10 ways the Bootcamp community is responding to COVID-19

We’ve been keeping an eye out for all the brilliant work our community members have been doing to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Below is a roundup of what they have been up to!

1. Zita, National Co-Chair of the Artists Union England, started this petition to ensure that self-employed artists are provided with adequate support during the covid-19 crisis. The petition also calls on the government to help those people who work part time while also being self-employed as currently they are not eligible for any help, and to include all self-employed people, irrespective of the length of time they have been self-employed.

2. Magda has been working on and sharing this call for a feminist covid-19 policy, which calls on governments and provides recommendations on issues such as domestic violence, economic inequality, education and food security.

3. Fatima has been working on Charity So White’s paper in response to the crisis. The paper calls for civil society and funders to put racial justice at the heart of their response to the current public health crisis, and includes analysis into 5 key issues facing BAME communities during this time: health inequalities, emergency measures legislation, risk of destitution, hostile environment, and protection and enforcement.

This is the Charity So White logo for their COVID-19 report. In block white capital letters, against a black background, it reads: COLLECTIVE POWER DURING COVID-19.
“Collective Power During COVID-10”, Charity So White 2020.

4. Alex has been busy organising in Melbourne supporting a city-wide mutual aid group. Alex is also raising awareness on the increase of racist abuse and attacks against the Chinese and wider East Asian community, as well as working for the Australian Red Cross to develop national quarantine kits for those returning from overseas. 

5. Rhiannon launched this petition to ensure that people’s access to heat and power is guaranteed, even if they cannot afford their bills. The petition supports the government’s agreement with suppliers that disconnections will be suspended and that customers struggling to pay can contact their supplier for help. However, it argues that there is no clarity as to whether unaffordable payments will be waived, or just postponed, and brings up a range of other issues.

6. Loraine, chairperson for Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group (CARAG), wrote this article focused on the impact of Covid-19 government measures on asylum-seekers. “I think to ease the immense suffering for undocumented migrants” she says, “amnesty for all of them would be a significant step forward.”

7. Bootcamp residential trainer Tamara-Jade has designed a range of beautiful t-shirts printed with her design ‘Queer’, with 10% of all profits going to COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK. Check them out here.

8. Lolo streamed a lecture to speak out on Channel 4’s documentary on Travellers and Crime. She also raised awareness about the specific issues facing her community right now, including garages and shops refusing cash payments, and a surge of hate-speech directed against her community in the midst of covid-19. Find out more on Lolo’s instagram story here.

9. Jodie worked on an open letter published by Women in Prison and Inquest, calling on the government to release prisoners during the global pandemic. Along with a group of friends, she also set up Our Empty Chairs to share stories of families separated by prisons and detention centres at this time. Find out more in our blog with Jodie here.

10. Aderonke has set up a fundraiser for LGBTQIA+ people seeking asylum during this time. They are looking to deliver £30 weekly packs to vulnerable members of the African Rainbow Family, to ensure that they can still have access to food, medicine and maintain positive mental health whilst adhering to self-isolation.

And in non-pandemic related news…

Congratulations to Bootcamp graduate Larissa, who has been elected as  NUS president 2020-2022!

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