New £60k Fund Alert! Introducing the Campaign Bootcamp Community Fund

We’ve got an exciting announcement for our graduates - we will soon be launching the Campaign Bootcamp Community Fund! Michael Smart, our new Micro Grant Manager, shares the details about the new fund

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We’ve got an exciting announcement for our graduates – we will soon be launching the Campaign Bootcamp Community Fund! Michael Smart, our new Micro Grant Manager, shares the details about the new fund and how graduates can get involved in our latest blog. 

What’s the Campaign Bootcamp Community Fund?

We want to support our graduates during this period of high need and disruption caused and exacerbated by COVID-19. We also know from listening to our alumni community that one of the main barriers to campaigning is funding and our latest research, which we will be sharing soon, showed that for many, barriers to campaigning have increased. We have secured £60,000 to pilot a grant programme to give funds to our alumni community. The Fund will be quick and easy to apply for so that time spent on form filling is kept to a minimum and money will reach successful applicants as quickly as possible.

We want our alumni to be part of the distribution of funds so that the community has power in the decision-making process. We are recruiting graduates of all programmes to join the committee to help us make the decisions on funding applications – read on to find out more about the Fund and how to join the Committee.

Who can apply to the fund and what can they apply for?

The Campaign Bootcamp Community Fund will be open to applications from all graduates and current participants of our training programmes – Bootcamp Residential, Everyday Activism, Train the Trainer and Unpacked. 

We have two funding priorities:

  • Supporting you to continue campaign training and/or apply the skills you have learned through our training programmes. That means you could apply for funds to cover the cost of:
    • Training courses, mentoring/coaching, membership fees
    • Online software such as access to video conferencing tool like Zoom, mail campaign platforms, or other computer software and applications
    • Website design, branding, domain fees, social media advertising
    • Designing, printing and sending out flyers, posters and education packs 
    • Equipment such as laptops, tablets or phones
    • Paying people for their time (e.g. to deliver workshops, run events or create content for your campaign)
    • Accessibility costs such as technology, translation, interpretation, closed captioning
  • Alleviating financial difficulties you face in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. That means if you are facing financial barriers  you could apply for funds to cover the cost of:
    • Rent, utilities and other household bills, urgent repairs or replacements
    • Phone credit, broadband or data packages
    • Essentials such as food, clothing, furniture, white goods, electronics
    • Childcare or other costs relating to caring responsibilities 
    • Materials or equipment for adult education studies (e.g college, short courses, university, vocational) such as books, laptop and computer software
    • Essential travel (e.g. health & social care appointments or unpaid carer responsibilities) 

What I need is not included, can I still apply?

Yes, this list is not exhaustive! The funding will be flexible so you can apply for what you need to apply your campaign skills, participate in training opportunities, or reduce pressure on your finances. Grants of up to £500 will be available. 

We are still finalising the programme so further details about criteria and the application process will be announced in the near future but in the meantime, we need your help! 

I’m a graduate! How can I help?

We are recruiting up to 5 Committee Members from within our community of graduates to create a Committee that will be responsible for making decisions on applications to the Campaign Bootcamp Community Fund. At the moment, we expect it will take around 60 – 75 hours of your time over December – February although this will depend on the volume of applications we receive – the majority of the hours will be in January and February and we will be able to give a clearer timetable once the programme has launched. This will include scoring applications, reading decision papers and attending Committee meetings. This will be a freelance role paid at £15.60 per hour.

How can I apply to be a Committee member?

  • Complete this short application form which will ask you 
    • Why you want to do this
    • What qualities or experiences you can bring to the Committee. 

We are not looking for people who have previous experience of grant-giving so don’t worry if you have never done this before! We are looking for a broad range of perspectives, skills, and experiences so you do not need to have been on a Committee or held a funding role before. It’s a great chance to develop new skills, build connections and add the experience to your C.V. so please do apply! In particular, we encourage applications from communities who are underrepresented in decision making – young people, disabled people, POC/BAME people, LGBTQ+ people, and people from working-class backgrounds.  

You can read the full job description here. The deadline for applications is at 12pm on Monday 16 November. Please note that if you join the Committee you won’t be able to apply to the Community Fund this time round because we have to minimise conflicts of interest. We will be learning as we go so we hope to explore different ways we can better manage this in the future. 

If you’d like to find out more about the Campaign Bootcamp Community Fund and the Committee you can get in touch with me at [email protected], call or text 07458 309646, or you can DM our socials on Twitter @CampaignCamp Instagram @CampaignBootcamp and Facebook Campaign Bootcamp.

The Campaign Bootcamp Community Fund is supported by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, The Blagrave Trust, and Campaign Bootcamp.

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