1,500 & Counting Are Seeking Screening Opportunities

Siana Bangura and Troy James Aidoo came together to make '1,500 and Counting', a documentary investigating the relatively untold story of police brutality in the UK.

‘1,500 & Counting’ is a feature-length documentary film filmed and directed by Troy James Aidoo and produced by Bootcamp graduate, Siana Bangura. Following the death of Sheku Bayoh under suspicious circumstances in May 2015, the pair – with support of the United Families and Friends Campaign and Black Lives Matter – have been investigating his case alongside the wider history of deaths in custody in the UK and the lack of state accountability.

The team are currently looking for people, places, groups, venues and organisations to partner with to hold screenings of the film. Do you have someone or a place in mind? If so, contact Siana on 1[email protected].

You can find out more about ‘1500 and Counting’ and see snippets of the film here

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