Celebrating 2019 and Looking Forward to the Future

I’m excited to share our first ever annual report that sums up all that we achieved and learned in 2019.

The report (pdf) shines a light on all our small charity did last year, and shares what we’re planning for 2020. Here are the highlights.

Last year we trained nearly 300 people across three programmes:

    An image explaining the three programmes

Everyday Activism – Our local community training programme for those new to campaigning.

Bootcamp residential – Our flagship programme of a one week residential for high potential campaigners followed by a year of further learning and support.

Research and development – Our programme for testing new models of engaging the most marginalised people and having the greatest long-term impact in closing the democracy gap.

An image showing where Campaign Bootcamp worked in 2019
Everyday Activism – in 3 regions across the UK, working with 8 in depth groups, training 171 people. Bootcamp residential – 3 camps delivered, with 354 applications and 101 graduates. Research and Development – pilot of a new Train the Trainer programme with 25 trainers trained.

We work hard to make sure the people we train are diverse and not just from the most privileged communities.

An image showing the diversity of applicants to Campaign Bootcamp in 2019
We focus on diversity to ensure we’re reaching those experiencing injustice. – 90% of attendees received a scholarship to overcome financial barriers – 48% of attendees identified as working class – 59% came from outside London – 65% identified as BAME – 72% were women – 30% told us they had a disability – 47% identified as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGDBTQ)

Our trainings programmes make a big difference. Here’s a few statistics from our local training Programme, Everyday Activism:

An image of graphs
– 42% of people told us they felt confident they could figure out how to set a goal for their campaign before our training, rising to 86% after the training. – 48% of people told us they felt confident talking about their campaigning issue to people outside their group before our training, rising to 93% after the training. – 40% of people told us they felt confident understanding who has the power to influence the issues they are concerned about before our training, rising to 81% after our training. – 40% of people told us they feel that their group works well together to achieve their campaign goal before our training, rising to 93% after our training

Beyond the statistics, those who come on our programmes tell us they make a real difference, here are a few of their words:

An image with quotes from attendees
“It’s given everyday people in the heart of community, the invisibles, the confidence to get the skills, stand up and speak up and get involved” “We made a difference. It is a national corporation, and we, local women, not educated, no degrees, challenged them and made a difference. Regardless of your background you can do it. With support we found our potential and it was unleashed”. “My self-esteem has gone up; confidence gone up. Friends, family, neighbours are proud of me: people ask me to do things for them now. I’m getting out of my shell”. “When I see something and wonder if I should get involved, it’s all because of this training. I get involved in more things now”. “What we learned can help us and we can share it within our communities and tell them about it”.

Our Campaign Bootcamp Residential Programme continues to thrive. We’re really proud that the programme makes a real difference to attendees:

An image showing graphs
The long term data is positive too: – 74% of graduates use what they learn to run more effective campaigns – 64% make significant progress towards winning their campaign – 74% share what they’ve learnt with their community or organisation – 80% of participants say they now work together with other campaigners more effectively

And here’s what some of the graduates said:

An image of quotes
“The most thorough, educative, energising, reflective, thoughtful, community-experience-centered learning programme that I’ve ever participated in” “Bootcamp aims to support any campaign as long as it’s anti-violent, which is what everyone is trying to achieve. If only the wider world was the way it was at Bootcamp”. “Campaign Bootcamp deserves it’s name: intense, engaging & challenging few days with fellow campaigners and facilitators/experts”. “Verty intensive but so worthwhile and I learned a lot, coming out the other side of it a different person, with lots of ideas, information and an idea of where to go next”

Thank you to our amazing community of graduates, partners, trainers and funders who made this work possible.

This year will be even bigger – we’re planning to train over 200 people through Everyday Activism in Yorkshire, London and the Midlands, run three Bootcamp Residentials for up to 105 phenomenal activists and keep on building our Train the Trainer programme.

We couldn’t do this work without our amazing supporters who give a few pounds every month to support people in marginalised communities to run powerful campaigns. If you’ve ever thought about supporting our work now is a perfect time, your donation will help us plan how to train even more people in 2020. You can sign up to monthly donations here, or get in touch with our Fundraising team to have a chat about how your donation can make a lasting difference.


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