Be a facilitator at a Bootcamp residential in 2018

We are currently looking for 3 facilitators for or Bootcamp residentials in 2018. Each facilitator will take part in one camp.

This year the residentials will take place just outside of East London on the following dates:

19th – 25th May
14th – 20th July
6th – 12th October

What does it involve?

Being a facilitator means being part of the training team that delivers a Bootcamp week. You’ll be:

  • Supporting bootcampers to get as much out of the trainings as they can
  • Helping trainers to run smooth and effective sessions
  • Supporting bootcampers to connect the dots between the learning they are doing and their activism outside of the week

Tangibly this means:

  1. You will head up a “Home Group” a small group of 6-7 Bootcampers who meet most days of camp, you’ll facilitate the group discussion and support the Bootcampers in your home group to reflect on their experiences and relationships in the space.
  2. You will support small group work in sessions, working with bootcampers to ensure they are getting the most out of the session.
  3. You will also help run Bootcamp’s now famous “scenario”, where bootcampers try out the skills they have learnt in a mock campaign scenario – acting, making videos, playing pranks – however you want to make the scenario engaging and fun!
  4. You will provide pastoral support to your home group throughout the week, supporting Bootcampers to reflect, learn and process the challenging emotional responses to an intensive learning environment
  5. You will support with the smooth running of camp, for example helping set up the space the day before Bootcampers arrive, supporting at meal times, helping with photography and social media and other tasks as they arise.   

You’ll need to be available for the full duration of one of the Bootcamp weeks and also be able to attend a training day prior to the residential week.

What will you get out of it?

We see being a Bootcamp facilitator as a learning experience that will support people who want to take a more active facilitation role in their work going forwards. We use a direct education methodology which comes from Training For Change and we see being a Bootcamp facilitator as a good space to learn and practice the tools of this method. Like everything at Bootcamp we believe in experiential learning (learning by doing!) and so we welcome people at all levels of experience to join the facilitation team and will support you to reach your learning goals, whatever they may be.

We think there are three main learning areas you might engage in as a Bootcamp facilitator

1) Small group facilitation

Each day you will be involved in some form of small group facilitation, through this you will get a chance to practice and perfect the tools and skills you have learnt during our facilitator training, as well as any others you bring with you to the role. You will also get to practice noticing and working with group dynamics and maybe even working with conflict.

2)  One on one coaching/support

You are responsible for your home groups learning and support across the week, not just in the time you spend with them as a group. In our facilitator training you will learns skills and tools, such as how to ask questions, and support participants to find their own answers, through which you can approach this work.

3) Facilitating a diverse group/anti-oppression movement building in practice

One of the key elements of campaigning that Bootcamp are interested in is the way oppression shows up between campaigners and in campaigning/activist communities. A lot of our focus in the week is on the ways that things like race, gender, sexuality and disability show up in the cohort. We aim to create a space where we can support the group to navigate these dynamics and become better equipped at working in solidarity both at bootcamp and in the real world when they go back to their campaigning lives. We hope this better equips campaigners to think critically about oppression, intersectionality and solidarity in their campaigns. Throughout the week you will get to talk with the team about the ways oppression shows up in the space and work with the training team to try out ways of challenging and shaping the group, both in the whole group, in your home groups, and during one on one conversations you have with Bootcampers.

How will we support you?

To make the most of this learning experience we will support you before, during and after the weeks residential  


  • A day’s training on the bootcamp style of training and facilitation
  • Support to set learning goals for the week.


  • Work with you to set and meet facilitation learning goals by:
    • Regular check ins with our lead facilitator throughout the week
    • An hours support/meeting with one of our senior training team to dive into your facilitation practice and support your learning


  • A debrief meeting with the whole team
  • An hours meeting with one of our senior training team to debrief personally and reflect on your practice as a facilitator
  • A reference/recommendation on your skills as a facilitator if appropriate

The Team:

At each Bootcamp the team is made up of 3 types of people. We work together to deliver the best week that we can for Bootcampers.

The Training Team

Each bootcamp residential is led by 4 trainers, made up of staff and freelancers (currently Head of Training, Trainer and Outreach Coordinator, and two freelancers who are with us for all 3 bootcamps in 2018). The training team are responsible for the weeks learning, designing and delivering many of the training sessions and holding the groups learning throughout the week. One member of the training team will have the role of lead facilitator. As well as specific parts of the training curriculum this person is also responsible for the facilitators learning for the week.

Bootcamp Programme Staff

There will also be up to 3 members of our programme team on site, this could include our Head of Programmes, Programme Manager, or Programme Assistants. They are responsible for the smooth running of the weeks logistics. Outside of the residential week they are also the ones responsible for outreach, selection, organising our community events and much, much more!

Bootcamp Facilitators (you!)

Facilitators are usually ex-Bootcampers who want to come back and learn from being on the “other side” of the training. Facilitators are part of the fabric of Bootcamp, supporting Bootcampers to get the most out of their learning.

How do I apply?

Fill in this form and one of the team will be in touch shortly. The application process is a rolling one that will be open until we fill the spots for all 3 camps this year.

Apply to be a Bootcamp residential facilitator in 2018


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