A one-off training where you'll learn how to enrich your activism through storytelling.

Shaping your story is a key part of efficient campaigning. 

If you’ve been asking yourself: “What’s the best way to share my journey into the work I do?” or “How can I protect myself when I am sharing deeply personal campaign motivations?” this session is for you!

This will be a standalone session for campaigners where we will think about the purpose of stories, the power of boundaries, as well as diving into the Ganz method of storytelling. Our hope is that you will emerge from this 2hr session with the information and inspiration you need to build a compelling campaign through storytelling.


Please note: This session has been a part of the Bootcamp residential in the last few years, so if you’re a recent Bootcamp graduate you will have covered this before. You’re welcome to come if you want a refresher, but bear in mind that priority will be given to those who have not previously done the session on Bootcamp.