Over 100 activists joined Campaign Bootcamp’s Communities of Resistance 3-day conference

Campaign Bootcamp took their conference online this year, with over 20 activism and campaigning workshops led by the Bootcamp community and some special guests

Communities of Resistance returned in 2021! And this time, we were online. 

The 3-day conference brought over 100 Campaign Bootcamp community members from across our training programmes, including Everyday Activism, Age Activism and Bootcamp, for activism and campaigning workshops.

Last year saw over 80 community members gather in London for a two day in-person conference. Due to the pandemic, we sadly couldn’t meet in person. But we came back and better than ever this year, bringing even more of the community together under one (digital) roof!

Couldn’t make the conference or want to know more about what we got up to? Check out the highlights of the week:

‘63, we do this until we’re free!’ 

Day 1 –  Wednesday 24th March 2021

We kicked off the first day of Communities of Resistance with over 50 community members taking part in a special game of Activist Bingo, hosted by Bootcamp team members Nim Ralph and Sheri Carr.

Bootcampers won some amazing prices from Black artists supporting Black queer and trans folk, including Blkmoody boi prints, a Nina Franco embroidery piece and a lamp shade making class from Bespoke Binny. 

Other highlights from day 1 include:

  • Bootcamp graduate Sirumpa also led a relaxing workshop on how to achieve calmness using art
  • Campaign Bootcamp board member Tom guided community members through Freedom of Information in the UK and how to use this as a campaigning tool
  • Bootcamp graduate Bethan led a workshop on Radical Imagination, discussing how movements from the Women’s Liberation to Black Lives Matter have used it, and exploring how participants can use it in their campaigning
  • Bootcamp trainer Faizan showed community members how to create viral videos on their smartphone
  • You can see a Twitter thread summarising all of our workshops on our first day here.

Quote from Twitter user '@Mikayla_Sinead' saying 'Still reflecting on yesterday's Radical Imagination workshop as part of  @campaigncamp 's #CommunitiesofResistance  So grateful to consider power of daring to imagine and having the audacity to dream. It sounds minor but its so very very huge. Seek more joy folks (Purple heart) we need it'

‘As campaigners, we need to step outside of our echo chambers’ 

Day 2 – Thursday 25th March 2021

Even more workshops followed on day two of Communities of Resistance, including how to effectively engage with MPs on a local level, the intersection of disability and climate justice, and Muay Thai for beginners!

Bootcamp graduate Lolo led a session on poetry for all different levels: “ Poetry can be used in activism, it can capture a new audience who may not be politically engaged with your cause, or be politically engaged at all. As campaigners, we need to step outside of our echo chambers and engage with new communities and groups. Poetry can be a really good way to do that!”

Climate activist and Campaign Bootcamp Outreach Coordinator Nish led a thoughtful discussion on disability and climate justice, with workshop attendees committing to forming a working group going forward. If you weren’t able to make the workshop but would like to attend, get in touch!

Other highlights from day 2 include:

  • Bootcamp graduate and Open Barbers hairdresser Tobi ran a workshop for people with Afro-Textured hair on DIY hair care and styling
  • Bootcamp trainers Nim and Grace led a jam-packed intensive Training for Trainers described as one attendee as ‘four workshops in the space of one!’
  • Bootcamp graduate Zunaira explored the connection between faith and activism in a workshop inspired by their own work and others
  • Bootcamp Lead Trainer Nim hosted a virtual ‘Bootcamp Open Mic’ which saw a range of talents on show, including moving poetry from Bootcamp and Training for Trainers graduates Esther and Fran
  • You can see a Twitter thread summarising all of our workshops on our second day here

Screenshot of Tweet: Thanks for having me  @campaigncamp !   The #CommunitiesofResistance conference for campaigners is so important! Glad to have been able to help break down the barriers of Westminster and how politics works! #CampaignSmarter

‘Punishment is the glue that holds all oppressions together’

Day 3 – Friday 26th March 2021

We had seven workshops, a panel and a party on the last day of Communities of Resistance!

Photo of Nim, a non-binary person with short dark hair, wearing a chef hat. Alongside them is journalist Ash Sakar.
Bootcamp Lead Trainer Nim and journalist Ash Sakar cooking up a storm with Fish Finger Bhorta

Nim put on their best chef Zoom hat (and ‘Nimgella’ moniker) to host a cook-along with journalist Ash Sarkar. They talked about their favourite childhood foods, the best garlic presses and much more as everyone cooked up a fish finger bhorta (or vegan alternative!).

Picture of a girl eating fish fingers off a plate with the text (Tweet): Layla enjoyed learning to make fish finger bhorta with Ash Sarkar  @AyoCaesar  this evening  @campaigncamp . Unfortunately the fish fingers didn’t survive long enough to get to the bhorta part Face with hand over mouth  @TRCdocumentary

We closed out the conference with a panel on ‘Alternatives to Policing from a Global Perspective’, featuring campaigners from across the world including Sashi James from the National Council For Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls, End SARS campaigner Rinu Oduala, Kelsey from the Cradle Community and Roxy Legane from Kids of Colour.

We're hearing from Sashi James, Kelsey from Cradle Community, Roxy Legane and Rinu Oduala in our Friday Night panel, 'Alternatives to Policing from a Global Perspective', chaired by Nim Ralph #CommunitiesOfResistance

Other highlights from day 3 include:

  • ‘Movement Generous Fundraising’, a workshop led by Bootcamp graduate Ali, in which he used his expertise and experience from working with Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust 
  • Inna, a graduate of Boostcamp, our Germany-based programme, led a workshop on the Human Rights of Deaf People, using International Sign (also interpreted into English)
  • Bootcamp, Everyday Activism and Distance Learning trainers Karen and Teresa led a workshop discussing Compassionate Abolitionism
  • Everyday Activism graduate Ibtisam guided community members through setting and maintaining personal boundaries
  • Bootcamp graduate Florence joined us from the US, exploring relational organising using social media
  • You can see a Twitter thread summarising all of our workshops on our third day here


We were so humbled to have so many of the Bootcamp community with us over three days. We can’t wait to host even more online events in the future, and hopefully our next Communities of Resistance will be in person.

Bring on 2022 – we can’t wait to see you at the next conference!


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