Graduate Story:

Clarissa Regede

Clarissa came to Bootcamp after hearing about it through their work with Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).

I am a youth advocate from Zimbabwe, who is passionate about youth sexual and reproductive health and human rights and first heard of Campaign Bootcamp through my work with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).

I am currently a youth fellow with CIFF which is an advisory role in which I lead on meaningful youth engagement initiatives. My work involves ensuring youth are consulted and involved in CIFFs decision making processes and structures to ensure that their needs are addressed relevantly.

Being a youth representative requires tactfulness and skill to ensure youth’s voices are always heard and taken up when decisions are made in adult-led organisations and taking part in campaign bootcamp ensured I got the necessary advocacy skills. I gained insights on current affairs in the UK which affected marginalised communities in a context I was not too familiar with, having only been in the UK for a year.

The skills I gained through the bootcamp helped me position myself to continue advocating for youth engagement globally at different platforms. I would definitely recommend Campaign Bootcamp to any advocate as it’s a unique way of learning global advocacy priorities and how to tackle them.

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Clarissa Regede

I am a Zimbabwean youth advocate passionate about young women's sexual and reproductive health rights and not leaving anyone behind in the fight against HIV.