BAME Artists Needed for ‘Roots Culture Identity’ Exhibition

Bootcamp graduate Zita is calling out for black visual artists to submit pieces for the 'Roots Culture Identity' exhibition at the Trades Union Congress HQ in London.

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This is a callout for black visual artists to submit your art to exhibit in the ‘Roots Culture Identity’ art exhibition at Trades Union Congress headquarters in London.

This is aimed especially at young artists and those who face barriers and discrimination as artists, and we use black in the political sense to include black, Asian and minority ethnic people.

The exhibition aims to provide an opportunity for black, Asian and minority ethnic and migrant artists who are marginalised and face discrimination in the arts and culture sector. 

There are two themes for the exhibition which can be interpreted as broadly as you like. Whilst the overall project is focused on the history of Africa, you can choose to focus on another continent, region, country, event, period or historical figure relating to the African or Asian diasporas.

  1. Hostile Environment
    UK government policies over a number of years have created a hostile environment for those who are BAME. This includes, but is not limited to, the Windrush Scandal and treatment of others from Commonwealth countries, immigration policies and law, mass deportations, use of detention centres, displacement, refugees and migration, as well as the reasons for those including climate change, persecution, poverty and conflict, scapegoating of migrant communities, hate crime.
  2. Celebrating our history – UNESCO General History of Africa
    The General History of Africa was launched by UNESCO in 1964 and includes 8 volumes which are little known. The idea of the coalition is that multi-genre artists globally from the African diaspora will promote the history of African and the great achievements of those on the continent and the diaspora through their work.

You are invited to submit 3 pieces of art as JPEGs attached to an email to show examples of your art. These do not have to be on the theme itself, as we recognise you may wish to create specific art for the exhibition. Please also include a couple of paragraphs about you, your work as an artist, and why you would like to participate.

The exhibition, hosted by the TUC Race Relations Committee, celebrates its eighth anniversary this year and will take place this April, with opportunities to exhibit during the year following the exhibition.

Please make submissions by 13th of March by emailing Zita on [email protected] The exhibition opening event and reception will take place on the evening of Friday 13th of April.

‘Roots Culture Identity’ is being curated by artist, activist, poet and Bootcamp graduate Zita Holbourne. Zita sits on the TUC Race Relations Committee, is the joint chair of Artists Union England, and the National Vice President of PCS Union.

Do you have a call out you’d like to add to our next newsletter? Get in touch at [email protected].

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