6 reasons you should apply for Campaign Bootcamp

Bootcamp is the week-long, intensive residential training you need to run thoughtful and strategic powerful campaigns.

1. You’ll learn new skills

Seated male and female with their backs to camera, man in a white shirt has his arm around the lady with short hair, red top and white necklace. They are posing for a photo taken by an seated older lady with a smartphone camera. She is facing the camera and wearing an lighter red cardigan, white hair
Campaign Bootcamp is a jam-packed week of training that explores what it takes to be an effective campaigner. But don’t worry, we won’t bore you with a deluge of PowerPoint presentations. Our training is interactive and lively and respects the knowledge and experience you already have. You’ll get to try out everything you learn, and will learn from each other.

What’s more, we’ve updated our curriculum this year to make sure our programme is always serving the needs of activists on the ground today. We’ll give you the tools to fine-tune your budding activist projects into thoughtful, strategic and well-structured campaigns. Check out the curriculum here.

2. There’s plenty of scholarships available

Two portrait photos, one of Bootcamp grad and now trainer Karen Larbi, and the other of Bootcamper Armineh

Campaign Bootcamp prides itself on providing scholarships for grassroots campaigners. On the latest Bootcamp, we managed to raise funds for over 70% of participants to receive a scholarship. Scholarships can fully or partially cover the training, food, and accommodation. We can also provide travel expenses to all scholarship recipients that need them. We’re committed to this because we believe that those on the frontlines of injustice should be supported in confronting it.

3. You’ll learn from giants

Group of individuals, predominantly women of different ages, seated on chairs or bean bags engaged in discussion with two seated women at the front

Alongside our amazing in-house campaigns trainers, we also bring in external speakers who share what they have learned along the way. Many of them have worked on really powerful and important campaigns. Not only are our speakers experienced in their fields but we work to ensure that they are representative of the identities of our Bootcamp community.

On our last Bootcamp, we welcomed a powerful panel of speakers who received an ovation at the end of their discussion sharing their experiences as activists. The panel comprised of Zita Holbourne – Co-Founder and National Co-Chair or BARAC – Black Activists Rising Against The Cuts); Gloria Morrison – an activist with JENGbA (Joint Enterprise: Not Guilty by Association) and Amina Mumbi – an activist with Nawi Collective.

4. You’ll meet co-conspirators

A collage of three images. Top is a photo of Bootcampers Aiyan, Nic and Larissa - Nic has her arm around Aiyan as they laugh together, they sit in front of a wall covered in post-it notes. Second image is a photo of Bootcamper Rasmik leading a group of people in meditation as he sits cross-legged on the floor with Tom. The third picture is of Maria and Louise hugging.

I always say that one of most valuable things about Bootcamp is the people you meet. You’ll meet people with a broad range of campaign interests, from migrant rights to housing rights, trade unions to mental health activism, from all over the UK. Many of these people go on to campaign together after Bootcamp. Find out who has been on Bootcamp previously.

5. We’re dedicated to accessibility

A quote from Suriya from Bootcamp 8 that reads "Thanks for the encouragement, support and all your hard work over Bootcamp. Particularly with my access needs. Campaign Bootcamp is literally the best experience I've had people being accommodating, and the positive experience has given me confidence to be more assertive in my professional life."

We put in the work to make sure everyone’s access requirements are met to the best of our ability. Taking the lead from Bootcampers and working closely with the venue, we strive to make Bootcamp a comfortable experience for everyone. Check out what Bootcamp 8 graduate Suriya had to say about access above.

6. We’ll follow up with aftercare

Bootcamp grads and facilitators Shaun and Lauren deep in conversation, one is a larger lady, hand on chin, ther other a smaller lady in a powdered wheelchair

Once the week of training is over, we want to stay in touch! That means we’ll run events specifically for Bootcamp graduates where you can brush up on your skills, discuss your campaigns, reconnect with old friends and make new ones from other Bootcamps. We’ll also offer more personal support. Plus we’ll add you to our Facebook community groups, which are for anybody who’s ever been on a Bootcamp, where you’ll find advice, events, job postings, and general discussion.


  • Deadline to apply: 9 am GMT on Tuesday 24th March 2020
  • Bootcamp 18 will run from Sunday 24th to Friday 29th May 2020.
  • Bootcamp 19 will run from Monday 13th to Saturday 18th July 2020.
  • Full and partial scholarships are available for grassroots campaigners
  • Email [email protected] with any questions you may have

Applications for our spring and summer camps are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied! Applications for our autumn camp will open this summer. We’re also in the process of thinking about how to take our training online. If you’d like to power up your activism with Campaign Bootcamp, please sign up to our newsletter to hear the latest updates by clicking here.

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