Scholarship Spotlight: Campaigners of Colour Outside of London

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) offer a scholarship for grassroots campaigners of colour from outside London.

If you’re a grassroots campaigner the scholarships can cover the full fee of coming on Bootcamp (£3600) if you need it and if you work at a small or medium NGO there are partial scholarships available to cover some of the costs of coming.

One my favourite scholarships that has been renewed for Bootcamp 17 is funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) and is specifically for grassroots campaigners of colour / a Black and Minority Ethic (BME) background from OUTSIDE of London.

Recipients of the scholarship can campaign on any issue – it doesn’t have to be on race. 

Why only campaigners outside of London?

London is, without a doubt, the most racially diverse part of the UK – so why would we focus on areas outside London you might ask?*

Here’s some reasons why:

  1. Great campaigning is happening outside the capital. The national press isn’t great at picking up stories about campaigners outside of London, so the world doesn’t get to hear about the campaigns going on outside of the city very often. We know great campaigns are happening all over the UK and we want to help raise the voices of those running them.
  2. We’ve found that London can be a bit a of sinkhole when it comes to campaigning. It’s not uncommon for people of colour (including myself!) to move to London to get involved in campaigning – often the NGOs, the jobs, the activist groups and the trainers in the sector that can help you in your campaigning journey seem to be based here. However this makes access to some campaigning circles more difficult to anyone living outside of the capital, and we don’t think that’s right. We want to make sure that access to these networks is within the reach of those beyond London. This scholarship (alongside our travel bursaries) seeks to address the problem.
  3. With the exception of a few cities, the rest of the UK isn’t very racially diverse. Despite what the right wing press might have us believe, the UK isn’t wildly diverse when it comes to race. For example, in the town I grew up in, Bournemouth, less than 10% of the population are of any racial minority background. This can lead the people of colour outside of London to feel isolated in their own communities, and potentially less empowered to campaign – we want to encourage these people to keep on campaigning! Not to mention we hope to introduce them to other campaigners who they can relate to.
  4. People forget we exist! People regularly assume that if you’re black or brown, you must be from London. Sometimes BME folk can miss out on opportunities because often these schemes are limited to BME people living in or from London. We don’t think that’s fair and wants to make sure everyone feels welcome at Bootcamp.

*What about campaigners of colour in London?

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust scholarship is specifically for campaigners based outside of London, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want people of colour from London to apply too – we have general scholarship funding available too specifically for campaigners of colour based anywhere in the UK. Just mark that you are of BME heritage/a person of colour on the application form to apply for it.

So what happens if you get a scholarship?

If you’re successful in getting a scholarship you’ll get access to the full year long Campaign Bootcamp programme. It starts with a week of intensive training where you’ll learn hard skills that you can use in your work, build your confidence and broaden your activist community. The programme includes planning a campaign, working with the media, fundraising, choosing your tactics, building websites, coding and much more! After the residential is over you’ll get assigned a mentor, and receive follow up training and community support.

If you’re a grassroots campaigner the scholarships can cover up to the full fee of coming on Bootcamp and if you work at an NGO there are partial scholarships available to cover some of the costs of coming.

Apply now!


Don’t think you’re eligible for this scholarship? No problem! See our other scholarships


  • Deadline to apply: 9am BST on Thursday 22nd August 2019
  • Bootcamp 17 will run from Sunday 13 October to Friday 18 October 2019
  • Full and partial scholarships available for grassroots campaigners
  • Email [email protected] with any questions you may have

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