(You Gotta) Fight for the Right (To Podcast)

This month I messaged the Campaign Bootcamp team and asked them to recommend their favourite podcasts. From economics to self-care, here’s a rundown of a handful of our picks.

1. Between Ourselves

Suggested by our Everyday Activism Trainer, Sue

Recommended episode(s): All of them – there aren’t too many.

Bootcamp graduate and facilitator Sekai Makoni hosts this podcast to ensure that the voices of Black women in Europe are being centred. In particular, she’s enjoyed talking with others about Zimbabwean women in the Diaspora and mixed identities in relation to blackness. Listen here!

2. Connected and Disaffected

Suggested by our Programme Manager, Sophie

Recommended episode(s): 2.16 ‘International Women’s Day’.

Connected and Disaffected is a podcast about social change, technology and the future of politics. They’ve tackled some really interesting subjects in quite a lot of depth – from ‘Doughnut Economics’ to Cambridge Analytica. I also contributed to a International Women’s Day special which asked various questions of a range of feminist campaigners – questions such as ‘why is feminism needed today’ and ‘what books would you recommend that deal with feminism?’ Listen here!

3. Consensus Podcast

Suggested by our Programme Manager, Sophie

Recommended episode(s): All of them – there is only 7 episodes so far, but there’s more to come in 2019. Woop!

Consensus is a podcast hosted by seven black and mixed-race women from four political parties discussing policy, their experiences and principles. BAME women – and black women in particular – are still very underrepresented in parliament, so it’s great that a bunch have got together to do a cross-party podcast! The parties represented are Conservatives, Greens, Labour and Liberal Democrats – it’s also interesting hearing about their experiences working with these parties as women of colour. Listen here!

4. Freakonomics: the hidden side of everything

Suggested by our Fundraising and Evaluation Manager, Kayleigh

Recommended episode(s): Episode 56 ‘Why is ‘I don’t know’ so hard to say?’ and episode 62 ‘How biased is your media?’

Freakonomics is surprisingly approachable and upbeat even though it tackles some tough topics. It’s really about using economics to challenge assumptions. It started with the book Freakonomics, which I really enjoyed reading. It’s all about exploring the ‘hidden side of everything’, and I found it refreshing. Listen here!

5. Healing Justice Podcast

Suggested by our Community Coordinator, Bailey

Recommended episode(s): 24. The Art of Allyship, which features some stories about navigating identity, privilege and oppression.

Stories of resilience and humanity in the struggle are part of the medicine we need, and this project aims to be a campfire around which we can gather to share the tales of our victories and pain, visionary ideas, and generative debates. They share a new conversation and accompanying practice each week. Listen here!

6. Help Me Be Me

Suggested by our Lead Trainer, Tamara-Jade

Recommended episode(s): I think there’s something for everyone. Dive in!

This is a show that gives you an emotional toolkit for managing difficult feelings and situations. Each episode focuses on a specific thing that you might want to tackle in your life and gives practical suggestions for addressing it. I like it because it is helping me manage my emotions. Listen here!

7. The Lockdown (Novara Media)

Suggested by our Programme Manager, Sophie

Recommended episode(s): I would recommend going back to the start as I’ve learned so much from every single one – but “What is Abolition” is also a good place to start.

The Lockdown is a show all about prisons and the criminal justice system in Britain. With the help of expert guests, presenters Oonagh and Sam consider how we can radically change our approach to crime, punishment and responding to harm. One of the presenters calls himself the ‘resident idiot’ so is always asking the questions that I would be too afraid to ask, which makes it really accessible. They also often do a ‘argument ammo’ section in which they take popular challenging questions that the average person might make against prison reform/abolition ideas, and provide concise arguments against them – which has proved very useful for me at family dinners. Listen here!

8. Say Your Mind

Suggested by our Lead Trainer, Tamara-Jade

Recommended episode(s): 44. The KKK.

This is a funny podcast hosted by Kelechi Okafor who is a black womanist actor, social media presence and owner of a twerk and pole dance studio in Peckham. The format of the show is Kelechi starts by drawing tarot and affirmation cards and discussing their meaning. That is followed by Share Your Magnificence, where she spotlights and appreciates various black women / people, and Straw of the Week, where she chooses someone who moved her that week. We like it because Kelechi is funny and comes out with lots of funny one liners, her turn of phrase is hilarious. SYM actually stands for Suck Your Mum, which is Kelechi’s catchphrase. Listen here!

9. Queerly Beloved

Suggested by our Leader Trainer, Tamara-Jade

Recommended episode(s): ‘The Past Lovers’. This episode explores how a butch dyke finds community after the passing of her femme burlesque dancer partner.

This is a show that explores and celebrates the different ways in which queer and trans people build their chosen families. Each episode explores one story of queer chosen family. I like it because as a queer person who works in social change training and facilitation I am often thinking about the ways in which we build community. Listen here!

10. When Life Gives You Melons

Suggested by our Programme Coordinator, Jade

Recommended episode(s): Drop & Give Me Zen and The Quarter Life Crisis – for the topics and humour.

Each episode has females guests from different creative backgrounds, which I always find quite nice. If you want something a bit light-hearted and easy to listen to, I’d recommend this! Listen here!

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