Scholarship Spotlight: Scholarships for BAME/POC Campaigners Outside of London

We want to redress the imbalance society systematically imposes on those from marginalised backgrounds.

I’m really excited to talk about one of my favourite aspects of Campaign Bootcamp – our scholarships for campaigners from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds!

This year we are encouraging applications from BAME and POC campaigners outside of London – although we have scholarships for those who live in London as well!

As a black woman navigating the world of campaigning, this scholarship is particularly important to me – without it, I would not have been able to come on Bootcamp 4 in 2015!

I know intimately how overlooked faces of colour can be in activism, and I’m really proud Campaign Bootcamp are committed to tackling this.

It’s never a comfortable conversation to have, but all too often it seems that white men float to the top when it comes to being considered ‘leaders’ of a movement when more often than not they’re not the ones who face the issues they campaign on most pointedly. Ensuring we embrace racial diversity is important to us because:

  1. We want to redress the imbalance society systematically imposes on those from marginalised backgrounds
  2. We believe that the best communities are formed when difference is embraced
  3. Campaigning works best when those directly experiencing an issue are the ones to confront it

To do this we have scholarships specifically for BAME/PoC campaigners, and they can campaign on any issue – it doesn’t have to be on race.

If you’re successful in getting a scholarship you’ll get access to the full year-long Campaign Bootcamp programme. It starts with a week of intensive training where you’ll learn the key skills needed to make change in the modern age. The syllabus includes planning a campaign, working with the media, exploring strategy and tactics, storytelling in campaigns and much more! After the residential is over you’ll be able to attend follow up events and receive community support.

If you’re a grassroots campaigner the scholarships can cover up to the full fee of coming on Bootcamp and if you work at an NGO there are partial scholarships available to cover some of the costs of coming.

Don’t think you’re eligible for this scholarship? No problem!

Bootcamp 18 Scholarships    Bootcamp 19 Scholarships

To sum up…

  • Deadline to apply: 9 am GMT on Tuesday 24th March 2020.
  • Bootcamp 18 will run from the afternoon on Sunday 24th May to the evening of Friday 29th May 2020.
  • Bootcamp 19 will run from the afternoon on Monday 13th July to the evening of Saturday 18th July 2020.
  • Full and partial scholarships available for grassroots campaigners.
  • Email [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Applications for our spring and summer camps are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied! Applications for our autumn camp will open this summer. We’re also in the process of thinking about how to take our training online. If you’d like to power up your activism with Campaign Bootcamp, please sign up to our newsletter to hear the latest updates by clicking here.

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