Everyday Activism is growing!

Our community-based campaign training programme just added three new staff members, which means the programme will now be coming to Birmingham and London!

We’d love to hear from you if you or someone you know in these areas would be interested in learning campaign skills, but can’t come on the residential. Find out more about the new team, Karen (Trainer), Naz (Programme Manager) and Grace (Trainer), who will be leading Everyday Activism in these areas.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

Karen: I’m passionate about taking people on a journey of inner transformation and helping them unlock their inner power so they can campaign on the issues that affect them. So I’m really excited about working on the Everyday Activism programme because I will be working with people and groups on a grassroots level who may be new to campaigning. I’m looking forward to helping people expand their notion of what they think is possible to achieve in society and realise that they have the power within themselves to create positive social change.

Naz: I’m most excited about developing the Everyday Activism programme so that more people can access it across the UK. I love the principles of the programme and feel incredibly lucky to be able to be part of putting it on the map!

Grace: I’m actually already two months into the role, and the time has flown by! I graduated from Bootcamp 10 so I’m really enjoying seeing things from the “other side” and helping recreate the experiences I had for other keen activists. In particular I am excited to be getting out in the community to deliver the Everyday Activism project to groups facing inequality who may not otherwise engage with campaigning. This sort of grassroots engagement work can be incredibly powerful for individuals, communities and society!

What campaigning are you passionate about?

Karen: I’m passionate about so many social justice issues! I started my activism journey as a mental health campaigner, so I’ve been really inspired by the #MoreThan2Weeks campaign, which aims to get the medical profession to be more transparent about the withdrawal symptoms caused by psychiatric medications and provide support to those experiencing this. I’m also really interested in the link between spirituality and social justice and how we can use this to help us all heal from the wounds caused by societal injustice.

Naz: With my youth work background I have spent a lot of time working with young people on campaigns that are important to them. I also believe that to create positive change for everyone, we have to first raise awareness in ourselves and others. I think raising awareness is the foundation for any campaign work. To that end I regularly facilitate community meetings in Birmingham to expand our awareness and understanding of subjects affecting the global community. Here, people can listen, learn and share ideas.

Grace: I’m interested in a wide range of campaigns! I strive to take an approach that considers the broader picture and is inclusive of our many identities and experiences, so I try not to view campaign focuses (which are often very complex) in isolation. I first got into campaigning as a young person through mental health activism, using my lived experience to lobby for better support for young people with chronic/severe mental illness. Mental health is still a main interest for me, as is any experience-led campaigning. As someone with an invisible disability I am also passionate about justice for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, promoting the social model of disability and calling for a broader definition of accessibility. I’m interested in how aspects of our identities intersect with mental and/or physical illness to create healthcare inequalities, and what we can do to create a healthcare approach that values all people.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Karen: I spend way too much time and money on skincare right now, but I find it really enjoyable! I also enjoy going to concerts, deepening my spiritual practice, connecting with nature and finding new causes to get passionate about.

Naz: In my spare time I like to sew, play boardgames, bake, eat, walk and spend time with my family. I love being in the outdoors and trying out new walking routes, which is lucky because eating is also my passion!

Grace: In all honesty I take a lot of naps, but when I’m not sleeping I enjoy playing board games with pals. I paint floral watercolour cards and prints which I give to my friends, and really value spending time in nature. I’m an avid houseplant enthusiast and have recently started growing my own vegetables… time will tell if I’m any good at it!

If you’d like to get involved or know more about the Everyday Activism programme then get in touch with us on [email protected]

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