Campaign Bootcamp launch pilot programme for beginner campaign trainers 

Beginners UNPACKED will train 24 campaign, activist and social justice trainers to deliver impactful workshops in November 2021 and January 2022. 

Following the success of UNPACKED, our year-long programme for campaign trainers, we’ve launched a pilot for folks who are at the beginning of their training journey. 

Beginners UNPACKED will run for its first week on Mon 8th November to Thursday 11th November, with a group of 11 campaigners. We will also host the training in January 2022, for three weeks, with another group of 13. 

Throughout the training, groups will learn:

  • Our approach to training and the value behind it.
  • Gain awareness of themselves, identity as trainer, and training style 
  • Use tools and techniques that can be easily adapted to own training
  • Have a chance to take risks and try new things in a supported environment
  • Help grow a community of UK social action trainers

On co-writing and leading this pilot training, Kennedy Walker said: 

“’As organisers and activists we don’t often get the chance to reflect on how and why we build power through skill-sharing and training. It’s in these rarer moments the learnings from our campaigning and organising experiences are easier to ripen for picking.

I’m looking forward to sharing and holding space for this and offering tools and a training approach that can be used across many different contexts’.

Grace,  who is co-leading the training, also added: 

“When it comes to training, we sometimes forget that how we learn is as important as what topics we are learning. Sustainable learning requires care and community as much as it needs good content, but as activists we can often feel a sense of urgency that leaves little room for looking after ourselves or one another. 

I’m excited to co-create an engaging, accessible, and caring space on UNPACKED which I’m hoping will grow into our own wonderful little community.”

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