Scholarship Spotlight: Care Experienced Scholarship

We are happy to announce that Care Experienced campaigners are now able to gain access to Campaign Bootcamp's residential training through our scholarships, and you can apply now!

This month, we invited Bootcamp graduates and members of our community to vote on a scholarship for our autumn residential training. We were pleased to announce that the winner of the first Bootcampers’ Choice Scholarship is… The Scholarship for Care Experienced Campaigners!

Earlier this year, members of the Bootcamp staff team went to the SMK Awards, an annual event dedicated to celebrating the achievements of campaigners across the UK. Whilst we were there we heard about the work of a writer and campaigner called Kenneth, who is tackling the negative media portrayal of care experienced people.

We recognise that people who have experienced care are under-represented in campaigning and Bootcamp are committed to offering support to these applicants. After hearing Kenneth speak we started to talk about the idea of support people who have experienced care, who are campaigning around care and other issues. So we are so pleased to be able to have the backing of the community in offering a full scholarship to a campaigner who has care experience. All thanks to the results of our Bootcamp alumni poll!

What were the poll results?

The poll received a total of 245 votes in the space of a week, with the winning scholarship receiving 43 votes.

Coming in second place on our poll was a scholarship for Scholarship for anti-hate campaigners (including Islamaphobia, antisemitism, homophobia, and more), with 38 votes and coming in third place was a Scholarship for campaigners who have experienced homelessness with 37 votes.

As our community of graduates continues to grow, we are looking forward to drawing on the experience, knowledge and analysis of the Bootcamp community to guide this work. Many thanks to all those who voted and shared ideas and feedback.

What does ‘Care Experienced’ mean and who is eligible for this scholarship?

A Care Experienced person is someone who has spent time in foster or residential care, or in other arrangements outside their immediate or extended family before the age of 18. Their time in care could have lasted for a few months or from birth.

This scholarship can support campaigners with care experience working on any campaign. If you’re a grassroots campaigner the scholarships can cover up to the full fee of coming on Bootcamp and if you work at an NGO there are partial scholarships available to cover some of the costs of coming.

What is Bootcamp?

A Bootcamp is a six-day residential training who want to campaign strategically and with confidence. There you’ll be able to tool yourself up to run powerful campaigns, and meet new co-conspirators while you’re at it! At Bootcamp we embrace diversity and aim to provide inclusive opportunities to everyone, and you could be a part of this!

What does the scholarship include?

If you’re successful in getting a scholarship you’ll get access to the full year-long Campaign Bootcamp programme. It starts with a week of intensive training where you’ll learn the key skills needed to make change in the modern age. The syllabus includes planning a campaign, working with the media, exploring strategy and tactics, storytelling in campaigns and much more! After the residential is over you’ll be able to attend follow up events and receive community support.

Don’t think you’re eligible for this scholarship? No problem! See our other scholarships

How can I apply?

Bootcamp 17 will run from Sunday 13 – Friday 18 October 2019
Deadline to apply: 9am BST on Thursday 22nd August 2019

Applications for our next Bootcamp are now open!

Apply for Bootcamp 17


Do you know a UK-based campaigner who would be eligible for this scholarship? Let us know by dropping us a nomination email today!

To sum up…

  • Deadline to apply: 9am BST on Thursday 22nd August 2019
  • Bootcamp 17 will run from Sunday 13 October to Friday 18 October 2019
  • Full and partial scholarships available for grassroots campaigners
  • Email [email protected] with any questions you may have

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