Bootcamp talks to Maria: Trans rights, Imposter Syndrome and Stand-Up Comedy

We interviewed Bootcamp graduate Maria about their campaigning journey as an award-winning activist, speaker and current work at Stonewall. Listen below:

Maria is an award-winning speaker, activist, and human rights law graduate from the University of York. They currently work at Stonewall as the Senior Campaigns Officer, and serve on Amnesty UK’s Rainbow Network Committee. In our interview with Maria, we spoke about all kinds of things: the influence of their family on their campaigning today; life after calling out President Obama on international media; navigating allies, the media, and working with national and grassroots organisations; and their stand-up comedy! 

Click play below to listen to the interview below, and see the full transcript here. 


Connect with Maria!

Maria is now in the process of starting a social action organisation to counter the narrative of despair, and remind people that hope – and change – are much more within their grasp than they think. For the opportunity to get involved (or just to keep up to date with Maria’s work), please follow @Maria_Munir on Twitter to hear more about it in the near future.

At Stonewall, Maria is leading on their submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry into the government’s response to COVID-19, “To ensure we are able to show decision-makers how LGBT people are affected, please take part in this 10 minute survey. We especially want to hear from trans people, people of colour, disabled people, and those experiencing poverty, to ensure that these experiences are not overlooked.”

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