16 - 21 October, 2017

Bore Place, Kent

Applications have now closed for Bootcamp 11. We received almost 250 written applications, from which we interviewed 70 people, and offered 35 places.

Bootcamp 11 will take place over 6 days in a beautiful venue called Bore Place, in Kent. Each day will focus on a different theme, and training will be delivered in variety of methods, from group work, to panel discussions to one-on-one ‘buddy pairs’.

The Bootcampers

People attend Bootcamp from all over the UK and further afield, and from a variety of campaigning backgrounds: from grassroots, local and individual levels, to those from growing organisations, to those who work for big NGOs such as Oxfam. Meet the Bootcamp 11 cohort below:

Afsana Lachaux

I campaign on human rights issues in relation to women’s rights, gender violence, equality and free speech. Prior to this role, I worked as a senior civil servant advising on labour market policy for disadvantaged groups. My current campaign is focused on violence against women and access to justice. This campaign was borne out of a personal and deeply traumatic experience of domestic abuse. I faced arbitrary arrests and detention when I was resident in the UAE and my young son was removed from my care by order of a Sharia court.

Angela Fonso

I have lots of resilience and resolve to drive forward a campaign to get the London Borough of Hillingdon to take regulatory action against a local asphalt plant who is contributing an unacceptable level of pollution in an area where the air quality is poor.

Bex Dudley

I'm Bex, a glittery, dancing bean from Bristol. I spend my time ranting about injustices related to gender, sexuality, and mental health; and breaking off mid-rant to go and do something about it, whether that be running around in a unicorn onesie or representing my community as LGBT+ Officer at my university. I was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on my head, and the belief that that's a sign that there's too much love in me to stay contained: and it's that love for the world and everyone in it that gives me the drive and determination to keep fighting.

Cheryl McLeod

I have been a campaigner for over 7 years, I have campaigned on various issues which effects people who are vulnerable, experiencing poverty and of African-Caribbean origin. I have also been a Unite the Union shop steward and successfully led strike action whereby workers terms and conditions were being affected, and I have supported other workplace strike action and attended picket lines.

Daniel Harris

I was born in one of the most deprived areas in the South East, Whitehawk, Brighton. Since becoming homeless a few years ago, I now campaign for the vulnerable and homeless and founded the UK's first residents association for persons living in emergency and temporary accommodation called ETHRAG. I also study at college part time. Being a care leaver I am interested in this area and campaigning on LGBT and Mental Health issues.

David King

I am a disabled, Jewish, former geneticist, so I care passionately about the politics of science and technology, particularly the ongoing eugenic tendencies in our society. I have been involved in the campaign against GM foods, and want to continue my work on eugenics by starting a new campaign against the impending creation of GM babies. In general I am campaigning for the democratic control of science and technology.

Esther Leighton

I have been campaigning on disability rights issues since my teens. I'm interested in disabled children's rights and legal literacy, in particular, at the moment.

Fatima Kissi Traore

I'm Fatima, a trailblazing young woman who is passionate about education and enablement of young women. I have significant interest in politics and its huge impact on our lives, both individually and as a society. This is the reason why I'm engaging in a new campaign for greater engagement and representation of black youth in British politics.

Fawaz Alghofari

I am dedicated to campaign for making Syrian refugees' lives in the UK as smooth as possible. I care about human rights, freedom of speech and equality and diversity issues. I feel every one has the right to live peacefully regardless of their religion, faith believes or gender. I volunteer in the Syrian kitchen cooking for Syrian refugees and homeless people.

Halaleh Taheri

I am a Kurdish-Iranian refugee woman. I’ve lived in Europe for the last 30 years. In my current position as a director of Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation, I have come across many women in the UK who are second or third wives to their husbands. I’d like to set up a campaign about Enforcement of Existing law on banning Polygamy in the UK. I’d like to be able to train others in my organisation and the community to support women who trapped in polygamous relationship. I want to approach policy makers with more confidence and skills for my campaign.

Jeana Malhi

I have been involved in campaigning since I was 16 and have taken action on many different social injustice issues including gender inequality, disablism, housing rights and LGBTQ+. But I would mostly describe myself as an environmental rights campaigner as it is the most pressing issue for me, which further exacerbates inequality globally. I am part of an intersectional feminist spoken word collective, putting on events that prioritise stories of the typically silenced. I'm passionate about supporting women, cycling, watching plants grow and eating chocolate!

Jen Persson

I founded Defenddigitalme in 2015, to campaign for change in policy and practice at the Department for Education to make all children’s data safe, fair and transparent. This includes opposing the use of education data for anything to do with immigration enforcement. I want everyone to understand how their own data are used, by who, and why, to improve digital understanding across all levels of society. We need to ensure we use data for good for the betterment of all of society. In a world of technology in which machines play a fast growing role, human rights matter more than ever.

Jo Smith

I am deeply passionate about inspiring people to care about and protect wildlife, wild spaces and our environment. I work for the Wildlife Trust and we encourage people, and especially young people, to get outdoors, experience the joy of discovering wildlife and "fall in love" with their local green spaces.

Lydia Parker

I'm a Campaign Coordinator at Amnesty International UK. The focus of my campaigning is on individuals from across the world who are suffering human rights abuses. I work with a great team of campaigners and activists to find ways to positively change the situation for the individuals I work for, and to remind governments that every person has human rights.

Maria Walker

Reading keeps me busy and learning to trust my journey. I started Afro-Curiosity to empower, educate and create a community amongst black women through the process of education and empowerment to work together as a collective group in order to impact change within the community and ourselves. We will make a change one woman at a time!

Marianne Alapini

Since 14/6/17 Grenfell Tower Fire, I have volunteered to support survivors, their families, the affected community and businesses, with the devastating trauma suffered. I am also passionately co-creating a campaign to close the gender pay gap with local residents, as despite 47 years legislation, women earn less than men.

Maryan Whyte

I started our campaign last year with the aim of improving the mortuary facilities in my local community, it quickly grew and we are now working across the whole of Scotland. I have been active in working within local, regional and Scottish government groups as well as raising our petition and a local survey to ascertain the desires of the local community in Moray. I believe that mortuaries, along with the necessary processes and procedures should enable all involved to deal better with the hardest of goodbyes.

Nina Duan Ni

I'm a mum with an autistic son and we came from China. We had a beautiful dream to begin our new life in a civilised country, however we found that there are dark areas to this country. Our culture hasn't been respected, our rights toward our disabled child haven't been respected, my son's voice isn't be heard. We found it isn't just us facing these obstacles, it is lots of families, thus I gave up my business job to become a campaign mum and I just wish to make changes for better future.

Rana Kadiri

My passion for campaigning started with a keen interest in supporting vulnerable women and children, to ensure they have the opportunities to achieve their potential and the rights they deserve. This led me to work for Women’s Aid and my interest for campaigning grew in other areas of activism. Currently, I’m campaigning to ask for the urgent repeal of the rape clause that came into force in 2017 to ensure rape victims who have been through so much already have a right to their dignity, privacy and justice.

Rob Punton

I am a social justice campaigner committed to working towards an equitable society. I use my energy, knowledge and experience to empower those around me. I have campaigned on many various issues.

Rosario Guimba-Stewart

I am currently the CEO of Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network (LRMN). LRMN supports many people who are vulnerable, destitute and in very desperate situation. I am passionate about helping the people who come to our door and committed to ensure that their needs are met and their voices heard. I am keen to campaign on many issues that our clients face but mainly on the adverse effects of no recourse to public funds and the rising costs of immigration fees to individuals and families.

Rose Wobbaka

I'm an intersectional activist committed to advocacy for young people of colour. I've previously been heavily involved in online activism, as well as being a committee member of Black Lives Matter Leeds.

Rose Ziaei

I am passionate about decolonial, intersectional, creative and community-led movements in opposition to all systems of oppression, capitalism and colonialism. My own background keeps me closest to the refugee community. I currently work as a youth worker for a refugee community organisation where I mainly support unaccompanied minors alongside other refugee and migrant youth. Creativity and spirituality keep me grounded. I write poetry, obsess over crystals and the different phases of the moon.

Saeema Choudhry

I am involved in campaigning for BME women experiencing domestic violence, this is predominately at grass route level. The political culture in Newcastle means that a lot remains to be done for BME women to access basic amenities such as education, housing, financial support and refuge due to their immigration status or no recourse to public funds.

Sandy Abdelrahman

I'm a British/Egyptian creative entrepreneur and a human rights activist. I'm the founder of Skaped; a social platform that encourages young people to engage within their human rights. I use my lived experiences of belonging to two different cultures to connect with the young people in issues they face in their lives or community.

Sascha Amel-Kheir

I'm a LGBT+ activist currently based in Swansea, South Wales campaigning on issues for non-binary people. I'm the founder of Breaking the Binary, the first group in Wales supporting the non-binary community. I've also been involved in supporting LGBT+ asylum seekers in South Wales and the local LGBT+ community as a whole.

Serah-Daisy Ulyatt

I am currently a masters student. I organise as part of Sisters Uncut as well as attend and support other groups in London. I'm also involved in organising a free summer school on radical feminisms. My interests are in intersectional organising, decolonising work and generally just learning more.

Sergio Lopez Figueroa

I am a single parent, pianist and composer developing Humming in Harmony; a social mindfulness project with empathy at the centre, while I work as a music teacher for special needs. I am also involved with Public Renting - a public health awareness and quality living standards campaign looking at the unseen links between poor housing conditions and mental health problems. To do so I am forming Section 21, a healing campaigners choir of London renters to be the voice of the community.

Sohail Jannesari

I helped start the Migrant Connections Festival as well as Migrant Welcome Tours of London. I've been involved with different campaigns, such as supporting the London Welcome Project, and help organise the People of Global Majority Network which aims to bring together and support campaigners of colour. I'm a trustee of the Cotton Tree Trust.

Stacie McCluskey

I have always worked in the public and have developed a love for humans in the process. I've added an element of campaigning into everything I've done: my coffee shop built a connection with the local food bank, as did my university. I care most about the right to self determination; that shouldn't be hindered due to bad economics, austerity or prejudice. I am also a vegan, and I love our Mother Earth. I am a greenpeace lover!

Sushma Lal

I am a member of both Momentum and the Labour Party. We are involved in a number of local, national and international campaigns. Currently I am participating in trying to stop the local authority closing down an old people's home.

Tasnima Uddin

I am an International Politics Graduate, working to become a Human Rights Lawyer. Previously I was a co creator of a global intersectional women's collective, focusing on radical activism. Also as BME Officer I pushed for a decolonised curriculum and introduced the BDS campaign at University. Today I am the Student Officer at Restless Beings, a human rights organisation, specifically focusing on the Rohingya Community. I have written for the Independent in regards to this issue, organised and spoken at protests and continue to campaign for them.

Uduma Ogenyi

I'm a student at the University of York. I'm currently a member of the North Yorkshire Youth Commission and my work is based on tackling hate crime. These days I find myself in a lot of white/non-black spaces and so prioritise my blackness in everything I do, campaigning on black empowerment and anti-racism. But ultimately I want to see a society that's free from all forms of injustice.

Yvonne Blake

My campaigning involves providing practical support and solidarity through capacity building, networking and skills share at the Unity Centre. The purpose of this campaign is to empower the migrant community to recognise and effectively challenge oppressive structures and behaviours individually and collectively. I am a lifelong advocate of social justice, collective responsibility, life long and life wide learning, which i believe are fundamental in the trans-formative process of liberation and self-determination.

The Facilitators

The Bootcamp 11 facilitation team is made up of a mixture of staff, Bootcamp graduates and external facilitators with a broad range of campaigning experience. Facilitators are part of the fabric of Bootcamp, supporting Bootcampers to get the most out of their learning and ensuring the smooth running of the training room.

Anna Collins Nham

Lead Trainer

Anna believes that training spaces are places where real magic and transformation can happen. Experiencing it herself while on Training for Change’s 'SuperT', a 19 day training for trainers in Philadelphia, USA. Her job is to make sure all our trainings contain that magic! She came to Campaign Bootcamp after 6 years in the international climate movement training and supporting activist groups around the world. When not working with a group she is happiest walking in the hills around Sheffield where she lives, out on her bike, or with her head in a book. Anna is Head of Training.

Emma Biermann


Growing up in a school system that frustrated me, I became interested in power, who has it and trying to shift it by getting involved in structures where my voice would be more clearly heard - and where collectively we were able to empower ourselves to create change. I’ve spent most of the last years campaigning on the issue of climate change and the issues it intersects with. I've been particularly leaning in to queer, feminist and people of colour spaces, and since I care about the life of our groups, I sometimes put my training/facilitation hat on in those spaces, other times I take it off.

Esmat Jeraj


Esmat works as a community organiser for Citizens UK. She project managed a national commission looking at barriers Muslims in the UK experience participating in public life, which led to the publication of the Missing Muslims report. She also organises for Sponsor Refugees, looking at community sponsorship.  In her spare time, Esmat is a community activist passionate about intersectional feminism, racial and religious equality and empowering diaspora and minority communities through training and mentoring.

Josh Virasami

I'm a British-born Mauritian with mixed heritage. I create things, like music, writing, film, photography and delicious food. I cultivate things, like joy, friendships, patience, solidarity, prosperity and lasting social change.

Nim Ralph

Lead Trainer

Nim Ralph is a community activist, trainer and facilitator. Nim has held a number of strategic roles in the anti-racist, LGBTQI, women’s and disability sectors. They co-founded QTIPOC London, Purple Rain Collective and are an inaugural member of the Edge Fund. Previous to this they co-founded So We Stand; an organisation linking environmental, social and racial justice in the UK. This won Nim an Olive Morris Memorial Award for activism and they were named a Guardian “Youth Climate Leader”. They also play the drums and love to lip-sync battle.

Rosie Huzzard


I am a Trainer for Everyday Activism, Campaign Bootcamp's new project based in Yorkshire. I am supporting refugees/asylum seekers, mental health service users and parents to get campaigning on local issues. In my own time I campaign on private renting/housing and domestic violence, and my background is in trade union and student union politics.

Victoria Poku-Amanfo


For work, I lead a youth-led mental health campaign which teaches young people about the law and their rights so that they are empowered to challenge injustice. Aside from work, I have focused on housing survivors of domestic violence and ending violence against women and non-binary genders. I always take a black feminist approach in my activism and I'm always trying to find new books/podcasts/shows that centre the black femme voice. Also i love afrobeats :)

The Trainers

These are the speakers and trainers who deliver sessions at Bootcamp to share skills and experiences with the group.

Alexandra Wanjiku Kelbert


Alexandra Wanjiku Kelbert is a researcher, lecturer and London-based activist with Black Lives Matter UK. She also works with asylum seekers and refugee women. Alexandra is interested in the politics of food, gender, social change and race.

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith


Ayeisha is Training Organiser at the New Economy Organisers Network, and has lead on designing and developing Movement Builders over 2017. She has previously worked on political strategy and campaigns, on peace and dialogue in Israel/Palestine and coordinated campaigns and project around migration. Ayeisha is a black feminist and centres anti-oppression, decoloniality and intersectionality in her approach to training. She has an MA in Postcolonial Cultural Studies and Global Policy, lives for June Jordan and Octavia Butler, and teaches a Basic Beyonce dance class - all levels welcome!

Bex Hay


Bex is Tech Director at 38 Degrees. There she splits her day between leading the tech team, designing and managing campaigns. Bex has a background in corporate campaigning and previously worked at ShareAction, mobilising people power to make our financial system fairer. Outside of work Bex is usually watching, playing or talking about cricket.

Carys Afoko


Carys is executive director of feminist campaign group Level Up. Carys joined Level Up from SumOfUs, where she was global Communications Director. Carys is a former Head of Communications at the New Economics Foundation and a former adviser to Labour MP Lisa Nandy. She co-founded to track the rise racist and xenophobic street harassment in the wake of the EU referendum. Carys was recently named one of InStyle magazine’s Future 15.

Guppi Bola


Guppi Bola is a social justice organiser working with activists across Europe who are engaged in systems change campaigning. Her work centres around leadership as a strategy for building movements for long-lasting social change. She also critiques and supports organisations wanting to transform their leadership in order to be led by those who are affected by oppression and social injustice. Guppi has ten years experience straddling the NGO - grassroots activism world, as well as working in movement support and training. She currently works for Quakers in Britain.

Karen Larbi

Karen works in the Policy & Campaigns team at the National Union of Students. She is the founder of POC In Nature, an online space for people of colour to explore the healing power of nature. A mental health advocate, she is the co-founder of Black Woman Heal United Kingdom, an online support group for women of African descent who have experienced sexual violence. Karen is a lay member of Psychotherapists & Counsellors for Social Responsibility, and is interested in activist self-care, healing justice, alternative spiritualities, and intersectional, trauma-informed approaches to mental health.



KUCHENGA is a writer, an agitator and an avid consumer of all culture high and low. She is a Black trans feminist whose work sparkles with vivacity and originality. A member of Black Lives Matter UK, the Bent Bars Collective, she lives by the River Thames in London and can be found frolicking in Battersea Park with her dog Nene.

Pete Bryant


Pete has worked in community development and as a facilitator for the last 30 years. Supporting community groups to influence decision-makers he has worked across the UK, Europe and in South Africa. He has been very active with Global Justice Now and is currently running Citizens Juries on health in Blackpool and Hate Crime in Blackburn. Pete is helping design the Everyday Activism programme for Campaign Bootcamp.

Rachel Oliver


Rachel is a Lead Organiser at Positive Money. She helps their supporters to take action together online and in local groups, and works to build relationships and leadership within their community. Previously, Rachel has worked at Stop Aids and Crisis Action, and campaigned for a few years at 38 Degrees. Rachel is passionate about getting ordinary people involved in politics and economics, to build a society that puts people and planet first. She's also a tech whizz!

Sheila Coleman


Originating from a large Liverpool-Irish family, Sheila calls herself “Scouse, not English”. A former chair of the Liverpool Irish Centre Cooperative and a well-known activist and campaigner, Sheila is the spokesperson for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. For 28 years, she’s campaigned for truth and justice to be brought to the people who died and survivors of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster. She currently works as the North West region community coordinator for Unite, the Union.

Tara Mack


Tara Mack is the former Director of the Education for Liberation Network, a national education justice network in the US. She helped start the organisation, developing it from an informal listserv of a few hundred people to a national network that connected more than 2,000 through convenings, publications, social media and resource exchanges. Before becoming director, she organised arts and media projects for low-income teens in New York and London. Tara is now UK Programmes Manager at Campaign Bootcamp.

Tara O’Reilly


I work in politics for a group of MPs by day, and by night I spend my free time coding, campaigning, and learning languages. I'm a loud and proud girl from West London and I'm fired up about all things feminism, inner city poverty and working class issues, binge watching Scandal, binge buying lipstick, and making my mates listen to reggaeton. You also won't find me without a book, and I'm always planning another solo travelling adventure.

What to expect from the week

Bootcamp is an intense week of training, with long days and lots of time spent with others! Therefore, we encourage you to arrive with a rested brain and body.

Most people share a room on Bootcamp, and as Bore Place is set in the Kent countryside, there are places to walk and cycle nearby.

We arrange a coach from central London to Bore Place in Kent, though you are welcome to travel to the venue under your own steam.

Once your place on Bootcamp is confirmed, we will be in touch with you to discuss travel, food and accessibility.

Follow up programme

After Bootcamp, once you have completed the first follow up survey, you will be eligible for our mentoring programme. We have a wide variety of people who want to mentor a Bootcamp graduate. Once you have selected your top three mentor choices, we match you with a mentor and this programme runs for one year, during which time we suggest meeting up at least four times.

We also run a Community Conference in January, which everybody who has ever attended Bootcamp is welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity to refresh your campaigning knowledge, re-connect with Bootcamp and meet people at varying stages in their campaigning journey.

Scholarships available at the moment are:

The Jo Cox Memorial Scholarship

Thanks to the commitment of the Campaign Bootcamp community who fundraised this scholarship on GoFundMe, we have scholarships for women tackling inequality and injustice. This scholarship is open to all women (transgender, intersex and cisgender) in UK.

The Scholarship for Campaigners of Colour / BME Campaigners

For campaigners of colour / BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) campaigners. Funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, this scholarship is specifically for UK campaigners based outside of London.

The Greenpeace Scholarship

For environmental activists funded by Greenpeace Environmental Trust.

The Trust for London Scholarship

For campaigners working on tackling poverty and inequality in London.

General Scholarship Funding

We have general funding for a broad range of demographics including, but not limited to, LGBTQ+ folk in campaigns; disabled people in campaigns; people of marginalised genders in campaigns; working class campaigners; refugee and migrant campaigners; and parents and carers in campaigns.

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The Housing Justice Scholarship

A scholarship for housing activists who have direct experience of problems with housing in the UK.

Special thanks to

This camp wouldn't be possible without the support of Care2

Meet our graduates

Find out more about people who have attended Bootcamp and the campaigns they are working on:

Costs & scholarships

There are two types of place at Bootcamp, a Scholarship place and a Paid place. Most people attend on a scholarship place, and this means that there is no cost to attending Bootcamp - the training fee, accommodation, food and travel is all covered by the scholarship. To apply, just tick the box on the application form and we do the rest!

Paid places are for those working in a paid capacity within campaigning. The full cost of Bootcamp is £3500 and all the money we receive goes back into making Bootcamp possible and as good as it can be; we don't make a profit.

Scholarship places

For people not working in campaigning.

£0 - £500

You pay what you can afford

Paid places

For people working in campaigning or for people who can afford to pay more.

£500 fee

For organisations with income under £200,000

£1500 fee

For organisations with income from £200-400k

£3500 fee

For organisations with income over £400,000

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