Eleanor Lisney

I campaign on disabled women's issues and all the intersections that goes with them. But I reject the label of victim, I'd say we are survivors and warriors and some of us wear our scars proudly!

Emma Cockburn

A very Scottish marketing student who campaigns for feminist and environmental issues and is the founder of the Glasgow Caledonian University MS Society. Part-time event coordinator for the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Scottish Greens and an all round fun gal.

Esam Ami

I am ESOL student and I volunteer Chef, volunteer interpreter and also I am film maker and activist. I am Kurdish asylum seeker living in Bristol which is my second home.

Esther Griffin

I'm a climate change campaigner spending most of my time showing off the positive stories of people tackling climate change. I also knit and swing dance.

Francesca Jarrett

I work for Which? fighting for consumer rights. I am passionate about people and social justice. In my spare time I love running, travelling, cooking, and adventures!

Jamie Pallas

I am a transgender man who works for Gendered Intelligence, an organisation that supports young trans people and their families. I'm interested in campaigning for intersectional trans equality and empowering other trans people.

Jemma Reid

I enjoy quirky campaigns and was recently involved in creating a small online campaign for International Women's Day. I have also been campaigning for the RLSS to increase water and bridge security in the local area. I enjoy creating campaign videos and am working on creating a video on homelessness and a mental health awareness video based on my friends' experiences. When I'm not busy volunteering and campaigning I enjoy figure skating, coding, the gym & singing.

Joan Ayebare

I am a Ugandan human rights activists with interest and focus on LGBTI rights and fair treatment of asylum seekers. My dream is to see a world free of any discrimination, unfair treatment, persecution, torture among others.

Kate Dentith

I'm Kate and I'm the Campaigns Adviser at Unicef UK - working on ending violence, exploitation and abuse of children around the world. I am particularly passionate about children's rights and international development and strongly believe that campaigning is a great way to achieve positive change. I keep busy motivating and supporting Unicef UK's constituency campaigners, running around my local park, and talking politics with my pals in the pub!

Kathryn Stribley

I am a campaigner working for 38 Degrees. I am interested in tonnes of different issues to make this world fairer, more just and sustainable.

Laura Hill

I campaign on energy for Switched On London. I have also worked as coordinator for Fuel Poverty Action and as a researcher for UCL. I'm passionate about campaigning on fuel poverty and want to start organising on mental health.

Luke Harris

I'm campaigning to end extreme poverty and inequality. I'm a Youth Ambassador for ONE and have been campaigning on international development issues at the G7 and in Parliament. I work at Comic Relief on the Red Nose Day and Sport Relief campaigns. Outside of work I enjoy cinema, running and a Netflix binge.

Luke Illott

I'm a 22-year-old campaigner living in London. At the moment I'm helping co-ordinate lots of local campaigns against public service cuts. I'm keen to focus more on climate change and learning about capitalism in future.

Maggie Chao

I'm just starting a Campaigns Internship at 38 Degrees and I'm looking forward to working to empower people to enact change on the issues they care about. I've had previous stints with Leadnow Canada and UNICEF China. When I'm not ruminating about people power, I like experimenting in the kitchen (with varied results), going on long meandering walks, and watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns.

Mara Lilley

I'm currently a Campaigns Officer at ShareAction, working on a campaign to expose and address the shocking range of risks associated with intensive farming. Before this, I completed a masters degree in international human rights, and spent some time in Cambodia working with human rights defenders and a grassroots youth organisation to stop deforestation - this drove my passion for campaigns which tackle corporate injustices.

Marta Owczarek

I'm a writer and campaigner working at The Brixton Pound, a community interest company showcasing what a social economy can be like in Brixton, and at Snact, a social enterprise working to create a better food system. I co-facilitate a discussion and solidarity group Politics in Love, Sex & Relationships which explores how our politics influence our personal lives. I am passionate about intersectional feminism, queer politics, and anti-austerity.

Melissa Cespedes Del Sur

I am a young Latin-American woman living in London. I campaign and do activism around domestic violence, migrant/refugee solidarity, LGBTQ issues, and issues affecting the Latin American community in the UK.

Naomi Frerotte

I am a humanitarian communications professional, photographer and film-maker with over five years of experience working in East Africa and North America with the United Nations and various NGOs. Passionate about story-telling, I recently returned from Eastern Congo with a desire to share the many inspiring stories of hope and resilience from the region. I hold graduate degrees in Public Policy and in Communications and I strongly believe in the power of images and stories as advocacy tools.

Saad Malik

I have been always interested in power as the main agent of spatial organisation - which then influences our everyday life, from external to internal and vice versa. So what I care about most is the self-empowerment to create, negotiate and maintain a nourishing spatial order of power - starting from the self and inviting others to follow. In such an environment we can grow with each other, not despite each other. And this is what makes us actually human I believe: To be human to each other.

Sanaz Raji

I started the Justice4Sanaz campaign in April 2013 after suffering racist & xenophobic abuse as a Woman of Colour non-EU international research student at the University of Leeds. Since then, I have been busy advocating for non-EU international students & scholars victimised in higher education and by UK Visas & Immigration. Recently I organised #UnisResistBorderControls, a collective of non-EU international, migrant rights & student campaigners opposed to surveillance, border controls & racism on UK campuses.

Samuel Read

At the moment I campaign for 38 Degrees , and am inspired by their user led model. I'm passionate about promoting justice, human rights, corporate responsibility and care for the environment in the world.

Shaheen Sattar

Thinking about what I can do to create a better environment for young people to get involved in politics , I simultaneously use my hijab as a force for positive change. There is so much out there for people to get angry about in British politics, so I want to make sure they know how to get their voices heard.

Simona Simion

I'm a KCL postgraduate, Palestine solidarity activist, supporter of the BDS call against the Israeli settler-colonial apartheid state. I dream of and fight for an end to detention centres, deportations, borders and the fair treatment of asylum seekers & refugees. I volunteer with Unite the Union in supporting Romanian hotel workers who resist migrant labour abuse. I believe in direct action as a necessary method to disrupt, show our collective strength & reject the idea that we are powerless.

Mita Desai

I'm a 25 year old Social Policy graduate, former Chair of the British Youth Council and keen campaigner for votes at 16. I was awarded the Institutional Employee of the Year award, appointed as a Step Up To Serve Advisory Council member and was given an award from the British Dyslexia Association in recognition for my services towards Dyslexia. I currently work for The Challenge where I write the curriculum for NCS.

Tahlita Sinfield

I am an organiser for 38 Degrees Loughborough. We campaign on a range of issues including the NHS, TTIP, fair funding for mental health and are currently running a local campaign to get a bus stop to our local hospital reinstated.

Alphonso Apicella

My work at Caritas Internationalis is primarily concerned with social justice issues and pro-poor development, especially involving the youth. Since Bootcamp 5, I’ve continued to coordinate international campaigns on different thematic areas such as food poverty and the Syria crisis. I have since gone on to work as Global Campaigns Manager and only just recently launched a global public education campaign on migration. I find it extremely exciting to forge collaborative partnerships, reach new audiences, build public support and develop strategies at the grassroots and community level.

Anna Westberg

I'm campaign manager at the Swedish organisation Skiftet, I also do a bit of lecturing for other organisations in Sweden about how to engage people via digital tools. I care about gender equality and about the class cap that are growing more than ever. On my free time I like to do active stuff like biking, sailing, skiing and traveling.

Annisa Rahmawati

I'm a Forest Campaigner at Greenpeace Southeast Asia based in Indonesia. My work is focused mainly on the palm oil sector and in corporate outreach to protect the remaining forests in Indonesia. I started my career working in various NGOs and joined Greenpeace in 2013 to campaign for forests protection and what is left of these extraordinary ecosystems because I believe that without healthy, thriving forests, planet Earth cannot survive

Cait Crosse

I help run grassroots education charity EFA London where we provide free participatory English language classes for migrants in South London and take action with our students. I'm also involved with anti-austerity activism outside work and am developing a feminist SRE (sex and relationship education) project with a paediatrician from UCL. I'm drawn to quite a few different causes, so still trying to work out where I can best make a difference in the world!

Carlton Rose

I'm extremely concerned about the gross inequality that exists in society. I currently working with 38 Degrees as a Campaigns Intern. Outside of work I enjoy watching football, reading and writing poetry, cooking and listening to music.

Christine Hyde

I care about the NHS, one of the most civilised and civilising institutions of the age. I am currently busy defending it as best I can. I also enjoy being on my allotment, surrounded by nature, organically gardening.

Edwin Sesange

I care about the basic human rights of LGBTI people and other minorities. I'm dedicated to campaigning a fair and just world for everybody and I'm interested in building alliances with other stakeholders in the struggle for justice and equality.

Emily Scurrah

I have just joined the 38 Degrees team and look forward to campaigning against social injustice and countering damaging media narratives. I have previously been involved in the anti-austerity movement and have learnt a lot from working with refugees and detainees in various parts of the UK. Having grown up in Bradford, I am a dyed-in-the-wool northerner and in my spare time I love travelling, reading and developing a passion for bizarre musical sub-genres.

Fatima Awil

I am activist from Bristol who is passionate about human rights, in particular tackling inequality, poverty and ending all forms of GBV. I am a co-founder of Youth For Change, a project that enables young people to campaign on issues that affect them. In addition, I am an ambassador for the European End FGM Network that is working to ensure sustainable EU action against FGM. Lastly, I have been a youth advocate for FORWARD UK since 2012.

Foyez Syed

I am a civil engineering graduate, PhD student, dedicated to changing the world one campaign at a time. I love volunteering and I am passionate about mental health. In my spare time I enjoy writing poetry.

Fran Whitlock

Since Bootcamp 5, I've continued to work on climate change and sustainability, and am excited to now be linking these issues with my belief in the transformative power of community living. I'm now based in Spain and working as Communications Manager at the European Ecovillage Network, helping spread the word about more human, connected and sustainable ways of living and working together.

Hannah-Rebecca Joy Guscoth

Since Bootcamp 5, I’ve continued to be passionate about disability studies and getting people to think about disability in a faith context. I am a disability consultant; I still am involved with Considering Disability CIC, and we work globally to share entry level research with disabled people and professionals. I’ve worked in the community sector for twelve years and work collaboratively for good causes. I help people realise that disabled people have a right to faith too.

Ilesh Persand

Having only recently gotten involved in campaigning, activism is something that’s really new to me. My background has mainly centered around data analysis and creating systems within the technology world. Now at the Save the Children, I’m campaigning on the refugee crisis and for better quality nurseries across the UK.

Inga Reichelt

I was born and grew up in Germany, but am currently studying Disability Studies and Social Research at the University of Leeds. I have previously also lived in Ethiopia and Vietnam, and want to contribute to a global network of passionate disability justice activists - access, participation and dignity for all is my dream.

Jess Mullen

I work as policy manager at Clinks. I have worked in the voluntary sector for over ten years and previously completed an MA in Human Rights. My previous work includes developing policy at the Community Development Foundation; service development for the British Red Cross international tracing and message services; and working to support refugee and migrant community organisations. In my spare time I volunteer for Prison Reading Groups and have previously mentored refugees.