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Why I’m donating £500 to train more disabled activists

When I went to Bootcamp I’d only just spent 6 months in and out of hospital.

Mistakes :

Omitted key supporters from an email

We will be much more careful next time we mention all our sponsors.

Mistakes :

Briefing of coaches wasn’t well organised

We didn’t have enough time at Bootcamp to brief and follow up with all the coaches who came to support the learning process.

Mistakes :

Confusing recruitment process

The recruitment process got a little confusing.

Mistakes :

We wrote Claremont wrong

We misspelt the name of Claremont, one of our sponsors, on the website.

Mistakes :

Dodgy WiFi at the Bootcamp venue

We didn’t stress test the WiFi venue ahead of time.

Mistakes :

Broken donate button

We didn’t sufficiently test the page functionality before emailing people to watch the video and donate.

Mistakes :

Bad email management

Over 40 people emailed us but never got a response.

Mistakes :

Setting too low an age limit on applicants

When we launched Bootcamp we set an age limit of 18-24.

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