Bootcampers in the media!

There’s been lots of campaigns led by Bootcamp alumni in the media recently. From environmental activism to fighting deportations, our community is leading change across the UK.

Bootcamp’s Lead Trainer Nim coordinates open letter to the Guardian in support of Trans rights

Nim, who leads the Bootcamp residential training team, wrote an article for gal-dem speaking out against a Guardian piece in favour of trans-exclusionary spaces. “As a trans activist,” they say, “my first thought on seeing the article was “let us live”. Nim helped coordinate a letter in response to the Guardian, supported and signed by several Bootcamp graduates and community members, which you can see and support here.

This photograph was taken at the 2019 Pride in London march. It shows a group of campaigners holding a banner which said: '#LWithTheT Not A Debate'. Behind the campaigners, there are crowds of people holding flags and balloons. and large buildings.
A group of lesbian campaigners show solidarity with the trans community at 2019’s Pride in London march. (Wiktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto via Getty)

The Bootcamp graduates reframing climate change

Bootcamp graduate Ella’s campaign to end ‘period plastic’ was featured in this piece for the Stylist: “Climate change is a feminist issue: meet 16 women working to change the world”. Ella has had many campaign wins so far, including convincing Sainsbury’s and Aldi to stop putting plastic applicators in their own-brand tampons, saving over 16 tonnes of plastic each year.

Climate Reframe was launched last week to highlight the many PoC (People of Colour) experts, artists and activists leading the UK climate movement. Many Bootcampers are featured in the report, including Zunaira, Noni, Rakesh, Samia and Ian, Shaira, as well as Bootcamp’s Environmental Outreach Coordinator, Nish, and a number of people connected to the community. We see you, and thank you for your work! 

#IAmEspoir – meet the Bootcamp graduate fighting for her right to remain in the UK

A campaign has been launched to support Bootcamp graduate Espoir’s right to remain in the UK. She fears for her life if she returns to Cameroon, where being LGBTQ+ is currently illegal. LGBTQ+ people in Cameroon can face hefty fines, five years in prison and could even be tortured and killed. Find out more about her story and support the campaign here.

This is a campaign picture for the 'I am Espoir' campaign. It shows many people in individual photographs holding signs which say: '#I Am Espoir'. At the bottom of the photo, it says in large purple letter: "#I Am Espoir Sign the Petition, Post your Pics'.
#IAmEspoir campaign poster. (Photo credit:

National co-chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts UK and Bootcamp graduate Zita has been campaigning against increasing Home Office deportations that have been happening over the past months. “What really needs to stop post-Windrush,” she says, “is the inhumane removal of human beings, punishing entire families and failing to learn any lessons.” Read her article for the Guardian here

Making the UK more accessible – Bootcamp graduates Esther and Kush fight for disability justice

Disabled campaigners from across the country travelled down to London to support Bootcamp graduate Esther’s legal case in the high court, against the high costs disabled people can face when they take on disability discrimination cases. Fellow Bootcamp graduate Eleanor, who came down to show solidarity, said, “I was there to show support for Esther because it is an important case for all of us who face discrimination almost on a daily basis.” Find out more about the case here.

Bootcamp graduate Kush won a major campaign, abolishing all parking fees for disabled parking from all 206 NHS England Hospitals. Disabled people, along with frequent outpatient attendees, parents of sick children staying overnight, and staff working night shifts, will not have to pay for NHS car parking from April 2020.

Growing up in Bristol as a young gay kid – Bootcamp graduate Sharifa talks about her experiences

Sharifa, Bootcamp graduate and co-founder of Kiki, wrote a piece for Bristol 24/7 about her experience growing up in Bristol as a ‘young gay kid’. “Bristol is a mini haven for many queer folxs*. I’m proud of Bristol’s queer community and I feel like we are just getting started.” Read the whole article here.

This is a photograph of Sharifa, a black woman with long braids. She wears a black hat and wears glasses. She is smiling with her mouth open.
Sharifa as featured on Bristol 24/7.

Standing up to sexual assault in Parliament – Bootcamp graduate Tara is leading the way

Bootcamp graduate Tara wrote an article for Elle about the shocking culture of sexual misconduct at the heart of British politics, using her and others experiences of working in Parliament. “One of my first work drinks ended in a similar manner, as an older male colleague leaned over and whispered in my ear: ‘Most of the guys at this table want to f*ck you.’” Tara has set up a cross-party group called Women in Westminster to build solidarity and support against this issue.

If you’re a Bootcamp or Everyday Activism graduate and your work is featured in the media, please tell us about it! Email us at [email protected]  

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