Graduate Story:

Jacqui Haynes

Jacqui was involved in campaigning against the policy allowances that resulted in the Grenfell Fire. Read her story below.

If you go to Bootcamp, when you come back, you’re going to be a different person. 

You won’t think of yourself anymore as someone who is just trying to make things better. You’ll realise the force you can be, and making things better or different becomes much more of a reality than a dream or a quest.

I live in North Kensington, and I campaign on mostly on justice for Grenfell things, like social housing and air and soil pollution, and other issues in our community like knife crime and school exclusions. 

I had never been on training like Bootcamp before. This is not your average training course. Usually, you go on training and you just sit in a room. It’s not like that. It’s a totally interactive learning experience. From the minute you get there you’re learning. 

The thing I enjoyed most was all the different personalities. So many different people with so many different causes. Knowing how to deal with a lot of different kinds of people is something I’ve always been able to do naturally. One thing I realised on Bootcamp is that doing that really is an important campaigning skill.

Since attending Bootcamp in April, I have stayed in touch with the other people I met using a WhatsApp group. Five of them came to the anniversary march in June for the Grenfell fire; two stayed at my place. And a bunch of us organised a solidarity rally for one person from our course who was about to be deported.

I don’t usually join groups. But it’s been different for me this time.

Maybe Bootcamp can change you too.

Jacqui Haynes

My comrades and I are involved in campaigning for North Kensington and beyond. against the policy allowances that resulted in the Grenfell Fire and all of the issues which exploded as part of this recovery. Environmental, housing, fire safety, community involvement in policy making, legal justice & Human rights advancement.....the list goes on!!