Everyday Activism works with refugees in the Midlands

This month saw the Everyday Activism team working with a number of groups across the West Midlands. Read on to find out what the EA team have been up to recently!

Tackling issues faced by asylum seekers in the UK

Most recently, Grace, worked with the Refugee Action Ambassador Network, facilitating an intensive one-day introduction to campaign strategy and understanding how the UK government is organised.

The 10 participants are working on a range of campaigns including #LiftTheBan, the need for interpreters who understand local/cultural dialects at Home Office interviews, and tackling asylum seeker homelessness. Everyday Activism are looking forward to seeing what is next for their campaigns after the training.

4 photos showing the Refugee Action Ambassador Network training session: including group discussions, a group photo, individuals writing notes and taking part in interactive activities.
The Refugee Action Ambassador Network group taking part in their campaign strategy session.

Working with disabled campaigners in Coventry

This month I am working with Coventry Youth Activists, a group of disabled campaigners tackling the statistic that 1 in 3 young disabled people spend less than an hour outside their homes every weekend. Together they’ll explore the social, political and systemic reasons behind this statistic, and figure out a strategy to help grow their #CYASaturdays campaign.

Training and facilitating at Campaign Bootcamp

My fellow Everyday Activism trainer, Karen, and I, also trained and facilitated at Bootcamp 17. From 13th October, we were in Epping Forest with 34 different campaigners and activists for our final residential training of the year. Find out more about that training here.

A goodbye (for now), and a hello!

This month, we said goodbye temporarily to the manager of the Everyday Activism programme, Naz, who has gone on maternity leave and has already sent photos to the team of her newborn baby!

This means we’ve also welcome a new team member, Rowan, who is a Bootcamp graduate and has also facilitated at three Bootcamp trainings. Rowan will be managing the Everyday Activism team until April next year.

What’s next?

In November members of the Everyday Activism team will be training a newly formed action group of asylum seekers and refugees spanning Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton. They’ll also be working with Foleshill Women’s Centre, supporting women to engage in activism.

Find out more about our Everyday Activism training programme here! If you know a group who might benefit from our Everyday Activism training, contact [email protected].

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