Graduate Story:

Sara Chitseko

Sara came to Bootcamp to find support in launching the campaign, 4MATION, which aims to create solutions and demand urgent action to address violence in the UK.

Campaign Bootcamp helped me to see how self-care and caring for each other paves the way for longevity in a movement. I am thankful to Bootcamp, as I left feeling re-energised and refocused! If you know someone who could benefit from Bootcamp’s training, use the links below to share with them. If it’s for you, you could apply here too!

Since Bootcamp, I’ve been very busy with The 4Front Project! In particular, I found the Bootcamp session on exploring who holds power useful for thinking about our new campaign, 4MATION.

As it stands, the government is failing young people. I believe it is imperative that this continued disregard for young people’s lives is brought to an end. This violence does not exist in a vacuum and it is time that we address the structural factors which allow this violence to manifest. I believe that what we do now, lays the foundations for what those who come after us can do in the future. That’s why Bootcamp are offering a scholarship for people working in London to tackle inequality and poverty. You can find out more here.

The political activist, Angela Davis, is an advocate for thinking about movements intergenerationally and this resonates with me, particularly where so much of my work is with young people.

Looking to the future, I would like to see greater collaboration between people across generations, countries, cities and communities. The 4MATION campaign is a step in the right direction and I believe that the next year will see us grow, connect and thrive! If you think you could benefit from Bootcamp the way I did, click the link below to apply!

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Sara Chitseko

I'm a volunteer with The 4Front Project - a youth-led social enterprise on a mission to empower young people and communities to live free from violence. A key focus of my work has been the launch of a new campaign called 4MATION. The campaign aims to create solutions and demand urgent action to address violence in the UK. Too often, the voices of young people are silenced and the violence impacting young people is getting worse. We believe that as young people, we need to make demands for the support, resources and services we need to improve our lives and our communities.