaigner against HIV-AIDS, and before that for around the COP21, for SumOfUs and started initially with Greenpeace in different countries. I care about climate change, gender equality, social justice and GMOs. I love traveling, arts and food.

Anouck Bronee

An advocate at heart for humanitarian issues, what makes me tick is campaigning for the rights of those caught in conflict - now at capital level (though missing field work!). In life I feel like a nomad, and my travel guide and wanderlust keep me going.

Adeline Guerra

I am the Humanitarian Campaign Coordinator at Oxfam. Our teams work on acute humanitarian crises across the world, in conflict and disasters, to support those most vulnerable and in need.

Janey Stephenson

I cut my teeth on campaigning as my University SU Women's Officer. After seeing the changes I was able to make there, I've decided to dedicate the rest of my life to campaigns to end violence against women and girls. Alongside campaigning, I'm a keen filmmaker and dancer.

Ema Jackson

Ema is deeply passionate about international development and global justice. After graduating from SOAS in 2012 with a BSc in Development Economics, she is now pursuing an MSc in Development Studies at Birkbeck. She believes that campaigning is the most effective way of creating change and as such works in the Campaigns Team at the international development charity ActionAid.

Emma Howard

Emma Howard is a journalist for Unearthed, Greenpeace's investigative news project. Previously she was at Guardian, where she worked on their climate change campaign, Keep it in the Ground, and their anti-FGM campaign. She is also an alumni and trustee for the youth diversity charity Uprising. You can find Emma (all too often) on twitter @EmmaEHoward

Becca Lyon

Like all bootcampers, I have a strong sense of what’s fair and what isn’t. That's probably why working with communities in Kenya and South Africa left me angry about inequality, but inspired to do something about it. Right now I'm managing a campaign on children’s diabetes care at Diabetes UK and volunteering with Movement for Change on the side to regulate letting agencies in Walthamstow. Oh, and I’m also part of a dance troupe.

Chris Hares

I am the Campaigns Manager at Intern Aware, the national campaign for fair internships. I have previously worked at the charity Future First and campaigned at KCLSU and with the Labour Party.

Alexandra Phillips

Alexandra has been involved in campaigns for over a decade. Her most successful campaign achievement was undoubtedly getting Caroline Lucas elected as the first-ever Green MP. Alex is currently working on Caroline's re-election campaign.

Alpha Gougsa

After graduating with an International Relations degree, I took a few months out to volunteer in the Philippines with VSO as a health advocate, and in Ghana empowering young women.I am currently campaigning against the violence against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia, and have campaigned on a variety of issues such as the further education cuts, noise reduction on campus, creation of a feminist society on campus and against human rights trafficking.

Cam Stocks

Health Justice Advocate. Currently Digital Officer at War on Want, and Secretary of the Board of Trustees for Medsin-UK. I'll be returning to university from September 2015 to complete my training as a doctor.

Michelle Thomas

Originally from Australia, I have been living in London for 12 years. A decade of this was spent working in film and tv commercials production before I delved full time into the NGO world - beginning work at environmental charity ClientEarth, in 2012. I have an immense passion and drive for helping make positive change and care deeply about humanitarian and environmental issues.

Danielle Brennan

Working for Envision, a youth social action charity, means I have to support young people with implementing campaigns on a regular basis. I hope to gain valuable skills from campaign bootcamp that will enable me to better support my students to create inspirational projects within their communities. I was incredibly fortunate enough to volunteer overseas with Progressio in Nicaragua and El Salvador where I developed a passion for international development. I have worked on a range of issues from women's empowerment to food security.

David Barissa Ringa

David is the International Campaigner for the Land Grabs Campaign in ActionAid. David’s passion and commitment to campaigns and to land issues has been evident in his active and successful involvement in the land rights campaign in Kenya which has contributed to land law reform in Kenya. He was central in bringing the Dakatcha biofuels land grab case to international attention, and has given talks on his campaigns experiences in both Europe and Africa, and contributed to lobbying around biofuels at the EU Parliament.

Chelsea Thompson

At the moment most of my time is taken up by studying and volunteering as Progressio's Regional Mobiliser for the Midlands. I am passionate about equality (gender equality in particular) and the environment. I also have a keen interest in international development and love to travel!

Abdi Mohamed

I work for the National Union of Students (NUS) on the Liberation campaigns (Black, Disabled, LGBT and Women students). Really keen on working towards equality and diversity and opening participation.

Sophie Durant

I work at Save the Children, specialising in both grassroots campaigning and mass mobilisation. I love the fact that my job allows me to spend my time campaigning for children's rights both in the UK and internationally - something I have always been passionate about.

Louis Chambers

Growing up on a farm in New Zealand gave me a strong sense of stewardship and a desire to look after the world for future generations. After graduating and working on low-carbon campaigning with Generation Zero, I am now based in Oxford, studying a Master of Public Policy. I love travel, the outdoors, good people, and new adventures.

Ledys Sanjuan

Ledys self-identifies as a Third World feminist. She studied International Relations at the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Critical Global Politics at the University of Exeter. She is a long time activist against racism, sexism and global inequality. She currently lives in Bogota, Colombia where she is a campaigner for

Jon Date

I'm a Campaigns Officer at Which? and currently manage Which?'s Clean Up Credit and Play Fair on Ticket Fees campaigns. Before joining Which?, I spent a year working at a PR agency and did internships in the Civil Service at at Oxfam.

Jenny Rosenberg

Jenny attended Bootcamp when she first started working for the activism team at Friends of the Earth. It was a great space to meet people with similar values in a variety of roles across the sector and to have time to learn from each other as well as experts from the sector. Prior to Bootcamp she’d worked for a variety of human rights groups and NGOs and had working knowledge of many of the subject areas but it was great to consolidate and expand on this knowledge. In her current role as Activism Manager at Friends of the Earth she continues to benefit from the learnings from Bootcamp.

Jannat Hossain

I’m a recent Geography graduate, currently dividing my time between working in sustainable development and working on a sustainable diets campaign with an environmental NGO. I'm immensely passionate about sustainability within educational institutions, inclusivity within campaigning environments, and of course sustainable diets! Outside of campaigning I’m a keen runner and avid scrapbook-er.

Hannah Cribb

I am currently undertaking an internship in Tearfund’s campaigns team, learning as much as I can everyday. I believe that we can fix broken systems that trap people in poverty and I’m passionate about playing a part in that, I’m excited to use the skills I learn at Campaign Bootcamp to effectively advocate for this change. I enjoy spending time with friends and being actively involved in my community.

Laurie Laybourn

I currently work as a Strategist for Purpose and am a recent economics MPhil graduate. I am focused on the requirement for structural change, to institutions and culture, in combatting the big issues of the time, these arguably being the greatest we've ever faced. At the moment, I'm trying to build a digital platform to maximise democratic engagement and have set up a youth education scheme.

Rosie Tressler

Rosie is the Campaigns Manager at Student Minds, the UK's student mental health charity. She graduated from Nottingham University in 2011, was the SU's Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer, and has spent most of her time campaigning to improve the state of student mental health since. You'll also find her tweeting about women's rights, appreciating films that pass the Bechdel test and drinking copious amounts of Yorkshire Tea.

Rebecca Daniels

Rebecca is the youth and student outreach worker at Yachad, an NGO based in London which aims to galvanise the British Jewish community in support of a two-state solution to the Israel Palestine conflict. She has a background in working with young people in alternative educational settings and an MA in Museum and Gallery Education.

Conan Doyle

After graduating from Bootcamp I worked with a number of Disabled People's Organisations including Bromley Experts by Experience and Disabled People Against Cuts as well as actively participating in left-wing political organisations such as the Peoples' Assembly and Stop the War Coalition.

Emily Hickson

Emily currently works at The B Team, a not-for-profit initiative formed by a global group of business leaders to catalyse a better way of doing business, for the wellbeing of people and the planet. Currently she works with a group multinational businesses who are leading by example, and advocating for the whole business community to make a socially just transition to net-zero emissions.  Emily spent three years working at Climate Action Network (CAN), a network of over 1000 NGOs working on climate change.

Joe Coney

Joe is a co-founder and director at the progressive digital agency, Forward Action, where he works with incredible clients such as Greenpeace, SumOfUs, Wateraid and Amnesty International. He worked on digital tech development and ran the testing and data analysis programme at the Labour Party in the run up to the 2015 general election.

Lianna Etkind

Lianna is the Campaigns Manager at London Community Land Trust, working with local residents to get community land trusts built in their borough and secure permanently affordable housing. Previously, Lianna worked for Campaign for Better Transport, and for the disability rights organisation Transport for All, campaigning for fairer, more sustainable public transport. Lianna has a Masters in Community Organising, and is interested in campaigning in ways that deepen democracy and develop people's capacity for effective change-making. Aside from activism; camping, sea swimming and hills make her

Helle Abelvik-Lawson

I am a researcher into the impacts of corporate power upon human rights, currently focusing on mining and communities in South America for my PhD in human rights at the University of Essex, but with a huge range of interests in this area ranging from climate change to the Global Financial Crisis, and neoliberalism and austerity in European and UK politics. I've worked and interned/volunteered for a number of NGOs and small projects such as the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, Amnesty UK, Taxpayers Against Poverty and Greenpeace, and I hope to return to the sector once I've finished.

Megan Bentall

Currently undertaking a years internship at 38 Degrees which is definitely keeping me busy. The issues I’m most concerned with are lgbt, and women’s rights issues.

Katie Cox

I'm working in the public fundraising team at UNICEF UK, whilst also encouraging students from across the UK to become children's champions and lobby their MPs. Having recently moved to London I spend a disproportionate time on trains going the wrong way, so I've recently become very interested in craftivism, a form of activism you can take part in on the go. I'm also using the skills I learnt at bootcamp to use for the charity Schools for Gambia.

Max Sampson

I am 19 years old and currently studying a degree in maths. My key passions are Europe and discrimination held up by society as a whole.

Martin Caldwell

I have recently started as the UK campaigner for the online campaigns group Previously, I was working at 38 Degrees on their community petitions platform, Campaigns by You. I also have a background working for a development NGO and for a number years for a Member of the European Parliament. I am passionate about online campaigning and working to keep the UK in and playing a positive role in the European Union.

Louise D’arcy

I work for Social Services and I’m also a Training Facilitator for Voluntary Services Overseas. I care a lot about the importance of getting young people involved in volunteering for worthwhile causes and helping those less fortunate then themselves. In my spare time I like to volunteer myself as well play the guitar, daydream and read good books.

Genevieve Dawson

I'm a gender equality activist with specialisation in Education and the MENA region. I studied Music at Oxford and came to community organising via the student education movement. Music research took me to Egypt where I worked on a community education project, returning to London for a year to work as Campaigns Manager at The Gender Rights Equality Action Trust.

Laurie Walmsley

Laurie is a strategic story marketer and creative facilitator. He empowers education social entrepreneurs to scale their reach, resonance and revenue with effective strategy, digital marketing and systems. Laurie’s recent projects include social media strategy for We the Uncivilised documentary and the design and development of a new website, email platform and social media profiles for Art of Mentoring UK. Since training in campaign story strategy and tactics on the first Campaign Bootcamp, Laurie’s committed to supporting social entrepreneurs working to transform education.

Al Kinley

Digital campaigner at Oxfam GB. English literature student at Open University. Vegan. Wannabe filmmaker. Wordsmith. Amateur photographer. Obsessive new year’s resolutioner.

Bex Hay

I first got into campaigning with the movement against public sector cuts to welfare and education – which sparked my interest in how we can use the internet to mobilise and build social movements. I currently work as a freelancer, having previously campaigned with 38 Degrees, Climate Week and Love Music Hate Racism. Outside this my interests revolve around cricket, cycling and trying to play guitar.