Graduate Story:

Zunaira Malik

Zunaira is an environmental campaigner who attended Bootcamp keen to explore ways environmental messaging can be made more relatable for all people.

I got involved with campaigning and raising awareness about climate change and environmental issues when I realised that solving problems required more than just fundraising. Campaigning requires voices calling for real change and a narrative that doesn’t leave any community behind.

The Campaign Bootcamp experience was really valuable for me as I learnt how to connect different struggles and how to be an ally to other campaigners and their causes. Intersectionality and allyship are things that been lacking in the environmental movement.

My favourite thing about Bootcamp was meeting experienced campaigners from around the country and learning from both them and the facilitators who had heaps of knowledge, lessons and stories to share. I loved the session by Faizan Fiaz, an award-winning video journalist, about how to make campaign videos using just your smartphone. Filmmaking can almost seem impossible without expensive equipment and the session introduced filmmaking as something so accessible and easy…(ours came out great!) I’m looking forward to sharing this with network of young people I work with.

Going forward I feel confident in how to approach campaign strategy and be more selective with the campaign work I do. I feel confident in making sure the work leads to real change and noticing tokenism (making only symbolic efforts to look inclusive) when it arises.

Through the group work and reflective work at Bootcamp, I feel much better equipped to mentor and support the next generation of environmentalists. I do this through my work at Action for Conservation, which I hope will bring the much-required change the environmental sector needs.

The panel at my Bootcamp included discussions around hostile environment campaigning, campaigning for trans rights and campaigning for migrant rights. After Bootcamp, I was invited to join a panel discussion for the next cohort of campaigners to talk about inclusive environmental campaigning.

Zunaira Malik

I've been a campaigner since I was a teenager. I'm keen to explore ways environmental messaging can be made more relatable for all people, linking to social issues like race and poverty and building intersectional movements. I love exploring the different values people hold, identifying alternative narratives and celebrating diversity as this is what makes us so interesting...obviously! During my 9-5, I work for a youth environmental organisation called Action for Conservation, where I can be found delivering our WildED workshops in school or having fun at our nature camps!