Stand with us; say no to hate

Help us raise £3600 to fund and launch an anti-hate scholarship for our Autumn Bootcamp!

We’re interviewing for our final residential Bootcamp of the year, and we’re blown away by the amazing applications we’ve received. The world is becoming a more hostile place and is impacting people who already face injustice, and so we think it’s fitting to launch an anti-hate scholarship for this Bootcamp.

We’re happy to have the support of our community, who voted for this scholarship, but we need your support to make it a reality! Click below to support:

Yes, I'll chip in to make this happen!

Campaign Bootcamp is building a movement of skilled, connected communities to tackle the injustice and inequality they experience. We do this by delivering highly effective and accessible training programmes, equipping people with the knowledge and skills they need to campaign for the causes that matter to them, irrespective of location, class, race, sexuality, gender and disability and more.

Our community of campaigners and activists make radical change in fields that matter to them. They campaign on what they care about, such as social, racial, economic, criminal and climate justice by challenging the status quo through powerful and impactful campaigns and activism. We strongly believe that this is important and necessary work and are committed to continue to support them, and provide opportunities for more people like them to be trailblazers.

Can you donate just £5 today to help us meet our target of £3,600? A donor has said they will unlock $200K of funding over three years if we get enough people on board! This will go a long way in helping us continue doing the work we’re doing, supporting incredible people who are hitting at the very centre of injustice and inequality and influencing systemic change. Click below to stand up to hate:

Sounds great - count me in!

We pride ourselves in providing opportunities to people traditionally under-represented in campaigning. Of our recent graduates from Bootcamp 16 in July:

  • 76% are women
  • 61% are people of colour
  • 29% are disabled
  • 47% identified as working-class
  • 38% identified as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Queer

If everyone who sees this donates just £5, we will meet our target and be able to have an incredible anti-hate campaigner attend our residential Bootcamp in October!

If you can’t make a donation, could you help us out by sharing our appeal?

Thank you in advance for anything you’re able to do to help. We’re so touched by your continued support for the work that we do, and that of our graduates!

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