Becoming a mentor

We will soon be looking for mentors for our 2018 cohort. You can sign up to be a mentor here. We think we can all learn from each other, and do not believe in the expert model, therefore to mentor a Bootcamper, we ask that you:

  • Are interested in mentoring.
  • Have some experience of campaigning or working in the third sector.
  • Can work with a recent graduate to build one or more of the following: skills, networks and confidence.


Please read the FAQs below, and if you still have further questions, contact us.



Mentoring FAQs

How does it work?

Sign up to be a mentor, then we match you with a recent graduate. We want to give activists the skills, confidence and networks to run successful campaigns. Hopefully you could help them in at least one of these areas!


Who would I mentor?

Who would I mentor? You would mentor an activist who has recently graduated from Bootcamp.


Where would we have mentoring sessions?

You can either meet face-to-face, or via Skype.


How often do we need to meet up?

The mentoring programme is one year long, and we’d expect that you meet with your mentee at least 4 times in that year.


Why is mentoring important?

We set up the mentor scheme because we know that some extra support after a week away learning about campaigning is vital in helping our grads put their learning into practice.

Sounds good, how do I sign up?

Follow this link here to sign up:

We’ll be in touch once we have someone for you to mentor!

I've got another question!

Great, just get in touch and we’ll get back to you.