UNPACKED: Introducing Grace Jeremy

Introducing UNPACKED graduate, Grace. Read to find out more about their experience in educating for social change and how you can get in touch with them.

How did you start/become interested in educating for social change?
I was captivated by learning long before I knew what learning really was. As a child, I adored learning through play, adventure, creativity, and often making a mess (so maybe not much has changed)! I lost some of this joy amidst “traditional” academic settings and was not expecting campaigning to be the thing that rekindled my interest in education.
In my teens, I began campaigning around disability, mental health, and medical trauma. As part of this, I attended meetings where I knew I was learning and growing, but which felt worlds away from the oppressive stress of my academic experience. I became more involved in facilitation and began working to upskill people as a way of furthering our social action. Since then I’ve worked in schools, youth groups, campaigns, and health services, supporting 1000s of people to engage in activism.The idea that we can come together to creatively learn, share, and grow – both as individuals and as movements – is exciting and reminds me of the wonder I found in learning as a child.
What are your top 3 strengths as an educator?
Inclusivity, creativity/playfulness, and curiosity.

What’s next for you in your educating/movement/organising etc. work?
I’m going to continue to deliver social action education in my role as a trainer at Campaign Bootcamp. Outside of the 9-5 I hope to do more work within the Disability Justice movement, especially as we enter winter whilst facing a pandemic, with the expectation that ableism will rise and rights for disabled people will continue to be put at risk throughout this time.

What else might people want to know about you or what you do?
I also do work in co-production and participation, especially in the area of youth (under 25s) physical and mental health. I’ve designed various services and training in this field and can work to help organisations develop meaningful participation pathways.
My background is in youth work and I am very interested in supporting young people to engage in activism and community building.
When I’m not training you will occasionally find me speaking at events on topics such as healthcare, disability, mental health and coproduction.

How can people get in touch with you?
You can find me on Twitter @_graceadele
Campaign Bootcamp related enquiries, such as our Distance Learning training: [email protected]
Training, facilitation, and speaking enquiries: [email protected]

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