Graduate Story:

Robin Nelson

Robin is an activist living in Yorkshire & Humber campaigning for LGBT+ rights.

I became an activist because as a queer person I haven’t always been treated equally and have struggled seeing my community face challenges and be denied their rights. My campaigning started off on a small-scale by creating change for younger pupils at my high school, this grew into a passion to support the LGBT+ community through wider campaigning.

I found out about Bootcamp when I met a member of staff at a community group that I attend. I applied and was given a full scholarship to attend – meaning that all training, travel and accommodation was free!

It was the conversations and interactions I had with the other Bootcampers that I found most useful. Everyone had different experiences, backgrounds, knowledge and passions, so being able to talk about how we had campaigned before was brilliant. Exchanging our stories gave me so much inspiration.

Learning about the structure of a campaign was also incredibly useful, as I sometimes find myself with lots of tactics in mind, but no structure to see them through.

Since Bootcamp, I have been organising both in my local area and nationally. I have also been building my online campaigning presence using the skills I was equipped with at Bootcamp.

For anyone thinking of applying for Bootcamp, I want to tell you that the skills Bootcamp equips you with are vital. Even if you’re worried that your campaigning isn’t good enough or high-profile enough (like I was), Bootcamp treats everyone equally and helps you wherever you are in your campaigning journey.

Being in an environment with other activists was an incredibly empowering experience for me!

Robin Nelson

I'm Robin, a university student from Leeds. I'm currently studying International Relations and Peace Studies and I volunteer in my spare time. I am passionate about my local community and campaigning for equality. I particularly campaign on environmental issues, transgender rights and LGBT+ rights in general.